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Ignite with mirrored root disks

I have ignite installed on an HP9000/HP-UX 10.2 with mirrored root disks. I want to make a bootable backup on my DLT. Manuals that I have seen don't mention anything about mirrored disks. I'm concerned about make_recovery getting boot information from the root drive. Has anyone encountered this before, or know on the correct procedure for using ignite on a mirrored system?
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Re: Ignite with mirrored root disks


Just make your make_recovery tape. There is no problem with doing this when your root disk is mirrored.

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Re: Ignite with mirrored root disks

I have mirrored root disks....like James said go ahead and do a normal make_recovery. Your ok.

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Re: Ignite with mirrored root disks

You can create the Ignite tape on mirrored root disk. The created tape will not have any mirror information in it by default. So if you restore the same tape you will have to create the mirror again.
You can include the mirror information in ignite tape, by first creating the config.recover file using "make_recovery -pv " command. Then append this file "/var/opt/ignite/recovery/config.recover" to include mirror commands.
Recovering machine from the tape with commands to build mirror, will take longer time as it has to build mirrors. So you need to decide weather you will mannually build mirror after system is recovered or let system do it (more downtime).
Hope helps.
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