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Bjarni Sigurðsson
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Adding a server in SIM

I have just installed SIM on a server.
Now I want to add a server to monitor.
I can not figure out how to add this server.
Can you please help me with that?

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Bjarni Sig
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Rich Purvis
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Re: Adding a server in SIM

You can run an automatic Discovery task or if you want to add a single server you can run a manual Discovery task.

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Lisa Waters_1
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Re: Adding a server in SIM

Correct. By going through Options - Discovery - Manual Discovery you can find a single server by either IP address or DNS name.
If you are discovering many servers you can select Options - Discovery - Automatic Discovery and input an IP address range to be discovered such as OR you can just enter several individual specific IP addresses, not necessarily in a range, to be discovered.
Hope this helps!

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Re: Adding a server in SIM

From the SIM server from a command line run mxnode -a servername if you just want to add one server. If you have a list of servers you want to add just do a for loop to a text file. "for %a in (serverlist.txt)do mxnode -a %a"
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Re: Adding a server in SIM

ich ip is that ILO or system IP?

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