make_net_recovery includes LOFS mounts (131 Views)
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make_net_recovery includes LOFS mounts

When i specify -x inc_entire=vg00 as an option to make_net_recovery, it includes also files from LOFS mounts from other volume groups.
When i do the recovery / blows up, because that LOFS mount does not exist.

Any hints?
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Re: make_net_recovery includes LOFS mounts

Hi Manfred:

You should be able to specify '-x exclude=file|directory' to control this.

See the manpages.


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Re: make_net_recovery includes LOFS mounts

Exclude the LOFS mount points.
do a man on make_net_recovery. There's a file you can modify to exclude files/dirs.

I think you can also do a Minimal ignite which only does vg00 and doesn't span across other areas.

I don't have access to an HPUX system right now otherwise I'd post it.

Then document those LOFS mount points.

When recreating a system manually re-create the LOFS mount points. Then restore from your traditional backup (tape etc.).

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Re: make_net_recovery includes LOFS mounts


I think as noted make_net_recovery can exclude the mount points.

I used to have to exclude a big vg00 filesystem to make my images fit on a single tape.

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