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Service Anywhere - Attend an event or go straight for the free trial - the choice is yours!

saw.PNGPeople call and email me all the time – wanting to know more about HP Service Anywhere.  The easiest way to learn more is by  attending  an online event (or watching a replay).  The more adventurous  ITSM users may prefer to skip the events, and go straight for the free 30-day trial to test drive. 


Read on for more details !!! and then decide what works best for you.  I'll be adding events to this blog until we head to Las Vegas for HP Discover in June, so check back frequently for new postings.

What's Hot in the ITSM Industry

death valley.jpg

Wrapping up Pink14


We had a great time at Pink14 earlier this week. I always enjoy getting to talk to a variety of people across the industry and get their take on what’s hot in the ITSM/ITIL industry.






                               Speaking of Hot,

                               Death Valley, CA

                               Just a few hours

                               drive from the lovely

                               Bellagio and Pink14

                               hit 129F last summer


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Now Available, HP Propel free! How will you use it?

One of my favorite words is “free”. And today I have the pleasure of introducing you to HP Propel free.  This is your opportunity to register for the new Propel service.


HP Propel delivers a single, consumer-friendly, cloud-based portal with a service catalog, knowledge management and IT news to end users, without requiring that you replace back-end systems or processes. Keep reading to find out how HP Propel free can help you and where you can get started.



There are no absolutes in IT—even with Cloud

Live free or die hard.jpgThere are no absolutes in life except for birth and death. The same applies to IT. For years I thought cost was an absolute in IT. Then I found out I was wrong.


Continue reading to find out why I firmly believe there are no absolutes in IT. Also keep reading to find out why Bruce Willis had to go “outside his box” to stop a cyber-terrorist.

HP Discover Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Help shape the future

We want you to help shape the future with us! Read on for more information on all of the Special Interest Groups we'll be hosting at HP Discover. Don't miss the opportunity to be our design partner for a day or join us on the Customer Support Journey to Excellence....

HP Service Anywhere will be at Discover Barcelona, Spain Dec 10-12, 2013 - will you?

iStock_000006401124XSmall.jpgHP Discover Barcelona registration is open.   This year’s conference is featuring hundreds of sessions focused on the hottest topics in the industry today like Big Data, Converged Cloud, Mobility, Security, Risk Management and more.   


There are several HP Service Anywhere sessions including a very exciting Special Interest Group session - "Design Partner for a Day - Contributing to the HP Service Anywhere Vision"

Join us for a sneak peek of HP Service Anywhere

Vivit logo.jpgWhether you are considering moving to a SaaS service desk or simply curious as to what's new in the next release of HP Service Anywhere, you won't want to miss this event.


Keep reading to find out the enhancements we will be talking about and how you can attend.

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Are you ready? 3 reasons to register for the HP Software Customer Forum in Vienna

iStock_000014131324XSmall.jpgThere are only two weeks left until the HP Software EMEA Customer Forum, IT Service & Portfolio Management, in Vienna starts.


In case you do not have registered yet, consider what you probably miss.  There will be more than 15 customers speaking about all kind of HP IT Service Management (ITSM) and HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.


But what will these presentations be all about? What products will they touch on? And what other opportunities could you potentially miss? Are you still indecisive? Read on …

Web Event: The Power to Change (it's no ordinary virtual event)

cloudpeople.PNGThe Power to Change virtual event is coming this fall from HP where you will hear from industry leaders, visionaries and technology experts, as they explore the impact of change on IT. To add even more  excitement we have implemented a game that allows you to engage in the material while earning points to win prizes. 


The event includes 16 virtual sessions and valuable "next step" content to help you do things you never thought possible. Keep reading for more details around the ITSM sessions.

Does SaaS open the door for “change fatigue”?

iStock_000008455557Small.jpgA service desk needs to constantly evolve to stay aligned with the business, and that means change.  Successful service desk have strong change process but sometimes these processes don’t consider the ability of the staff to keep pace with continual change. 


For on-premise, the user is in full control of changes to their service desk, and can balance the timing with other changes underway – but what about when you move your Service Desk to the cloud? Are you at a greater risk for change fatigue?

Save the date - HP Software Customer Forum in Vienna, Austria, Sep 10-11

iStock_000005617788XSmall.jpgThe IT world is rapidly changing. The fast growing adoption of mobile devices, the emerging use of hybrid cloud and the ever-increasing demand for more agility across the IT organization and the business, they all expose challenges and opportunities.


The HP Software EMEA Customer Forum is now in its eighth edition and continues to be a strategy and best-practice sharing event for a select audience of SPM Executives. The event is known for high-profile presentations from HP customers and round-table discussions that feature these latest trends, as well as related challenges, solutions and achievements around IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).

Discover a new style of IT Service Management


Capture.PNGWhat’s your idea of the future style of IT Service Management? User centric?  Collaborative? Proactive? Automated? All of the above and more? 


Last month at Discover Las Vegas, Tal Broner, VP R&D for HP Service and Portfolio  Management gave attendees a sneak peek of the next release of HP Service Anywhere. 


For those who missed the event and also for those who simply must see it again - I wanted to share the video  of Tal's presentation with you. It’s an amazing view into the future style of IT Service Management.




Searching for ITSM tools? 3 reasons why you should look beyond the help desk

iStock_000018847374XSmall.jpgThere is no doubt – the demand for a user-centric IT is increasing. Trends like cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and social media are influencing how IT is delivered.  Mobile devices, like smartphones, have also encouraged BYOD and the consumerization of IT which are among the factors driving and shaping the new style of IT. The way we interact with IT and expect to receive services has changed. To fulfill this demand for more user-centricity while at the same time increasing IT's efficiency, IT organizations need to look beyond the traditional help desk when searching for ITSM tools.

Unbeatable together- IT Asset and IT Service Management!

iStock_000017945775XSmall.jpgMany, and probably all, organizations target a service-centric approach to IT Management. With a look at IT from a business and user perspective, the question is not about whether to implement a service-centric solution but rather how an organization can get there in terms of implementation. There are many factors to consider when holistically looking at the entire service lifecycle. Continue reading to find out more about the role of IT Asset Management in the service lifecycle.

3 tales from the HP Software Customer Forum in Brussels

Brussels.pngLast week about 150 people attended the HP Software EMEA Customer Forum in Brussels, discussing many facets of service and portfolio management solution implementations.


Speaking topics included demand management, software license management, configuration management and  service request catalog. For your reading pleasure, I have picked three customer presentations to write about. Please join me in having a closer look at this content.

Codeless Configuration Rules, Scripting Drools

iStock_000000513924sleepingman.jpgIt’s morning. You arrive at the office and in the conference room is a team from IT. They look exhausted. They have been working all night.  Yesterday while testing an application upgrade, they found a problem that was traced to a customized script that had been inserted several releases earlier and  over a year ago.  Completing the problem analysis, repair, testing and documentation processes meant staying all night to ensure they stay on schedule for next week’s targeted maintenance window. Just a few lines of code ruined everyone’s evening. Had the original changes  been made by codeless configuration, that IT team may have been home on-time for dinner the day before instead of working through the night.

HP Service Anywhere March 2013 Release



Last week the newest release of HP Service Anywhere became generally available and was  pushed out to systems worldwide.  Have you seen it yet? 

Discuss IT Service and Portfolio Management topics at the next HP Software EMEA Customer Forum

brussels atonium-01.jpgIn your IT Service and Portfolio Management architecture, what is the role of mobility? What about  the role of public, private and hybrid cloud? How do you meet the expectations for agility and delivery speed for your Lines of Business? Are you considering agile methodologies for your project and portfolio management?

These are just some of the IT Service and Portfolio Management topics you can discuss with HP product management, other HP customers and HP partners.

The 7th bi-annual HP Software EMEA Customer Forum will take place from 16-17 April at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Keep reading to find out more about what you will learn at the forum.

Pink Play-by-Play

And that’s a wrap! Pink Elephant 2013 was a huge success, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!


Remaining true to its Las Vegas location, the interactive conference was infused with perpetual entertainment that drew as many laughs as it did tears and ultimately, left participants ready to head back to their respective teams moved and motivated. From exhibitions to awards shows to an appropriately selected Pink Floyd cover band, Pink Elephant 2013 was the ideal platform for an open discussion of IT information, innovation and inspiration. 


Combining on-premise and SaaS Service Desk Solutions to get the ideal solution

SaaS is now considered a mainstream delivery model. But, is it the best model for every aspect of your business? What does SaaS mean for Lines of Business applications?

5 ways to get more from your SaaS service desk

5 Ways.jpg

What are the five ways you can get more from your SaaS service desk? We asked the experts and performed the leg work to find out for you. Find out what our results uncovered in this blog post.

The Future of ITSM - Looking back on an interesting local itSMF event

While most of the HP Discover attendees already were on their way to Frankfurt, I visited another interesting event, solely focusing on ITSM. It was the 2012 convention of the local itSMF Chapter in Germany, Kassel on Dec 3-4. So, why was this interesting?

HP ITSM Gets Social!

"Social media is the new 800 number. Make sure you're answering those calls." Dharmesh Shah


As a modern channel of communication, it behooves all of us technology nuts to take advantage of the many benefits of social media. In observing the infinite amount of real time conversations made possible through virtual communication platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear to HP ITSM that we live in a world run by social media. 

A Star is Born!

By this time tomorrow, the latest addition to our ITSM lineage, HP Service Anywhere, will have made its official world debut. To say that we are ecstatic about its release would be a giant understatement. Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our HP ITSM family

A Closer Look: HP Service Manager 9.31

In case you missed the Vivit webinar on November 8, fret not—we’re here to fill you in! Product Marketing Manager Michael Pott, HPSM Product Line Director Jacques Conand and Director of ITSM Products Pat DeMartine gathered (virtually, anyway) to educate us on HP Service Manager 9.31. 

Learn how to simplify your IT Service Desk at HP Discover Frankfurt


On October 22 we announced HP Service Anywhere, a new SaaS IT service desk that  simplifies the implementation and running of your service desk. 


At HP Discover 2012 Frankfurt, which runs from December 4-6, you have the opportunity to see more, hear more and discuss more with our product experts. And, I will be presenting a session on HP Service Anywhere and would love to have you join me.

The Evolution of HP Service Anywhere

As HP Service Anywhere becomes a SaaS ITSM sensation, its road to success can’t be defined as a short one. A decade of SaaS transformations set us up for the crowning ITSM solution that Service Anywhere is today. Allow us to take you on a journey through the SaaS ITSM timeline at HP.

It’s an HP party in the UK!

We are heading across the pond next week for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the annual itSMF UK Conference. This event will infuse you with exactly the hope, reassurance and knowledge you need to succeed with SaaS-based ITSM solutions. We just capped off an amazing conference in Dallas (yeehaw!) and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to celebrate ITSM and its encouraging future.

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