SWM Agent Problem (1673 Views)
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SWM Agent Problem

Hi All,

I've been having issues with the Remote Support Software Manager for a while now, I have connectivity and it all tests ok but I have no packages to install (when I know there are at least 5 to install).

I checked out the C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SWMAgent\.marimba\ISEE_CMS_SWMAGENT\History-1.log file and I get the following error:

[25/Jan/2008:10:09:25 +1000] - major svc-cim 1050 Unknown host 'isee-updates.americas.hp.com'.\
com.marimba.castanet.util.DetailedException[609/-1: isee-updates.americas.hp.com]\
at com.marimba.castanet.tuner.Channel.(Channel.java:151)\
at com.marimba.castanet.tuner.Workspace.getChannelCreate(Workspace.java:277)\
at com.marimba.apps.subscription6030.SubscriptionService$SubscriberObserver.getChannelCreate(SubscriptionService.java:5458)\
at com.marimba.apps.subscription6030.SubscriptionService.setState(SubscriptionService.java:1768)\
at com.marimba.apps.subscription6030.SubscriptionService.access$1500(SubscriptionService.java:50)\
at com.marimba.apps.subscription6030.SubscriptionService$SetChannelStatesThread.setStates(SubscriptionService.java:4921)\
at com.marimba.apps.subscription6030.SubscriptionService$SetChannelStatesThread.run(SubscriptionService.java:4571)
#Error: Unknown host 'isee-updates.americas.hp.com'.

Does anyone know what this means? I'm assuming I have a proxy issue.

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Re: SWM Agent Problem

I have the same problem right now.
Did you find any solution for this?


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Re: SWM Agent Problem


this is most likely a DNS issue that the DNS can't resolve the DNS name into IP Address.

you can try

- nslookup isee-updates.americas.hp.com to check if it gives you the IP...by me it sees so :

- you can go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and try to add isee-updates.americas.hp.com as DNS record...

- Configure the Proxy server to allow files to be downloaded through port 443 from isee-updates.americas.hp.com

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Re: SWM Agent Problem

Nice work! You were spot on, I placed the entry into the host file and I now have packages to install.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: SWM Agent Problem

Host file update fixed the issue.
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