Newly released Infrastructure SPI 2.0 for agent-based monitoring of your IT environment!

The HP Operations Smart Plug-ins for Infrastructure 2.0, also known as the iSPI, released this month (June 2011) and brings with it a wealth of new and enhanced features that provide comprehensive monitoring of your IT Infrastructure.


Infrastructure SPI version 2.00 focuses on monitoring capabilities for new virtual environments and extending the solution to monitor hardware. With version 2.00, the Infrastructure SPI not only monitors technologies from key vendors of system platforms, clusters, and virtual infrastructure but also provides information about the underlying hardware.


The following graphic shows the enhancements in Infrastructure SPI monitoring capabilities with version 2.00 (over and above what was supported in 1.60.)




What iSPI 2.0 consists of ...


Infrastructure SPI 2.0 is combination of three SPIs. Below you could see what each of these SPIs is capable of monitoring:




What's new and/or enhanced in iSPI 2.0 ...


The HP Operations Smart Plug-ins for Infrastructure 2.0 released in June 2011. Part number is TA443-15011. The DVD is available for download.


Key enhancements in this version of the SPI are around three general areas, as follows:


Virtualization Platform Monitoring

  • NEW! Monitoring capabilities for new virtualization technologies has been introduced (HPVM, IBM LPAR, Oracle containers).
  • NEW! New policies were developed that monitor and alert on the current state of HPVM guests (Solaris zones; IBM frames, LPAR, and WPARs), key processes (HPVM; Solaris zones; and IBM LPARs), and performance (HPVM Hosts and Guests; Solaris zones; IBM frames, LPARs, and WPARs)
  • ENHANCED! VI SPI discovery has been enhanced to discover HPVM Hosts and Guests; Oracle containers (global and non-global zones); IBM frames, LPARs, WPARs, and HMC; VMWare ESX/ESXi vCenters and Datacenters
  • ENHANCED! Monitoring capabilities on VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V have been enhanced to include monitoring of CPU, Memory, and Datastore performance in VMware Datacenters; LUN latency and errors; and more events on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V 2.


Hardware and HACMP Monitoring

  • NEW! New policies have been introduced to manage HP Proliant hardware (x86 and x64) by working with “HP Insight management agents” on the hardware box.
  • NEW! New hardware monitoring policies have been introduced that enable monitoring the health and status of VMware ESX/ESXi host servers.
  • NEW! The Cluster infrastructure SPI (CI SPI) now supports High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (HACMP/PowerHA) Clusters on AIX.

Common features across 3 SPIs

  • NEW! New vendor-based node groups and policy groups are created for easy access to relevant policies.
  • ENHANCED! System discovery has been enhanced to restrict or include certain discovery elements on the management server. These configurations will not restrict the monitoring of the resources.
  • ENHANCED! Modified Setting and Threshold in console tree: The existing folder “Server Setting” and policy “InfraSPI-ServerSettings” have been removed. A new policy has been added “AUTO_ADDITION_SETTINGS” in the “Agent Settings” folder to control automatic addition of guest nodes.
  • NEW! Localization for Japanese and Chinese locales. 

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In "Release Notes" of  Infrastructure SPI 2.0 in Management Server Requirements said:


HP Operations Manager OMU 9.0 requirement - PHSS_41692 on HP-UX, but PHSS_41692  -only support OMU 9.10. !?!??!?!

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