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Jazz up your September with the newest release of HP Service Anywhere!

ess portal.pngThe HP Service Anywhere September release delivers significant new capabilities for shared service environments which are required by managed service providers (MSP) and IT organizations that effectively act as service providers.


Plus more big data benefits, more social capabilities, non IT support, and application portfolio management, ... to just name a few.


Keep reading for some snappy muscial history AND to find out more about the September release of Service Anywhere.

Your introduction to Service Manager’s Certificate Management Tool. How will it help you?

When using HP Service Manager (SM) service desk software, a lot of customers utilize Trusted Sign-On (TSO), Common Access Card (CAC), and F5 hardware load balancer deployed between SM client and SM RTE server. To accomplish this, two things need to be done, certificate generation and configuration.


Keep reading to find out how the R&D team have made it easier to generate these certificates.


Guest post by Zhang Yu-Yuan (Peter, SM CORD CAT)

Big Data or Smart ITSM ? What are your thoughts?



The service desk, as many of us know it, is at a crossroads. Specifically, service desks need to dramatically change their current approach to incident and problem management.


Many IT organizations are fighting a losing battle against growing IT complexity. As cloud services, devices, and data proliferate, it’s often difficult for IT to even get a grip on what it’s managing— much less resolve problems efficiently. These trends inevitably converge and a big mess lands on the service desk when something isn’t working.


Keep reading to find out the role that ITSM and the service desk play in this complex world.

The future of IT Service Management in the digital enterprise

The future of IT Service Management.PNGEnterprise Management Associates has recently released their report, What is the Future of IT Service Management? The report details the evolution of ITSM.


Keep reading to find out more from the report and to see an infographic that compiles it all.


Guest post by Elaine Korn

SaaS Service Desks: Ovum’s Assessment of HP Service Anywhere

end-user-ss.pngAs part of an upcoming review of SaaS Service Desks, Ovum has reviewed HP Service Anywhere. While the full report hasn’t been released yet, you can read Ovum’s assessment of Service Anywhere’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).


Don’t just take my word for it. Keep reading to find out what Ovum said.

HP Service Manager 9.40 certified by PinkVERIFY and ITIL

Pink2.jpgService Manager 9.4 is now certified on PinkVERIFY and ITIL 2011.


Read for more details.

Tags: ITIL| ITSM| pink

What do you do when an integration performance issue happens? Do not rush to check code!

Overview of BSM-SM integration.PNGEnterprise business is becoming more and more complex. You can no longer expect a single software to meet all of your requirements. Instead, several software products working together to provide mutual complementary functions is a proven successful solution.


But what should you do when you experience a performance issue with this software partnership? Keep reading to find out how you can uncover the true causes of some issues. (Here’s a hint: Don’t rush to check the code.)


Guest post by Xin-Shan Sun (Gary, SPM CORD Service Manager CAT)

Americas ITSM Summit - The Magic Continues in the Emerald City

seattle.jpgAre you interested in hearing about how IT teams are leveraging big data analytics to improve service desk staff efficiency and their service quality? Have you been thinking of moving to a SaaS service desk, along with the benefits customers have attained? Or maybe you have heard how IT organizations are moving to being an IT service broker, and want to find out more?

Picking up and setting ITSM trends

ITSM finger.PNGBig data, social collaboration, mobility and cloud are among the key trends influencing ITSM according to industry analysts. When it comes to these trends there are two questions: How do HP ITSM solutions embody these trends, and how do they even set new trends?


Follow Axel Himmelreich, Sales & Business Development at SYSback AG, as he discusses these questions based on latest HP Service Manager and HP Service Anywhere capabilities.


Guest post by Axel Himmelreich, Sales & Business Development, SYSback AG

Bridge your Core and Fluid IT! HP Propel 2.0 – now shipping!


More and more of our customers are telling us that in their organizations there are two versions of IT: Core and Fluid. By saying this, they are confirming what Gartner has identified as bi-modal IT. Our customers also report that they are on their way to finally establishing a real provider-consumer relationship.


Keep reading to find out how the new version of HP Propel 2.0 encourages the growth of this special relationship.



Image from Pearl Zhu: CIO's Digital Dilemma


Reaching toward Zero Incidents with HP Service Anywhere

Linus Linder.jpg“No IT Service Management” - Imagine that your service desk does not receive any incidents. Imagine all service requests automatically solved based on rules—even before your users realize that they have a request.


Does this sound interesting? Keep reading if you would like to learn about how FARO is approaching this vision.


Guest post by Linus Linder, Director Information Technology at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Trends in IT Service Management: What does the future hold?

ITSM Clouds.PNGA recent survey in North America and Western Europe shows clear trends for solutions for IT Service Management (ITSM). In this survey, 270 IT staff were asked about their experience in ITSM as well as their assessment of future development.


Keep reading to find out the results of the survey and to compare how you align.


Guest post by Axel Himmelreich, Senior Consultant & Sales for IT Service Management, Sysback AG

IT’s all about experience! Give your users a Systems of Engagement

Enterprise IT is known for having lots of applications. In most cases, a typical IT department does not know exactly how many apps they have.


Keep reading to understand how IT can give end users the experience they are looking for and easily maintain applications.



Back to the future with ITSM: What can we learn from the past?

back to the future.jpgTransforming IT service management is a journey. And migrating from multiple tools to a single system without disruption is a real challenge. As Dr. Emmett Brown said in Back to the Future II: “Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.”


In this article I invite you to hop into my DeLorean with me and get some insights into how we have successfully mastered this journey and what the next steps are.


Guest post by Frank Eck, Head of Fault to Restoration (F2R), T-Systems


Image courtesy of  MsSaraKelly (Back to the Future by Graffiti Life) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


7 Trends for the Future of ITSM Webinar

7 trends.pngWhat does the future of ITSM hold in store for service desk teams and IT practitioners? What is the impact of DevOps, automation, service brokerage, analytics, self-service, and mobility? What about simple demographics?


Featuring Dennis Nils Drogseth from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), please join this live InformationWeek webinar on July 23 to learn more about seven key trends shaping the future of ITSM.



Service Anywhere: Continuous Innovations

INNOVATION.jpgA few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how the Service Anywhere team is committed to providing innovative solutions to customer pain points.  In that post, I described our new Routing Definitions feature, which provides a visual approach to automatically assigning a group to a ticket. So, it makes me happy to be back so soon to tell you about the new functionality that we are introducing around this feature.


Read on to see the new innovations!


Guest post by Pete Budic, Functional Architect for Service Anywhere

Turn your System of Record into a System of Engagement

summer-in-the-air.jpgYou are invited to the webinar Turn Your System of Record into a System of Engagement, on Wednesday July 8 at 8am PST / 5pm CET. Join us to learn how you can create a modern and delightful System of Engagement on top of your Systems of Record for IT services. You will hear how your traditional apps can become all about end users and their preferences, status, and needs.


Service Anywhere June 2015 Update

service anywhere.jpgIt’s summer (here in North America) and it’s the weekend. What does that have to do with the June 2015 Service Anywhere update? Our customers don’t have to come in from the sunshine, or put down that glass of cold lemonade, in order to enjoy the latest Service Anywhere has to offer. Another zero downtime update was made available on Sunday – meaning all customers are able to take advantage of the new capabilities without having to suffer through another upgrade project. 


Read on to learn more. 


Guest post by Tonya Scherba, Sr. Product Manager, HP Service Anywhere 

ITSM Customer Forum in Prague – catch a glimpse of 13 customer success stories

cf2015Prague (4).jpgI had the pleasure to moderate no less than thirteen customer presentations including one panel discussion during one and a half days at the EMEA HP Software Customer Forum in Prague. I thought it would be useful for you to get a glimpse of the variety of success stories shared.

Keep reading for a summary of these thirteen stories, touching on values and benefits achieved in different IT service management scenarios. 

Service management outside IT - HP Service Manager for business helpdesks

HP Service Manager.pngI just returned from the EMEA HP Software Customer Forum in Prague where I met with other HP ITSM customers. I loved hearing their stories and finding out how they are utilizing software and what we are doing with it.


Keep reading to find out how we use HP Service Manager across our environments and how it effectively acts as service desk software—especially within different departments.


Guest post by Denis Papens, Service Management Tooling Specialist for BNP Paribas Fortis

ITSM Customer Forum in Prague – 7 customers, 7 success stories, 7 shining star award winners

Prague_image 16x9.jpgThe two ITSM days at the EMEA HP Software Customer Forums 2015 in Prague are now in the record books. I have spent my time asking customers, partners, colleagues and speakers about the event, presentations and discussions. After speaking with everyone, they only had one thing to say about the event – AWESOME!


In this first blog article from the customer forum I share some details about the Shining Star Award winners and their success stories. Read on to find out about the winners and why they received the award.

What to expect when surveys meet the big data service desk

survey.jpgRecently I found myself in need for support from my IT service desk. After my ticket has been resolved, I received a short satisfaction survey.


While filling out the survey, I noticed how poor the survey experience was.

I thought to myself there has to be a way to make it better- both to the end user filling the survey and to IT departments who need to analyze the results and get useful insights.


Keep reading to find out how IT surveys can be made better.


Guest post by Dan Noter,  Employee self service- social team

HP Software R&D

ITSM Bright Lights from Las Vegas

ITSM Discover.PNGLive from the show floor at HP Discover in Las Vegas, there are ITSM highlights galore from Day one.


There are a number of can't miss sessions and other recommendations for Wednesday. I also have a few highlights from the opening day. Keep reading to find out what we have planned for today.


Interested in SPM? Get your list of what's hot at HP Discover!

fabulous_las_vegas.jpgI can hardly wait for HP Discover in Las Vegas next week! The weather looks to be beautiful and I know the excitement at the Venetian will be palpable!


You can Jump start  your HP Discover Service & Portfolio Management experience Tuesday morning with the SPM keynote, Accelerate IT service management with HP Service and Portfolio Management (Session B1157, Room Lido 3004) hosted by Sandy Orlando our Vice President of Product Management and a spectular demo (which I belive is worthy of a Tony award).


Across the SPM portfolio, there are new innovations to help you thrive in the New Style of IT. These innovations were designed to help you improve service quality, improve staff efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and broker services. If you are using or considering HP Service Manager, Service Anywhere, Configuration Management, Discovery, Asset Manager, PPM, and/or Propel, please read on to learn how jump start your HP Discover experience.

5 things you need from IT operations to be successful in the digital age

tony sumpster.PNGThe digital transformation is causing a fundamental shift in technology and industry. As with any change, there is a huge opportunity as a result of this change.


At HP Discover, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the role that IT operations plays in the digital transformation in the track keynote lead by Tony Sumpster, Senior Vice President of HP Software IT Operations Management.


Continue reading to find out what this shift means for you.


Guest post by Kim Lock, IT Operations Management Editor

Introducing the new HP ITSM Enterprise Suite – From Zero to Hero in 1 Step

Are you looking for a single ITSM solution instead of having to purchase numerous separate products? Are you looking to avoid the hassle and headaches that can come from so many moveable parts?


The HP ITSM Enterprise Suite product was designed specifically for organizations that are new to ITSM on-premise and want to purchase a single software suite. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this suite for your organization.

Gain the power to turn your Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement


When your employees think of IT, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Do they think positive thoughts of the department or do they dread every interaction?


Keep reading to find out how you can easily provide your users with a consumer-like experience and improve the perception of IT within your organization.




The art of service modeling from HP UCMDB

There is a lot of buzz today around service modeling and the potential to deliver value from CMDB’s. In fact, it seems like it is a constant request from the ITIL customer base.


Keep reading to find out how HP UCMDB, helps ease the burden of creating a service model which is a critical success factor for the product growth.


Meet HP ITSM at SITS15, UK’s leading IT service management show

london_eye.jpgSITS15, the IT service management show, this year takes place in Olympia, London from June 3-4. SITS15 is a free ITSM event with an action packed two-day program.


HP will have a booth and seminar to talk about ITSM subjects and product updates. HP experts will also be on-hand to discuss your questions.


Make sure you mark your calendar and don’t miss this opportunity.

What should you consider in software support model selection?

support excellence model.jpgSelecting the right software solutions for your organization is one of the most difficult decisions IT leaders make. This is because the market is usually very high on Enterprise IT solutions offerings yet lacks the existence deep knowledge or vertical analysis while choosing any of these solutions.  


The journey isn’t over once you select a suitable solution. Keep reading to find out what you need to consider when you are choosing a software support model.

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