SAP Sapphire - A reason to think about SAP and HP TRIM

Now there are TWO ways HP TRIM can help organizations maximize value from their information and investments in SAP® solutions.


Many organizations have adopted the SAP NetWeaver™ platform as the basis for many business applications. They realize that managing documents in an SAP database effectively is essential to business success. But how can enterprises share these documents with their partners, customers and suppliers who aren’t using SAP solutions while meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining control and security of the information?


An enterprise documents and records management system can help organizations, manage and secure enterprise information, from electronic to physical records, from creation to ultimate disposal. The HP TRIM enterprise records management module enables organizations to share documents from their SAP NetWeaver platform with their partners, customers and suppliers who are not using SAP solutions. Specifically it provides document and record management for documents in SAP ArchiveLink and SAP BusinessObjects™ Metadata, allowing users to store all important corporate documents in a single system. As a result, users can apply enterprise compliance policies across critical financial information and allow their partners, customers and suppliers who are not using SAP solutions to easily review information created in SAP databases, even if they aren’t familiar with how to use the SAP database.


The HP TRIM solution for safely and easily sharing information in SAP databases uses HP TRIM software as the SAP-certified document repository for SAP ArchiveLink. Users can store, retrieve and update information in their SAP databases from a single location. It lets users store information from SAP ArchiveLink into a container of related information so that you can have a single view of all of the information you need, without having to run the SAP application. For example, a supplier manager can view all invoices for a particular supplier outside of the SAP system. This increases efficiency in accessing the right information when you need it. And, it supports broader information sharing.


But what about all that information you have stored in your corporate information repository? Oxygen, a UXC Company, has partnered with HP TRIM to develop a simple but effective solution that enables organizations to link documents in HP TRIM to related data within SAP databases.


Knowledge workers using SAP applications need access to reference documents and manuals, especially in enterprise resource planning (ERP) related applications such as a work order for a Power Station’s Scheduled Maintenance. The ERP solution will produce the work order and the maintenance team will respond to this work order. Traditionally they would have to then take a copy of the manual for the equipment they are repairing from the work order. If this is an individual instance of the document, there is the possibility that if the manual gets updated in another system (like the HP TRIM Document Management system), the work order can become out of date, especially if the work order is recurring.


The ability to provide a link, not a copy, of the correct document in the HP TRIM system ensures that the team that updates the documentation can be confident that the Maintenance team has access to the right version of the maintenance document.


These are just some examples of the power of mixing a world class records management platform like HP TRIM with the power of solutions for SAP applications.




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