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Enhancing Big Data Analytics with the HP Vertica Marketplace

HP Vertica Marketplace.jpgAt the O’Reilly Strata Conference, we demonstrated the just-announced HP Vertica Marketplace, an online destination for developers, HP Vertica users, and technology partners to create and share innovative big data analytics solutions built for the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.


Keep reading to find out what this announcement means for you.

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Our users validate the value of Vertica

HP Vertica Software rocks.pngWe asked the questions and you answered them. We recently asked TechValidate, a trusted authority for creating customer evidence content, to survey the HP Vertica customer base.


Keep reading to find out what the survey showed and how customers are seeing the benefits of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

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Welcoming Facebook to the growing family of HP Vertica customers!

FacebookDiscover-1024x576.jpgThis week at HP Discover Barcelona, we were thrilled to welcome one of our newest Vertica customers – Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook, during George Kadifa’s keynote.


Facebook selected the HP Vertica Analytics Platform as one component of its big data infrastructure.  Vertica’s value to Facebook can be found in its ability to provide business insights with incredible speed and flexibility. HP Vertica supports Facebook’s business analysts and helps the company be more productive through dramatically reduced query time. It is also valuable for providing accurate forecasting and aiding data driven decisions.


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

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Big Data analytics: what’s old is new again

Big Data Analytics.jpgMany consider Big Data analytics to be a new paradigm. In reality, the analytics of massive amounts of data has been in practice for years, particularly in the financial services, communications and manufacturing industries. Interestingly, one of the early pioneers was UPS, which used analytics in the '50s to improve operations.


Find out how companies are looking to ideas of the past to gather information for the future.


Guest Post by Kevin McConnell, Analytics Solutions & SI Alliances Global Leader at HP Software, Analytic Industry Solutions at Vertica Systems and Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing, HP Vertica

CIOs vs CMOs: Who’s biggest on Big Data?


Alec Wagner is an associate editor for the Discover Performance blog.


Much like BYOD and SaaS, Big Data is infiltrating enterprises by making an end-run around IT. IDC forecasts that by 2016, LOB executives will be directly involved in 80 percent of new IT investments. As vendors make inroads by selling to LOBs—and getting chief marketing officers (CMOs) to sign the contracts—Big Data initiatives are as likely to be born in marketing as they are in IT.


To find out how this new environment is changing the roles of IT and marketing/LOBs, HP Discover Performance is hosting a webcast (with an introduction from Vertica VP Chris Selland) that brings a CIO and CMO together for a frank discussion of Big Data. Who should have control? 

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How MZI HealthCare identifies big data patient productivity gems using HP Vertica

As part of ourpodcast series, Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst for Interarbor Solutions, recently conducted an interview with Greg Gootee, product manager at MZI HealthCare.   MZI HealthCare develops and provides sophisticated software solutions that are flexible, reliable, cost effective and help reduce the complexities of the healthcare industry.


Guest Post by Chuck Smith, Customer Marketing Manager, HP Vertica

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HP Vertica in private cloud deployments-- how does it work?

Private_Cloud3.pngWhat is the role of Big Data in cloud deployments?  Is a private cloud deployment a viable option for a Big Data implementation? What are the impacts that Big Data will have on the deployment, maintenance and performance of the system?


Continue reading to find out how Big Data and cloud deployments work effectively together.


Guest post by John Margaglione, Vice President of Systems Engineering at HP Vertica

Harnessing All Of Your Data


Agility is a key factor in today’s Big Data landscape. Having a strategy in place to deal with the volume of data, while crucial, is only a piece of the puzzle. A Coleman Parkes Research study, commissioned by HP, revealed that barely 50 percent of survey respondents indicated that they use all sources of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to analyze and act. A 50 percent gap!  

Using Big Data Analytics for Stronger Customer Support

blog-img.jpgDeloitte University Press just released the key findings from the 2013 social business global executive study and research project, focused on the increasing emphasis businesses are placing on social media and why some companies are lagging behind. 


While social business has many facets, sentiment analysis and marketing intelligence is a growing trend in how we engage with customers. The report notes that “companies are connecting with dissatisfied customers before their complaints spread and providing support wherever customers gather online.”

Visualizing Big Data

HP-BigData_Infographic-solution_thumbnail.jpgIt’s no surprise that the staggering amount of information being generated by humans and machines is transforming businesses of all shapes and sizes, but sometimes visualizing the numbers can help us better understand the Big Data landscape and its many challenges. Check out this great infographic capturing the richness and complexity of Big Data by breaking it into 3 sections:

  • Big data challenges
  • Harnessing big data
  • Generating Return On Information (ROI)

Two new case studies – Yota and Kokubu

Problems with Big Data affects organizations of all sizes. Our HP Vertica Analytics Platform was designed to meet the needs of organizations--regardless of size.


Keep reading to find out how we helped create a competitive advantage for two organizations--Russia's Yota, and Japan's Kokubu.


Written by Chuck Smith, Customer Marketing Manager, HP Vertica

A new approach to Big Data analytics

Discover2013.pngWere you there? Did you hear the big news? With all of the announcements made final from HP Discover 2013, it’s safe to say that Big Data was a hot topic this year.


Colin Mahoney, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Vertica discusses all the big announcements we made at HP Discover. Keep reading to find out more.


Guest blog post by Dennis Ludvino,

Senior Digital Marketing, HP Vertica

Vertica’s talking Big Data at HP Discover

HP vertica.jpgAre you struggling under the weight of Big Data? Do you want to power your data to work for you, instead of fighting to contain it?


If you have answered “yes” to either of these questions, I have a few sessions at HP Discover that will interest you. I am presenting at a few of them, and others are being let by my colleagues. Continue reading to find out what you will learn about the hottest topics in Big Data.


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

Big Data analytics without Big Data complexity

New analytics deployments can be complex, taking up to 18 months to implement and optimize. The complexity of maintaining and integrating these environments often results in missed deadlines, incomplete projects, increased costs, and lost opportunities. In fact, only 32 percent* of application deployments are rated as “’successful”’ by organizations.


Guest Post by Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems

The disruptive power of big data

Aside from the sheer quantity of digital data created every day—about 2.5 exabytes1 —there’s more to Big Data than volume. Big Data offers enterprise leaders the opportunity to dramatically change the way their organizations operate to gain competitive advantage and find new revenue opportunities. But realizing the value Big Data promises requires a new approach. Traditional data warehouses and business intelligence tools weren’t built for the scale of Big Data, and can’t provide insight quickly enough to be useful or even keep up.


Keep reading to find out what will happen if Big Data is let out of its cage...


Guest post by Chris Selland, VP Marketing HP Vertica

Distributed R for Big Data

Data scientists use sophisticated algorithms to obtain insights. However, what usually takes tens of lines of MATLAB or R code is now been rewritten in Hadoop like systems and applied at scale in the industry. Instead of rewriting algorithms in a new model, can we stretch the limits of R and reuse it for analyzing Big Data? We present our early experiences at HP Labs as we attempt to answer this question.


Startup Rink


What does being a software developer have to do with building a home ice skating rink?

Continue reading to find out how perserverance and dumb luck are sometimes all you need for a successful project.



Written by Stephen Walkauskas, Vertica Systems software developer


Sensor Data and the Internet of Things: When Big Data Gets Really Big

By Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems


BigData_mk_final.jpgDo you know how many devices you own that are connected to the Internet? Of course you are thinking of the biggies- Computers, gaming systems, possibly your home phone- but what about your other devices? You know the smaller ones- digital photo frames, home audio and televisions. Make sure you count those too.


Now, think of devices that you don't own, but that still track information about you. These are the devices in the public realm. And they are all collecting data.


Continue reading to learn how to unlock the potential of all of this data.


Image courtesy of:

Top 4 Considerations When Evaluating a Data Analytics Platform

HP vertica.jpgFrom fraud detection to clickstream analytics to simply building better products or delivering a more optimal customer experience, Big Data use cases are abounding with analytics at the core.
By Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing at Vertica Systems

The growth of Big Data, the demand for data scientists and the power of community

HP vertica.jpgAccording to CIO Magazine, by 2018 the US will be facing a massive shortage of analytics talent.  What will this shortage mean to you?

GameStop CIO: Hadoop Isn’t For Everyone

games top logo.jpgGameStop Corp. is the world’s largest multichannel video game retailer, with a retail network and family of brands that includes 6,650 company-operated stores in 15 countries worldwide and online at


Continue reading to find out how HP Vertica helped GameStop with their big data dilemma.

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