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Change Severity for dynamic severity events

I am running HPSIM V6.3 latest hotfix (14).

I am getting SNMP event 3046 (Physical Drive Status Change) with PredictiveFailure. This comes in as a warning event. However, this kind of event is really important to us so I have tried to change it to Critical. But it seems the actual severity is set by something else and this event will always be set to Warning. Of course if the problem gets worse the severity is upped to Major or critical but by that time the drive has actually failed.


While I been able to change severity on other types of traps I have no idea how to change ones that have dynamic severity.

Is there any way to change this?


I thought one way might be to rip out the #VARBINDSEVERITY 2 line to stop the bind to cpqHoTrapFlags which is where the severity is coming from (I think). BTW the MIB is cpqida.mib


Also, I would like to change ONLY the PredictiveFailure not the others and especially not the OK state. I am guessing if I stop the bind then everything will stick to one severity which is not what I want.


Is there a way to do this?

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Re: Change Severity for dynamic severity events




Would seem to indicate it's critical alright but I have the same problem, it is actually flagged as a Warning



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Re: Change Severity for dynamic severity events

same behaviour here: 6.3 Hotfix 10


We will upgrade to HPSIM 7 soon, hope this will fix it.

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Re: Change Severity for dynamic severity events

shocko, I just came across this post from you.  I posted about something similar recently.  Did you ever get a fix for this?


Basically, the values within the MIB for status changes seem to have their "own" individual severities.  So, the status change of "rebuilding" may be minor, but "failed" is critical.  I can't seem to change this.  A PFA comes in as Minor, which I want to change to Major so we get an internal ticket on it (we use event handlers for major/critical, so normally i just flip stuff to those severities).  If i start including Minor/Warning, we're gonna get overrun with alerts since those events tend to be truly low priority.



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Re: Change Severity for dynamic severity events

Same issue with HP SIM 7.3 with the latest hotfix


Has any soluition been found?

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