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The size specified for volume is not large enough

Our VG00 filesystem on our Integrity rx2800i2 server has 148GB used and is on disk that is neither software nor hardware raided. We decided to create a RAID 1 for the VG00  (OS) filesystems and remove all data filesystems that are no longer needed. We ran make_tape_recovery and included all of VG00 (which has 148GB of OS and non-OS data), then we created a RAID 1 logical volume with a total capacity of 136GB and are trying to restore from tape. The original VG00 data will not all fit on the new smaller logical volume so we tried removing the unwanted filesystems from interactive recovery. The remove option from the filesystems tab seems to not remove them from the restore but rather move them to the root filesystem. Is there any way to remove the unwanted filesystems from the recovery? If there isn't I think the only option we have will be to make the disk large enough to restore the original VG00 files, remove the filesystems no longer needed and then do a new make_tape_recovery. This is our first migration of an HPUX filesystem to a new smaller local hard disk.

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Re: The size specified for volume is not large enough

There is no way to restrict what data is recovered when restoring from an Ignite tape.  Whatever data was written to the tape will be restored.



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Re: The size specified for volume is not large enough

Since you have a full backup using Ignite, now you can remove files and filesystems that you don't need. Using bdf, you can calculate the total used for vg00. Once the value is less than 136GB you can take another Ignite backup and restore that one to the RAID 1 volume.


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