What's in your closet?

If you are anything like me it is mostly filled with clothes you haven't worn for the last five years. You often think about the need to have a sort out but you don't get around to it. And then when you eventually resign yourself to it you can't bear to throw anything away, so you move the older clothes to the closet in the spare bedroom.

 And then ....  you remember the white tee shirt with the blue stripes which is just perfect for the barbeque you are going to this weekend - where is it?  After searching thorough the racks in all the closets in your house you can't find it.

Well paper documents are pretty much like that - we fill filing cabinets with them. Then we move the older documents to archive boxes and store them in warehouses. Most companies have many warehouses filled  with archived paper documents, some use external vendors as off site storage.

And what happens when a particular piece of correspondence is needed - perhaps for legal reasons,  to resolve a customer issue, or in the case of oil exploration to find the documents relating to the oil field that is now worth drilling twenty years later. You guessed it - major cost and time spent searching. 

A much better alternative would be to digitize all new paper documents as soon as they come into, or are generated by, your company. You can then keep them in a unified records management system that combines all related documents and records into an easily searchable and accessible repository.

And what about the old paper documents? Well, you will need to have a sort out - sorry! But, as you work out what needs to be kept, you can tag it and manage it from within the same unified records management system - HP TRIM. A bit like having your own wardrobe authority to bring you just the right clothes for that barbeque after all.


HP Expert | ‎11-24-2008 12:30 PM

Great article, Suzanne! You might just have identified a new application for TRIM - Wardrobe Management System (WMS). And of course TRIM's huge scalability would even allow people to extend it to capture their shoe collection!

| ‎01-28-2009 07:02 AM


Very nice post.!!!!!!!. I would like to keep up all the decorative things in my closets. And definitely it will enhances the beauty of the room.

Thank you


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