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Service Anywhere - Attend an event or go straight for the free trial - the choice is yours!

saw.PNGPeople call and email me all the time – wanting to know more about HP Service Anywhere.  The easiest way to learn more is by  attending  an online event (or watching a replay).  The more adventurous  ITSM users may prefer to skip the events, and go straight for the free 30-day trial to test drive. 


Read on for more details !!! and then decide what works best for you.  I'll be adding events to this blog until we head to Las Vegas for HP Discover in June, so check back frequently for new postings.

Come see us at Pink14 next week

If you're going to be at Pink14 in Las Vegas next week, visit us at the HP booth!



Have you seen the HP CMS integration for HP Service Anywhere?

CMS.jpgIf you look under the tree today, I have an early present for you to open! This present brings together the best of two worlds and will help you increase efficiency in your configuration management system.


To find out what it is, continue reading and learn how HP CMS has just gotten better.

Dear Santa: Making a list and checking it twice is EASY with CMS

Santa-list.jpgDo you want to learn how to reduce the discovery and integration challenges for service delivery in your organization?


From a CMS vantage point, it’s important to understand that service delivery can “consume” data in a variety of ways. Discovery and integration play a key role in this.


Keep reading to learn how the SACM integration of HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery with HP’s Service Anywhere can make your life easier.

GetIT Now! HP Service Manager (SM) mini-app on HP Anywhere (HPA)

Mobile_on_the_go_RGB_blue.pngCalling all HP Service Managert users! Did you “GetIT” yet? Or have you already “got IT”?   Or are you asking "what is IT"? Whether you're an end-user, developer,  or IT manager the information you need on the latest and greatest in SM mobility is inside. GetIT now.

HP Service Anywhere will be at Discover Barcelona, Spain Dec 10-12, 2013 - will you?

iStock_000006401124XSmall.jpgHP Discover Barcelona registration is open.   This year’s conference is featuring hundreds of sessions focused on the hottest topics in the industry today like Big Data, Converged Cloud, Mobility, Security, Risk Management and more.   


There are several HP Service Anywhere sessions including a very exciting Special Interest Group session - "Design Partner for a Day - Contributing to the HP Service Anywhere Vision"

What’s New in HP Service Manager (SM) 9.32: Process Designer Help Desk and Codeless Configuration

HP SM 9.3.pngOne of the most important evolutions in HP Service Manager (since 9.30) has been our steady progress toward a codeless system. We've taken another large step toward this goal with our recent release of HP Service Manager 9.32 and Process Designer for Help Desk. You now have the ability to use  codeless configuration  for the three help desk processes in HP Service Manager: Service Desk, Incident Management and Problem Management. 


Keep reading to find out why we are so excited about codeless configuration and what it means for you!



Does SaaS open the door for “change fatigue”?

iStock_000008455557Small.jpgA service desk needs to constantly evolve to stay aligned with the business, and that means change.  Successful service desk have strong change process but sometimes these processes don’t consider the ability of the staff to keep pace with continual change. 


For on-premise, the user is in full control of changes to their service desk, and can balance the timing with other changes underway – but what about when you move your Service Desk to the cloud? Are you at a greater risk for change fatigue?

HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) and HP Service Anywhere (SAW): What the Integration Means for You

Did you know that HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) and HP Service Anywhere (SAW) can work together to give you the perfect solution to elevate the investment you make for an on-premise Configuration Management System, to be used also on the cloud with HP Service Anywhere?


Discover a new style of IT Service Management


Capture.PNGWhat’s your idea of the future style of IT Service Management? User centric?  Collaborative? Proactive? Automated? All of the above and more? 


Last month at Discover Las Vegas, Tal Broner, VP R&D for HP Service and Portfolio  Management gave attendees a sneak peek of the next release of HP Service Anywhere. 


For those who missed the event and also for those who simply must see it again - I wanted to share the video  of Tal's presentation with you. It’s an amazing view into the future style of IT Service Management.




5 Ways a Line-of-Business (LOB) can increase Competitive Advantage - through the Service Desk

up arrow.png

In 2012 Gartner predicted that by 2015, 35 percent of enterprise IT expenditures for most organizations will be managed outside the IT department’s budget.  Will this trend impact your service desk?


A year has passed since that initial prediction; keep reading to find out where we stand and why LOBs are considering taking control of their service desks as a competitive advantage strategy.

HP Service Anywhere March 2013 Release



Last week the newest release of HP Service Anywhere became generally available and was  pushed out to systems worldwide.  Have you seen it yet? 

What else are you missing in HP Service Manager?

profile pic.jpgOnce again we take a look at the topic “Tell me what I don’t know about Service Manager” in order to provide some insights you may not have come across. Continue reading to find interesting, valuable and (hopefully) entertaining information that you may not know.

Pumped for Pink!

HP is getting ready to head to one of the most highly anticipated IT Service Management events of the year. Taking place at the famed Bellagio in Las Vegas from February 17th-20th, Pink Elephant 2013 is just around the corner. Viva la ITSM!

Button SA.jpg


Service Manager Mingles

Service Manager has gone social! HP Service Manager (SM) 9.31 now deeply embeds HP’s Enterprise Collaboration to provide a robust collaboration capability within Service Manager that also seamlessly connects to other social messaging tools and companion HP products. SM Collaboration allows service desk and associated employees to become more effective through a whole new level of interaction!

Best of ITSM from last week’s HP Discover

IMG_5048.JPGLast week was very lively in Frankfurt at HP Discover; I am  still catching up on my sleep five days later.


There was a lot of interest in Service Anywhere and some common ITSM topics/questions that I’ll discuss in the following blog post

Taking You Backstage at HP Discover 2012

“Despite what you may have heard, innovation is alive and well,” HP President and CEO Meg Whitman upon taking the stage at HP Discover 2012


Innovation encompassed the theme of last week’s HP Discover 2012, which focused on paving the way for the future with cutting-edge technology specifically created for the end-user. HP’s concerted effort on driving towards end-users was present throughout key note speeches, sessions and floor interactions that took place over the two days of the conference.

Meet Chuck

Chuck Darst is a Product Marketing Manager guru here at HP, but who is the man behind the software? We asked, he answered.

Simplifying the Service Desk – Vivit Webinar Dec 12

vivt-hp.pngHere is a great opportunity to see and learn more about HP Service Anywhere, our new SaaS service desk. We’ll demonstrate key improvements around codeless configuration and the resulting seamless upgrades. We’ll have a discussion around related support hot topics. And, we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A.



Register at:

A Star is Born!

By this time tomorrow, the latest addition to our ITSM lineage, HP Service Anywhere, will have made its official world debut. To say that we are ecstatic about its release would be a giant understatement. Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our HP ITSM family

The ITSM Bandwagon: Get On Board!

“How’s business?” is quickly turning into the most relevant measurable for IT performance.  As technology leads nearly every modern-day industry, organizations want their IT to be more than just a passive resource—they now expect IT to deliver results that demonstrate a contribution to their bottom line. This means that IT must possess the ability to successfully align its performance with the overall business performance. Meeting these expectations requires the service desk to get on board the ITSM bandwagon.

A Closer Look: HP Service Manager 9.31

In case you missed the Vivit webinar on November 8, fret not—we’re here to fill you in! Product Marketing Manager Michael Pott, HPSM Product Line Director Jacques Conand and Director of ITSM Products Pat DeMartine gathered (virtually, anyway) to educate us on HP Service Manager 9.31. 

Learn how to simplify your IT Service Desk at HP Discover Frankfurt


On October 22 we announced HP Service Anywhere, a new SaaS IT service desk that  simplifies the implementation and running of your service desk. 


At HP Discover 2012 Frankfurt, which runs from December 4-6, you have the opportunity to see more, hear more and discuss more with our product experts. And, I will be presenting a session on HP Service Anywhere and would love to have you join me.

Follow us to Frankfurt

One of our most exciting events of the year is just one month away: HP Discover EMEA takes place in Frankfurt, Germany on December 4-6, 2012. Get inspired, make connections and learn how we make technology work for you at the enterprise event for all HP alumni.


Featuring a line-up of HP experts and executives, industry leaders and special guests, this year’s keynote speakers are CEO, Co-Founder and Director of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg and HP President and CEO, Meg Whitman.

The Evolution of HP Service Anywhere

As HP Service Anywhere becomes a SaaS ITSM sensation, its road to success can’t be defined as a short one. A decade of SaaS transformations set us up for the crowning ITSM solution that Service Anywhere is today. Allow us to take you on a journey through the SaaS ITSM timeline at HP.

Unlocking the Secrets of Service Management—Texas Style!

It’s that time of year again! The highly-anticipated annual itSMF FUSION conference is in full swing at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Over 2,000 IT executives, business leaders and service management implementers have united for a common cause: bettering their respective organizations through cutting-edge service management tools, advanced workshops and invaluable networking.

HP Service Anywhere—Going Beyond the Hype

The blogosphere is still on fire days after we announced the upcoming release of our SaaS ITSM solution, Service Anywhere.  With the number of published articles, social media hits and media postings growing exponentially, the global buzz surrounding the anticipated launch date of this new cloud service for the IT help desk is speaking for itself—loudly. 

HP Service Anywhere – Getting the most out of your SaaS Service Desk

Incident.pngWe just announced HP Service Anywhere - a native SaaS service desk that simplifies IT Service Management (ITSM).


“Like the consistency from the user’s perspective, such as how things are named in the navigator.  And, like the development tools – it will be easier for users and admins to make system modifications” - beta customer

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  • Nimish Shelat is currently focused on Datacenter Automation and IT Process Automation solutions. Shelat strives to help customers, traditional IT and Cloud based IT, transform to Service Centric model. The scope of these solutions spans across server, database and middleware infrastructure. The solutions are optimized for tasks like provisioning, patching, compliance, remediation and processes like Self-healing Incidence Remediation and Rapid Service Fulfilment, Change Management and Disaster Recovery. Shelat has 21 years of experience in IT, 18 of these have been at HP spanning across networking, printing , storage and enterprise software businesses. Prior to his current role as a World-Wide Product Marketing Manager, Shelat has held positions as Software Sales Specialist, Product Manager, Business Strategist, Project Manager and Programmer Analyst. Shelat has a B.S in Computer Science. He has earned his MBA from University of California, Davis with a focus on Marketing and Finance.
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