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Need Firmware update before installing hp-ux11?

According to hp-ux11.0 ACE9911 release note,
there is a topic of workstation firmware
requirement. On top of this section, there is
a comment that;Most workstations supporting
11.0 do not require a firmware upgrade to
run HP-UX 11.0 ACE 9911. However, note the
following recommendations for 64-bit
Does this mean we don't need to update a
firmware of workstations for updating to
11.0, with the exception of early B1000/C3000
Now my customers who have so many legacy
workstations such as C360, with running
hp-ux 10.2, are going to move to 11.0 or
11i, using ignite/ux.
They are giving me concerns whether they
must update firmware for their workstations
off line using DAT media.
This must waste their time and money if their
concern is true.
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Re: Need Firmware update before installing hp-ux11?

Yes you are right - you do not need to upgrade those C360 - patches are available (as normal PHSS_blabla) for 10.20 so you do not need to update F/W using a tape drive.
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Re: Need Firmware update before installing hp-ux11?

As you listed yourself in your question: Most workstations do not need a firmware update.

That means you need to build up a list of what does and doesnt need a firmware update - or else to be safe youre going to have to update them all (I would take the opportunity of an upgrade to 11 to upgrade the firmware - it often fixes all sorts of bugs as well as enhancements).

There is no substitute for legwork - you have to check all your different types of workstations on the ITRC firmware section to see if they need a firmware update or not. I dont know of any master list of workstations/firmware for 11. Anyone seen one?
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