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SiteScope user shares his experience managing over 10,000 servers

A guest post from Will Gillen, a SiteScope power user. Will presented at HP Discover and is contributing to the blog to share his expertise to a broader audience.



I've been using and administering SiteScope for about 10 years now, managing over 10,000 servers, 16,000 URLs and about 200,000 total monitors. 


Going back a few years when I would attend the HP yearly software conference (OV Forum, Software Universe and now HP Discover) I would always look forward to the track session "OpenView Tips and Tricks" it was always the most popular session.  Drew and Jon would always present new OpenView (now HP Operations Manager) features and enhancements and also some very cool tips and tricks about the new version that would help an admin like me get the most out of the product.


Since our strategic direction was to move to an agent less monitoring solution I quickly noticed that there wasn't anything out there for SiteScope where people could go to get advanced technical information like we could with OpenView.


I also noticed that there really weren't any track sessions at the conference's that focused solely on SiteScope.  I thought a tool with such power and potential needed a bigger stage so I was asked to present at this year's Discover and much to my surprise it was well worth it and also well received.


The turnout was great and the feedback and questions were fantastic. The audience had many other SiteScope power users with deep knowledge of the product and a love of its rich functionality and ease of use. I left there feeling pretty humbled and at the same time like I wanted to reach out and help everyone succeed in their own implementations.


That brings me here -- I was asked to be a guest blogger on the community site and I thought it would be a great place to reach out and share my thoughts on SiteScope and perhaps give some tips and tricks about the product. I would love for this to be interactive as well as it would be great to hear what other people have to say.


For this initial blog I would just like to share what I presented at HP Discover (see attachment). 


In my next post, I will talk about some of the feedback and questions I got.  As we move forward with this blog each post will be about a specific topic that I will drill into at a very technical level.  I'm always open to feedback (good or bad) so I hope that this will be interesting for you.


So for this first blog I would like to just open it up and maybe hear some feedback on this idea.  Maybe answer any customer/real word questions or take some ideas on future sessions. I'll be contributing a post every few months, but will respond to questions or comments sooner.


William Gillen, SiteScope user.


| ‎07-14-2011 10:48 AM

Thanks Peter, I just wanted to post a comment here so folks could contact me if they had any direct questions or comments.





Honored Contributor | ‎07-16-2011 07:49 AM

Awesome. We can do wonders with SIteScope built in capabilities & out of box handles which will ensure that all customer needs can be accommodate in one or the other way.  It just takes little more time to explore & buld the solution for a requirement otherwise SiteScope is no less than agent monitoring tool. Infact, I believe more than that in its own terms. :)



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