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problem in ignite restoration on vpar

Dear All,

i am facing the problem while iginte restoration. i have taken the ignite of newly installed V3(vsoe)from vpar2. & tring to restote it on other vpar.
here vpar2 is a monitor server & installed with the A05.04 vpar software ver which support mix envirement but i dont why still i am facing this issue.
please find the below error which i have received when the i am booting from tape

Alternate boot path not found.
Internal error in setting up vPars variables.
"vpar1" load failed.
vPar "vpar1" failed to load the kernel due to: non-bootable boot media; incorrect vPars software installed; or incorrect boot media EFI path in vPars database.
Try using "vparload -p vpar1 -E 0" to load the vPar.
Error loading "oldwfapp1". Shutting down "vpar1"...

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Re: problem in ignite restoration on vpar


Please check the following:

To use the tape device during a recovery, you must meet the following requirements:

*The tape device must be owned by the target virtual partition (the partition that is being recovered).

*The tape drive must be connected through an external SCSI device or be internal to the machine.
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Re: problem in ignite restoration on vpar


Your depiction of your issue / environment is very unclear good sir. Can you elaborate please? Are we talking the same servers here -- yor source and target?

Note: 11.31/vPars A.05.0X.0X only supports mixed mode OS vPars If the monitor is running 11.31/A.05.0X.0X

If your restore environment where you're trying to restore is a different server and it is not booted under 11.31/A.5.X.X vPars monitor -- then it will not work.

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Re: problem in ignite restoration on vpar

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