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A new approach to Big Data analytics

Discover2013.pngWere you there? Did you hear the big news? With all of the announcements made final from HP Discover 2013, it’s safe to say that Big Data was a hot topic this year.


Colin Mahoney, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Vertica discusses all the big announcements we made at HP Discover. Keep reading to find out more.


Guest blog post by Dennis Ludvino,

Senior Digital Marketing, HP Vertica

Six degrees of Big Data

BigData.jpgWhen you think Big Data you most certainly don’t think about acclaimed actor Kevin Bacon (most famous for the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon), but maybe you should. Bacon introduced Meg Whitman's HP Discover 2013 keynote adress.


Keep reading to find out the big news about Big Data that Whitman announced.


Guest blog post by Dennis Ludvino,

Senior Digital Marketing, HP Vertica

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Vertica’s talking Big Data at HP Discover

HP vertica.jpgAre you struggling under the weight of Big Data? Do you want to power your data to work for you, instead of fighting to contain it?


If you have answered “yes” to either of these questions, I have a few sessions at HP Discover that will interest you. I am presenting at a few of them, and others are being let by my colleagues. Continue reading to find out what you will learn about the hottest topics in Big Data.


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

How did Guess? and Kansys turn Big Data into a competitive differentiator?

Big Data has a big impact over multiple industries and HP Vertica is there to support them all. We have recently posted two new case studies and the enterprises couldn't be more different. One case study is from the fashion company Guess? and the other is from consulting and professional services firm Kansys.


Keep reading to find out how these companies used Big Data as a competitive differentiator instead of a debilitator.


 Written by Chuck Smith, Customer Marketing Manager, HP Vertica

Comparing pattern mining on a billion records with HP Vertica and Hadoop

Pattern mining can help analysts discover hidden structures in data. Pattern mining has many applications—from retail and marketing to security management.


How can you utilize pattern mining? Will it allow you to better understand your customers and anticipate their needs?


Continue reading to find out how to make the most of the power within pattern mining.


Guest post by by Kyungyong Lee, Indrajit Roy, and Vanish Talwar

Taking a Moonshot at Big Data analytics for everyone

HP's Moonshot is exciting news. From our point of view here at HP Vertica it offers customers the avility to rapidly deply, scale and manage specialized workloads with lower space and energy contrastraints.


Keep reading to find out what Moonshot means for you.


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

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Big Data analytics without Big Data complexity

New analytics deployments can be complex, taking up to 18 months to implement and optimize. The complexity of maintaining and integrating these environments often results in missed deadlines, incomplete projects, increased costs, and lost opportunities. In fact, only 32 percent* of application deployments are rated as “’successful”’ by organizations.


Guest Post by Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems

The disruptive power of big data

Aside from the sheer quantity of digital data created every day—about 2.5 exabytes1 —there’s more to Big Data than volume. Big Data offers enterprise leaders the opportunity to dramatically change the way their organizations operate to gain competitive advantage and find new revenue opportunities. But realizing the value Big Data promises requires a new approach. Traditional data warehouses and business intelligence tools weren’t built for the scale of Big Data, and can’t provide insight quickly enough to be useful or even keep up.


Keep reading to find out what will happen if Big Data is let out of its cage...


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

A Method to the March Madness?

ScreenShot001-1024x614.jpgThe NCAA 2013 Men’s Basketball March Madness Tournament officially tiped off on Thursday, March 21st.  For those of you unfamiliar with the tournament, 64 teams from colleges and universities across the United States compete for the championship, awarded to just one winner in early April. Buzzer-beating upsets are as common as fan face paint and schools from parts unknown, making it challenging to choose the winner in your office tournament bracket.

To give you a sense of the tournament’s popularity and appeal, according to USA Today “Last year’s championship game alone had about 20 million TV viewers. The overall tournament had 52 million visits across March Madness on Demand’s broadband and mobile platforms.”


Guest Post by Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems

No, You Do Not Need One Projection Per Query in Vertica

Projections are powerful.


Projections are the Vertica Analytic Databases’s only data structure. Every row from every table stored in Vertica is stored in a projection.


Continue reading to find out why there is no such thing as a query which “does not hit the projections.”


Guest post by Andrew Lamb, Vertica Senior Engineer

Distributed R for Big Data

Data scientists use sophisticated algorithms to obtain insights. However, what usually takes tens of lines of MATLAB or R code is now been rewritten in Hadoop like systems and applied at scale in the industry. Instead of rewriting algorithms in a new model, can we stretch the limits of R and reuse it for analyzing Big Data? We present our early experiences at HP Labs as we attempt to answer this question.


HP Vertica helps secure HP’s IT infrastructure

HPCyberSecurity-232x300.pngHP’s online security strategy is designed to protect its infrastructure from hackers, fraud, and malware. The cyber security model includes prevention, detection, and response, and incorporates a number of key HP solutions from the HP IT Performance Suite — Security Intelligence and Risk Management portfolio. These HP solutions help HP’s security professionals respond more quickly and efficiently to events — despite the complexity of HP’s IT infrastructure.


Written by Chuck Smith, Customer Marketing Manager, HP Vertica

Startup Rink


What does being a software developer have to do with building a home ice skating rink?

Continue reading to find out how perserverance and dumb luck are sometimes all you need for a successful project.



Written by Stephen Walkauskas, Vertica Systems software developer


Sensor Data and the Internet of Things: When Big Data Gets Really Big

By Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems


BigData_mk_final.jpgDo you know how many devices you own that are connected to the Internet? Of course you are thinking of the biggies- Computers, gaming systems, possibly your home phone- but what about your other devices? You know the smaller ones- digital photo frames, home audio and televisions. Make sure you count those too.


Now, think of devices that you don't own, but that still track information about you. These are the devices in the public realm. And they are all collecting data.


Continue reading to learn how to unlock the potential of all of this data.


Image courtesy of:

Top 4 Considerations When Evaluating a Data Analytics Platform

HP vertica.jpgFrom fraud detection to clickstream analytics to simply building better products or delivering a more optimal customer experience, Big Data use cases are abounding with analytics at the core.
By Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems

A Deeper Dive on Vertica & R


The R programming language is quickly gaining popularity among data scientists to perform statistical analyses. It is extensible and has a large community of users, many of whom contribute packages to extend its capabilities. However, it is single-threaded and limited by the amount of RAM on the machine it is running on, which makes it challenging to run R programs on big data. Continue reading to find out more about the impacts of the R programming language.


by Lakshmikant Shrinivas, Pratibha Rana, and Mark Warner

The growth of Big Data, the demand for data scientists and the power of community

HP vertica.jpgAccording to CIO Magazine, by 2018 the US will be facing a massive shortage of analytics talent.  What will this shortage mean to you?

GameStop CIO: Hadoop Isn’t For Everyone

games top logo.jpgGameStop Corp. is the world’s largest multichannel video game retailer, with a retail network and family of brands that includes 6,650 company-operated stores in 15 countries worldwide and online at


Continue reading to find out how HP Vertica helped GameStop with their big data dilemma.

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Yottabytes, Zillioinics, and More at Defrag 2012

by Brad Nelson on November 19th, 2012 • in big data

HP Vertica sponsored this year’s Defrag Conference, so I had the opportunity to attend the event in Broomfield, CO. It’s close to the startup community in Boulder and right in my backyard. It was a great conference with an intimate setting.

Capitalizing on the Potential of R and HP Vertica Analytics Platform

by Jeff Healey 


With the release of HP Vertica v6, we introduced a no-charge download of a new package that incorporates R, one of the most popular open-source data mining and statistics software offerings on the market today.

Big Data is Changing Software and (Product) Development as We Know It

by cmahony on October 19th, 2012 


Big data is changing...PNG“Big Data” is already having and will continue to have the most impact in products and services where there

is an ability to capture information about usage, experience and behavior in a manner that is accepted, yet not disruptive by the consumer of that product or service.  Data warehousing has been around for a long time with regards to retail transactions and purchasing behavior, but usage and experience measurement hasn’t had the same repository equivalent.  It now does, and I believe this will lead to an exponential jump in the quality and variety of products and services that are delivered to consumers.


Cardlytics Powers More Ads with HP Vertica

by csmith on October 2nd, 2012 • in big dataVertica Customers


Cardlytics is the pioneer and leader of the cutting edge field of Transaction-Driven MarketingTM, expected to grow into a Vertica &Cardylitics.PNGmulti-billion industry in the US over the next four years (according to the Aite Group). In this short video, Jon Wren, Director of Data Innovation for Cardlytics, discusses how Cardlytics uses HP Vertica to enable better personalization for the ads they serve to online banking customers.

Defining Big Data

by cbear on September 19th, 2012 • in big dataSQL



Let’s start with an easy question.  What’s “Big Data”?  Fortunately, I read the answer to that in one of my favorite tech news sources just the other day:  The answer, for those who won’t bother with the link, is “Big data is any data that doesn’t fit well into tables and that generally responds poorly to manipulation by SQL” … “A Twitter feed is Big Data; the census isn’t. Images, graphical traces, Call Detail Records (CDRs) from telecoms companies, web logs, social data, RFID output can all be Big Data. Lists of your employees, customers, products are not.”

How to optimize application data with a new approach to structured data management

image003.jpegBy Phil Nguyen, HP Software Community Director


As the volume of structured data continue to explode, organizations need to find ways to manage data that systematically minimises their database footprint. A new podcast by HP Storage Guy Calvin Zito tells listeners about new software from HP Autonomy that makes it easier to manage the overall data lifecycle.

When UPDATE is actually INSERT

by ntran and alamb on September 17th, 2012 


At the VLDB 2012 conference a few weeks ago, we had a chance to listen to Jiri Schindler giving a tutorial about NoSQL.  His interesting and informative presentation covered the fundamental architecture and I/O usage patterns of RDBMS systems and various NoSQL data management systems, such as HBase, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

HP Vertica and Tableau Software Customers Speak Out in Philadelphia

by Chris Selland on September 14th, 2012


It was my distinct pleasure this week to participate in a joint customer roundtable at the Cira Center in Philadelphia, co-sponsored by HP Vertica and our partner Tableau Software, and featuring a number of our respective and joint customers speaking out on topics related to Big Data.

vertica-customers speak out.jpg

A Feather in Vertica’s CAP

by Ben Vandiver on September 13th, 2012 


In this post, I attempt to relate Vertica distributed system properties to the well known CAP theorem and provide a fault tolerance comparison with the well known HDFS block storage mechanism.

5 benefits of information governance

When you don't know what your data is, you're forced to treat all data equally, which is not only inefficient and expensive, but inherently risky. Information governance can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining information, no matter how much it grows or diversifies. Learn the five practical benefits of information governance before your data gets any bigger.

Knowing when and how to downsize data key to better IT performance

Storing information indefinitely is a fundamentally bad idea with adverse consequences. Knowing when to retire information can play a huge role in lowering costs and improving performance. The key is having a holistic strategy for information governance–managing, retaining and disposing of information when it is no longer needed.

Powered by HP StoreOnce — HP Data Protector software deduplication breaks the performance barrier

Traditional software deduplication solutions can dramatically impact application performance, which limits their use in enterprise environments. HP Data Protector, powered by the lightweight and efficient HP StoreOnce engine, delivers enterprise-class software deduplication and lays a foundation for the Deduplication 2.0 revolution.

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