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HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: Customer Success with HP Service Manager Process Designer for HelpDesk

See how a Fortune 500 public utility based in the U.S. had success tailoring their Service Desk and Incident Management processes in just one week using the codeless configuration capabilities in HP Service Manager Process Designer for HelpDesk.

Service Manager 9.34: App Enhancements & Integrations Improve Usability, Scalability & Survey Mgmt

When considering an upgrade to HP Service Manager 9.34, there are some individual application enhancements, along with the main features that get all the attention, that are also worth evaluating. Specifically, you will find that an enhancement to the Text Import Wizard improves usability when loading pre-defined data, a better Incident Exchange integration solution with HP Operations Manager (OM) improves scalability and an enhanced survey management function improves your entire user survey process. Taken together, these separate enhancements form another solid reason to make the upgrade now.

Service Manager 9.34: How to use the new SM Delta Data Migration Tool

A new Delta Data Migration Tool promises to reduce migration work by offering both manual and automated inport/export methods.  After a brief review of the case for Delta Data when migrating from one SM system to another, this blog helps you decide which of the two methods is preferable for your particular situation.  By reviewing this set of work flow illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions, you will be ready to tackle your next migration project with confidence that all your data, even that illusive Delta Data, will be migrated and present on your new system.

HP Service Manager 9.34: Integrated Change Calendar

calendar image.jpgSince HP Service Manager (SM) is designed to enable high-value best practices,

in SM 9.34 we will ship a powerful new native change calendar capability. 



The cool part of SM 9.34’s new calendar capability is that it is a fully integrated calendar – its usefulness is not just limited to the SM Change Management module.  In SM 9.34, you can use this new calendar within other SM modules as well.  Read all about it.

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: Service Manager UX Transformation a la Cinderella (Bippity Boppity Boo!)

CinderellaRedesign.pngFollow the tale of the HP Service Manager Web Client – a beauty dressed in drab clothing, as she emerges shiny and new for the entire world to see.  Is she like Cinderella?  Learn more about the stylistic enhancements up our sleeve and see for yourself.

The new HP ITSM Deployment Manager will shorten your on premise software deployment

Who cares about the cost and effort involved to completely address the ITSM solution deployment concerns such as the high complexity of the corporate computing environment, the need for precise execution of implementation steps, and expertise required to handle implementation issues?   We do and that’s why we are introducing HP ITSM Deployment Manager, a new offering aimed to shorten time to value (TTV) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). This tool is FREE and ready to change the way you conduct HP ITSM on premise software deployments!

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: What is HP Service Manager Doing with respect to Accessibility?

The case for better accessibility in software applications has become stronger with the advent of government imposed standards around the world. The team behind HP Service Manager (SM) is tracking these emerging standards and is putting in place current and future enhancements that will keep Hewlett-Packard on the forefront of progressive accommodation for all users, regardless of their ability level.

3 HP customers and 3 HP Service Manager case studies straight from the Turkey customer forum

SPM CF Istanbul 2014 (1).jpgIn an earlier blog post I announced the HP Software EMEA Customer Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, May 6-8. Today I want to take a look back and share a few summaries of customer case studies that were presented at the event.


All three HP ITSM case studies nicely demonstrate how HP Service Manager enables organizations to increase service quality and improves staff efficiency - be it by automating processes or introducing a self-service portal. Continue reading to learn from their experience.

What’s new with HP Service Manager

Vivit 22May2014.pngRecently, in a Vivit webinar, Scott Knox and I discussed the latest HP Service Manager 9.3x innovations. We also provided an outlook to the next HP Service Manager release.


As part of this session we covered process designer, service request catalog, and mobile support as well as integrations with other HP solutions.


Keep reading to learn more about these developments and how they will help you.

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: How to Troubleshoot JGroups-related Issues

JGroups plays a very important role in HP Service Manager (SM). SM relies on JGroups to build a software cluster. With the software cluster in place, SM Server is able to evenly forward requests it receives from the SM load balancer (SMLB) in order to keep the load on each connected node in balance.  In this article, we will review steps you can take to keep your JGroups implementation healthy and productive.  Specifically, you will learn how to:  implement JGroups in a way that minimizes potential issues; interpret symptoms so you know if you have a JGroup issue; understand common causes of trouble; and perform troubleshooting steps.  Read on to get more details on all of these topics.

A new star is born - winners of the HP Software Shining Star Award

I just returned from the HP Software Customer Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, May 6-8. It was three days packed with customer presentations, panel discussions, a lot of networking and information sharing - it was a great customer experience.


The first customer forum day ended with an award ceremony. HP customers, who have demonstrated exemplary use of HP Service and Portfolio Management solutions and are delivering significant value and impact to their business, received the HP Software Shining Star Award.


Read on and see who these customers are, and to learn about their achievements.

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: How Attachment Handling in Service Manager 9.33 Adds to Ease of Use

HP Service Manager 9.33 has introduced a redesigned Attachment Handling feature that increases ease of use.  Improvements made to the attachment widget include viewing important attachment-related information at the record level, handling multiple files and dealing with files in a batch mode.  Other improvements include tracking progress of the attachment upload, validation and control of the attachment size prior to upload, and performance improvements.  Read on to understand exactly what has been improved and how. 

Save the date for the upcoming HP Software EMEA Customer Forum

Istanbul.pngCan you believe that it almost March? It is amazing how fast time flies! Because time moves so fast, I recommend that you take the time today to save the date for the next HP Software EMEA Customer Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on May 6-8.


Keep reading to discover what you will learn from attending the forum. This is also your opportunity to learn how to share your story at the customer forum.

Come see us at Pink14 next week

If you're going to be at Pink14 in Las Vegas next week, visit us at the HP booth!



GetIT Now! HP Service Manager (SM) mini-app on HP Anywhere (HPA)

Mobile_on_the_go_RGB_blue.pngCalling all HP Service Managert users! Did you “GetIT” yet? Or have you already “got IT”?   Or are you asking "what is IT"? Whether you're an end-user, developer,  or IT manager the information you need on the latest and greatest in SM mobility is inside. GetIT now.

HP Discover, ITSM and you

Discover 2013 Barcelona Banner.jpgThere are only a few days left until what is anticipated to be the largest HP event in EMEA ever. HP Discover in Barcelona will open its doors on December 10 and I hope to see you there.


In this post I want to share a short update on SPM (Service Portfolio Management) at HP Discover and what you specifically can expect in terms of sessions, demos and discussion forums with a focus on IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).

Profit from big data, empower your users and transform your service desk

Innovative ESS.pngIT organizations have always been under pressure. This is often a result of new trends that in most (if not all cases) were triggered, driven and controlled by IT. These trends are often disruptive.


Think about the big move from mainframes to client-server environments, or the introduction of virtualization leading to the cloud. Now there is a new disruption ahead, this time it is coming from users. Employees are looking to utilize the latest trends and technologies like BYOD and mobility. These employees confront IT with a change in behavior and expectations.


To stay in the driver’s seat and benefit from the innovative power of such a change, IT organizations should embrace this behavior and adapt social media communication to their service desk.

Win an HP Envy at the itSMF UK Conference next week

iStock_000001991460XSmall.jpgFor the 22nd time itSMF UK Conference And Exhibition, ITSM13 will take place November 4-5 at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, England. Beside the ten reasons to attend from the above conference web site I would like to highlight a few more very specific to HP IT Service Management (ITSM).

First, you will have a chance to win one of two HP Envys. Second, at the HP booth with reception desk and two demo stations you can see the latest HP ITSM solutions in action and chat with experts.

Increase service desk performance: How to improve first call resolution

bullseye.jpgWhen a customer makes a service desk call, they are looking for a solution that immediately addresses their issue to enable them to be productive again. They want their issue resolved during a single call.  They do not want to call in again.


This key customer connection and incident resolution is known as “first call resolution”. The percentage of issues solved during this initial interaction is an important benchmark. But what is an acceptable percentage for first call resolution? And how can you improve yours?  Keep reading to find out. 

36 reasons to upgrade to HP Service Manager 9.3!

Stats.pngThere have been a couple of recent blog posts and videos about HP Service Manager 9.3x that provide some good summaries on what you can expect in terms of capabilities, functionality and benefits.


But why should you move to Service Manager 9.3? Is it because of a specific, new functionality? How long does it take to upgrade? What are the improvements and benefits you can gain after the upgrade? Read on to get some perspectives from your industry peers on this topic.

KPI approach to Service Management Strategy with HP Executive Scorecard

How can you improve the performance of your organization if you can’t understand your key performance indicators? Without clearly seeing this information, executives can’t make strategic decisions—and everything will suffer.




Learn how to gain clarity into your service lifecycle with HP IT Executive Scorecard.  Keep reading to find out how with the right information at the right time you can make accurate decisions.


HP Service Manager (SM) 9.32: How to save development time and simplify integration with RESTful API

An ITSM process automation application like HP Service Manager 9.32 is a natural hub for integrating other applications and tools that collaborate to improve IT efficiency and productivity.


Keep reading to see what we added to HP Service Manager 9.32 to make developing integrations a whole  lot easier. screengrab restful.png

What’s New in HP Service Manager (SM) 9.32: Process Designer Help Desk and Codeless Configuration

HP SM 9.3.pngOne of the most important evolutions in HP Service Manager (since 9.30) has been our steady progress toward a codeless system. We've taken another large step toward this goal with our recent release of HP Service Manager 9.32 and Process Designer for Help Desk. You now have the ability to use  codeless configuration  for the three help desk processes in HP Service Manager: Service Desk, Incident Management and Problem Management. 


Keep reading to find out why we are so excited about codeless configuration and what it means for you!



HP ITSM: A Virtual Visit to HP Discover

HP Discover has come and gone, but the knowledge and ideas we picked up in those three action-packed days linger in our minds.  The Venetian in Las Vegas was the place to be June 11-13. Thank you to those of you who attended. The best part of HP Discover for us is, without a doubt, interacting with all of you. Because we believe you, the users, are the future of IT.  We want to be your partner, not your vendor, and we will develop a mutual vision of the future, together. That goes for those of you who were unable to attend as well.


As we know those three days can be hectic and even if you attended, you may not have been able to catch every demo, session and presentation on your agenda. If you didn’t attend we want to help you go back and experience HP Discover with us. We want to walk you through HP Discover from our ITSM perspective, highlighting key sessions, takeaways and documents. We want to interact with you and understand your vision, while filling you on our view of the future of ITSM. So as Meg Whitman said “challenge us, tap into us, bring us your problems and your goals, and your insoluble puzzles and your impossible schedules and together we will make amazing new strides. No other organization is better positioned to be your partner in navigating the new style of it.”  We are here for you.


And now let’s go to HP Discover.

No more business as usual – HP Service Manager now available through subscription pricing!

SavingsAhead“Half price” is one of my favorite phrases, and now I get to say it to you. HP Service Manager – Subscription is virtually half of the price of comparable SaaS and on-premise IT service desk offerings. This offer combines the value of an on-premise service desk with the business benefits of a subscription pricing model similar to that of a SaaS solution. These benefits are available all while eliminating the data privacy and security concerns that many clients have with adopting SaaS solutions.


Keep reading to find out how you can get these benefits while realizing a dramatic decrease in the total cost of ownership.

5 Ways a Line-of-Business (LOB) can increase Competitive Advantage - through the Service Desk

up arrow.png

In 2012 Gartner predicted that by 2015, 35 percent of enterprise IT expenditures for most organizations will be managed outside the IT department’s budget.  Will this trend impact your service desk?


A year has passed since that initial prediction; keep reading to find out where we stand and why LOBs are considering taking control of their service desks as a competitive advantage strategy.

Service Manager 9.31: How to Customize and Stylize Your Service Request Catalog

Welcome to Service Manager 9.31! We’ve included many new features and functionalities in the latest SM release to help you get the most out of your service desk. One such improvement we are rather excited about is the ability to customize and stylize your Service Request Catalog.  Background symbols and images, separator lines, logos, and fonts can all be transformed to reflect your unique branding. 



HP Service Manager (SM) Supportability Tools: How to Diagnose, Debug, and Keep Your System Healthy

Robert Palmer once crooned “Doctor, doctor give me the news.” HP Service Manager (SM) administrators and implementers have uttered a similar cry.  


                                                                                                                  Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

                                                                                                                  By Robert Palmer


When you have an ailing Service Manager application, how do you diagnose the issue and, once you know what is wrong, fix the issue to bring your system back to full health? 


Below we’ve highlighted 4 of the best new supportability tools, pulled from Service Manager (SM) 9.3,that can help you diagnose problems with your system, identify the root cause, and prescribe the best remedy around. 


SaaS, TCO and you

SaaS Economics.jpgThere is no doubt—SaaS is a software delivery and deployment model that is winning across industries. And IT Service Management solution vendors are jumping on the bandwagon toward success. Demand for simplicity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) are among the market drivers. But how can you figure out, whether SaaS is the right strategy for your business and IT? What do you have to factor in for this decision? Maybe the traditional on-premise or a hybrid model is the right choice. Let’s look into this a bit further …

Getting your data under control with discovery and dependency mapping

Discovery_Photo_XS.jpgThe huge amount of data in today’s IT environments, the high change rate of this data and the growing complexity of dependencies between data elements (configuration items) make it hard for IT to deliver on expectations. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – the Discovery solution.

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