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bootptab Ignite-UX

Hi, all !!


I have read many docs, but can't find ask to question.


I have:

1) Some IA-64 servers with HP-UX using APA (LB_MAC)

2) if disaster take place, I don't know from which LAN adapter I shall recover. 

3) DHCP pool of non-productive addresses for recovery isn't an option. All IP in DC are static, security rule of ministry's object.


I want to know how to do it:

1) Two records with same hostname and different ha?

2) Ignite allow two ha in bootptab config?


Sorry for bad English.

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Re: bootptab Ignite-UX

I understand that you would like to know if it is possible to use different LAN mac address for the same hostname in /etc/bootptab.


Ans: Yes, you can use more than one hardware address for the same hostname in /etc/bootptab. 


Refer the below example for details:


# vi /etc/bootptab












In the above example the client "IgniteClientA" has 2 entries for different MAC addresses namely 00d009000000 and 00c0a0000000



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