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Status untouched

while I start to backup via ignite-ux some Disk/VG stated as untouched , what does untouched mean here ? And do I have to include Untouched VG along with In Full VG during backup setup ?

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Re: Status untouched

>>...some Disk/VG stated as untouched, ...


Where are you seeing this?  Is it in the output from the Ignite backup?  If so, attaching the Ignite log file to this thread would be very helpful.



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Re: Status untouched

it was ignite-ux GUI , and exact step is to create tape recovery setup:

I opened up ignite-ux GUI > select server > Create Tape Recovery Archive > Choose a Tape Driver > Recovery Archive contents left side under select disk/vg ..

when I try to select Untouched status vg ,it warned me status untouched because there are exclude entries..

Could you please check the images I attached.

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Re: Status untouched

Ignite should be used for vg00.


Better use other backup tools for your data.


IMHO you get the message because of a conflict in include/exclude statements.

Hope this helps!


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