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Several device files missing after ignite recovery

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Our banking customer asked to do a crash recovery test on an rx3600.


Using Ignite-UX for backup / recovery I was not able to log in via ssh.


Logging in via the console I relalized /dev/ptmx were missing.


It was not restored with recovery and insf did not create it.


No errors in "install log" .



Version C.7.15.254 seems to be okay, but with C.7.16.283  C.7.17.391


recovering HPUX 11.31 2011/09 or greater produces all the below device files mising:









Have anyone experienced this ?


HP said this has not been reported / documented yet .



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Re: Several device files missing after ignite recovery

Update from HP support at last.


Error reproduced by the lab.


All pseudo device files are missing after ignite recovery.


Seems to be a bug in later IGNITE versions , but it is more likely an 'insf' problem.


It happens on servers having the iSCSI-00 bundle installed (!)




Although , not the choice for your HA critical clusters, but our first choice for


test and development systems , because its low costs. )




1. Run insf -C pseudo  after the recovery




2. Remove the iSCSI-00 bundle if you do not need it. (No ISCSI based storage)


Customer request waiting for the sw developers a new insf patch:


QXCR1001344501: insf -e doesn't create pseudo devices when iSCSI initiator installed


No ETA yet.


So this is a new issue again for a server with ISCSI stoage configured.


The existing ones:



When you recover your system with ISCSI storage , you will get


'Wrong device files'  errors starting up the ISCSi daemon  during boot.


You need to remove both /dev/iscsi and /dev/isw and reboot in order /sbin/init.d/iscsi


can recreate the right dsfs.



IGNITE recovery is not able to import the volume groups based on ISCSI, because, the initiator

is not started in that phase.



QXCR1001329058  ER: Support recovery of system using iSCSI for non-root volumes.


Customer request is still waiting for the sw developers.

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