It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your critical business information is?

Believe it or not, for a large number of organizations, finding the right information at the right time to meet regulatory challenges, answer a lawsuit or make better business decisions can be a hit-or-miss proposition.  Most organizations lack a complete view of how they capture, monitor, protect, retain, find and implement information.  Information is often managed differently by different business units, with different systems, different governance and little control.  In short, information management is at the breaking point. 

c6522faf-6ea1-4bc3-94e3-3211fb88e287-cb96f319-c742-4311-8ab9-b6ef0f624138.jpgWhen something goes wrong, such as information cannot be found to answer a lawsuit or meet regulations, the organizations can face major financial setbacks as well as major headaches. Information management suddenly becomes a crisis for the CEO, the legal department or the boardroom as well as the IT department. 

Because information is the lifeblood of your business, you need to manage it holistically.  Every organization should have a comprehensive information management strategy that supports its overall business strategy.  Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.  According to a March survey conducted by Coleman Parkes for HP, 70 percent of organizations lack an efficient, comprehensive, integrated and information-policy driven approach to IM.  Further, the research cites:

  • Seventy percent of major companies do not have a universal and strictly implemented formal IM protection policy
  • Seventy percent said that improving the efficiency of IM processes in the organization would have a significant impact on performance and profitability
  • Sixty-eight percent of enterprises stated that content explosion is adding greater complexity to an already complex world and causing significant storage issues and costs

Today we published details of the full research study and we announced updates to our portfolio of Information Management solutions to help you reduce risk, increase efficiency and simplify the way you manage your business information:

—  HP Information Management Services delivers an integrated solution for managing information in any phase of its life cycle – from capture and creation to deletion and retirement.

—  HP Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) now scales to manage up to 1 petabyte of data, 300,000 users and 20 million email messages per day, better meeting the performance needs of large enterprises. New HP Virtual IAP supports VMware vSphere®, which meets the information management needs of small to midsize enterprises in a cost-effective manner.


—  HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management has been enhanced with multijurisdictional retention, which automates complex retention schedules across multiple countries and within multinational enterprises.

—  HP Database Archiving is now integrated with HP TRIM to give clients one platform for managing their structured information, as well as new connectivity to archive data from legacy systems during the application retirement process.

—  HP Data Protector software now provides snapshot support for 3PAR and non-HP arrays – at an up to 70 percent less total cost of ownership. HP Data Protector also delivers down-to-the-second snapshot recovery to HP StorageWorks P4000. This fully automated approach requires no scripting, which reduces the costs and resources associated with protecting critical information.

—  HP Data Protector Reporter provides improved insight into your backup operations with enterprise-level, multisite global analysis and reporting.

—  HP Storage Essentials software decreases costs for managing physical and virtual enterprise information infrastructure, while improving alignment of storage to business needs. HP Storage Essentials Backup Manager plug-in for HP Data Protector helps organizations monitor the entire backup process with a complete picture of their information state.


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