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Avoid ID10T’s through self-sufficiency


ID10T, PEBCAK, Layer 8, PICNIC – if you’re in IT and on a service desk you’ve probably heard these terms iStock_000016579704Small.jpgor others used to refer to customer interactions that are “off the wall” or seem so simple, you can’t believe they called IT.


While there is light hearted joking about these types of requests, the reality is that these issues impact IT efficiency and contribute to customer dissatisfaction. 


 Keep reading to discover how incorporating self-sufficiency into your IT strategy creates  a win-win-win situation for IT, the IT customer and the overall business.

Three Ways Big Data is Changing ITSM Webinar this Thursday, November 20

hot-topic.jpgPlease join us this Thursday at 1pm ET / 10am PT for a webinar on how Big Data is changing the game for IT Service Management (ITSM). Mike Zuber and I will be presenting. If you’ve never heard Mike before, here is your entertaining chance.


Please register here.


For an overview of the event and a newsletter with a Gartner resource on the same ITSM Big Data topic, read on ...





Reinventing a digital enterprise in the age of the Mobile Mind Shift

mobile mindshift1.jpgThe role of the CIO is shifting, according to George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research. In a recent blog post, he discusses how businesses need to adjust how they operate during this “age of the customer”.


Keep reading to find out how these shifts affect the service desk and what organizations need to do to take advantage of these opportunities.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

The Best Practice Forum - Find out what your peers say about the latest trends in ITSM

barcelona2014.jpgThere is more at HP Discover than I told you about in my other blog post. There is specifically one more thing I would like to highlight, one more thing that makes your ITSM experience in the Gaudi city even greater.

On Tuesday, December 2 there will be an SPM Best Practice Forum with a focus on IT Service Management featuring a panel of HP ITSM customers. What is this panel all about? What is in there for you? Keep reading to figure out.

Are you driving your Business Technology agenda yet? Well, get ready…..

two_balls_Juggling.jpgAs if one corporate IT agenda is not enough, a second one is on the way (if you don’t have it already!). This thought is according to George Colony, CEO of leading analyst firm Forrester Research, in his recent blog post The CIO’s Second Agenda. In the post he discusses ‘Business Technology’ (BT) as an emerging top priority and an entirely new agenda of the CIO.


Keep reading to find out how you can get started planning for your business technology agenda.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Case study video: Watch how to make your own Service Manager video simulations and user guides

EVRY Video.pngHow do you deliver up-to-date documentation and e-learning materials fast enough for users? Leading Norwegian IT services provider EVRY needed only an hour to make its first video simulations and user guides for a new deployment of HP Service Manager. Here’s a video case study of how it works to save time and money.

Improving catalog aggregation and request to fulfillment with HP Propel and Service Exchange

IT Service CatalogThe role of IT has changed over the past few years. Now departments need to be IT service brokers and provide their clients with a host of services from multiple sources.


The HP Propel IT service catalog offers the ability to rapidly aggregate the catalogs of multiple applications and then fulfill orders from the catalog—which have been entered through a common portal marketplace.


Keep reading to find out how Propel changes the face of being an IT service broker.


Guest post by Stephane Maes, CTO and Chief Architect, Cloud Product Unit, HP Software

11 ways to make your IT more representative for millennials, mobile and big data

 IT brand.pngWhen you look forward to the next decade, what role do you see your IT taking? There are some major social and demographic changes taking place, and IT needs to keep pace to continue to be relevant to the business.



Keep reading to find out how you can address these issues and improve the brand of your IT. 

Educational Evolution: Using HP Learning as a Service to help with your ITSM integration

Software education thinking.PNGRevolutionary software requires revolutionary training to use it. This is especially true in the new SaaS-software world. Traditional training does not meet the agile needs of this type of software. It is time for something new.



Keep reading to find out how education has been revolutionized to keep pace with the speed of SaaS.


Guest post by Joe Cannata, HP Software Senior Manager of Certification

Big Data analytics, sports and the business man: The revolution has begun!

football.PNGSports have changed dramatically in the past five years, and Big Data plays a big role in these changes. In 2010, the official fantasy football league began which led to the explosion of fantasy football nationwide—built upon the information available within Big Data.


Keep reading to find out other ways that sports have changed as a result of the amount of information available within the large amount of data collected.


Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software

HP Software Shining Star Award 2014 in Berlin! And the winners are …

BFF-Philipp-Jester_HP-ITSM-Customer-Forum-2014_Work-Space-9766..jpegThe first HP Software Shining Star Award at the costumer forum in Istanbul, Turkey in spring this year was a full success. The award was recently awarded again at the Customer Forum in Berlin, October 6-8. The Shining Star Award is about celebrating the success of HP customers and recognizing the significant achievements they have made using HP Software.


Read on and see who the winners are, and to learn about their achievements.

Are you flexible enough to offer services from the cloud and on-premise?

bend over backwards.jpgHow flexible are you? As an IT Service Provider, flexibility is vital to meet the needs and requests of your customers. They want the flexibility of SaaS with the security of an on-premise solution.


Keep reading to find out how you can achieve these requirements and increase your flexibility.


Guest post by Mark Laird

IMSL Group Technical Architect and Lead Green Agent


HP Propel proving to be the backbone enabler for the IT Service Broker – See the new release!

ITIL Service Catalog.jpgThe ability to become an IT Service Broker has just gotten easier. With HP Propel’s release last year the quest is easier and now organizations can become a one-stop-shop, and provide a single-user experience with a single portal and catalog.


Keep reading to find out how the process has been improved with the newest version of HP Propel.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

HP Propel is the first IT Service Broker solution adopting IT4IT Open Standard

IT4IT_logo.jpgThe ability to become an IT Service Broker has just gotten easier. With HP Propel’s release last year the quest is easier and now organizations can become a one-stop-shop, and provide a single-user experience with a single portal and catalog.


Keep reading to find out how the process has been improved with the newest version of HP Propel.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm,  ITSM Marketing Consultant

Using IT Service Management – as simple as using a search engine

Materna Blog.pngIT organizations are using cloud services more and more. This is a concern for their IT service management systems. Further, it is a key requirement for cloud-based IT service management solutions to leverage an IT organization’s employee community and their collective core competencies and knowledge, and connect this knowledge within the service desk.


Today’s IT organizations need so-called social self services integrated with core ITSM processes. Keep reading to find out how you can easily connect your employee community and this knowledge base. 


Guest post by Kai-Uwe Winter

Business Division IT Management

Materna GmbH

3 days in the Gaudi city and a great ITSM experience for you

barcelona2014.jpgIt is time of the year again … when the leaves are starting to fall, and Thanksgiving is coming fast, then it is time to pack your bags for Barcelona and HP Discover 2014! The event runs Dec 2-4, but it is not too early to plan how you are going to spend the week!

The session catalog and session scheduler are online and enable you to register for the sessions of your choice.


Are you looking for the latest in IT Service Management or do you already know what you can expect in terms of ITSM? Keep reading to find out what you can choose to attend this year.

How to measure the success of your next ITSM project

return on investment IT service management.jpgIs my ITSM integration successful? I find that I get this question frequently. Unfortunately answering this question is not easy because measuring ITSM Return on Investment is not an exact science. But I have come up with a solution that comes close.


Keep reading to find out how you can perform an effective financial analysis to show the benefits of ITSM within your organization.




Guest post by

John Brookes

Software Sales Specialist for

HP IT Service Management, IT Operations and IT Automation Suites 

Logicalis UK Ltd

How to find a problem by asking the right question: HP Service Manager Smart Analytics

hitchhiker images.jpgSometimes it doesn’t matter how super-intelligent your computer is if you are not asking the right question.  That’s the case HP Service Manager designers faced when adopting HP Autonomy IDOL functionality to the task of speeding the identification of problems indicated by a theme of incidents within HP Service Manager.  And there’s an analogy to be drawn here with a beloved science fiction novel.  Follow our logic, traveler.

Change is the New Black: Business, Technology and Careers - Highlights from Gartner Symposium

Gartner Symposium.PNGThis week at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida has been exciting and thought-provoking. HP is prominent as a top-level Global sponsor with five speaking sessions on the agenda and technology showcases packed with inspired IT professionals buzzing with new goals and initiatives.


Keep reading to find out what the hot topics at the event are and how you can continue to stay in touch with the event.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Changing the ITSM game at FUSION14



We’re getting jazzed for a great FUSION14 event in Washington DC, Oct 19-22. Getting more value from all your service desk data will be on display at the HP booth 213 in our HP Service Anywhere and Service Manager demos. And, we’ll demonstrate that realizing this is easy. We will also show how you can take your service delivery and end user experience to the next level with HP Propel.

Big Data on the Service Desk – Does size matter?

city1.jpgWhen I talk with people about the benefits of the Big Data service desk, they inevitably ask the question “How big do I need to be to see the big benefits of Big Data?”.


Keep reading to find out what size is the right size to see these benefits.

Don’t lose your way! Get your map to rethinking IT service delivery!

IT Service Delivery map 1.PNGWouldn’t it be nice if you had an easy-to-understand guide to becoming an IT Service Broker? This map could show you how to get on the path to consumer-inspired IT Service Delivery.


Keep reading to get a download of this map so you can begin your journey.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

‘Hands-free IT’: Big Data-driven Automation in new HP Service Manager 9.34 Smart Analytics

big-data-analytics2-1024x706.jpgHP Service Manager 9.34 Smart Analytics makes your service desk intelligent and 'hands-free',    

(courtesy of Big Data-driven automation).


The intelligent service desk gains insights from big data, providing a better user experience, faster incident closure and smarter problem isolation.

The results: Superior user satisfaction, improved service desk efficiency and increased service quality.

Data in the Cloud – Designing without limits for ITSM

ITSM in the cloud.PNGOne of the first choices you make when designing the data layer of an application is choosing the database technology. In recent years this choice has become harder and harder.


In this blog post I am taking a closer look at the most common choices IT teams have to make, and how this decision has changed with the move to the Cloud.


Guest post by Jony Vesterman Cohen, Engineering, Service Anywhere

Get enriched quick: How to boost your CMDB with enrichment rules

Eli Eyal.jpgDeploying a CMDB as a “single point of truth” for our IT environment has been an incredibly worthwhile endeavour for my company’s operations. But sometimes the information your CMDB gathers through auto-discovery and CMSs is still not enough. Here’s how we use enrichment abilities to add logic components to our CMDB.


Guest post from Eli Eyal, OSS Team Leader at Playtech

How government CIOs are dealing with Shadow IT in the U.S.

CIO HUD2.pngAre you dealing with Shadow IT? Are you curious about what others are doing to adjust for it?


This is your opportunity to hear straight from government agencies to understand their view on Shadow IT and how they handle the challenges associated with it.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Survey Says… Shopping spree for cloud services – Are You Ready??

HPBlog_shopping2.jpgA recent CIO tech poll shows that nearly 90 percent of IT executives say that their tech spending will increase or hold steady this next year.


They are planning for budget increases in the area of Outsourced IT and “edge” technologies. Keep reading to find out what this means for IT in this next year.


Guest Post by Sherry  Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Feed your CMDB: How to easily collect detailed information from existing systems

Eli Eyal.jpgFeeding your CMDB with accurate, up-to-date information is important if it is to be a “single point of truth” for your IT environment. Here’s how you can gather detailed data from existing configuration systems.


Guest post by Eli Eyal, OSS Team Leader at Playtech

4 ITSM webinars you won’t want to miss


September is going to be an exciting month for the ITSM team. We have four webinars this month that introduce the latest in the ITIL service desk and IT service catalog. These webinars focus on the latest from HP Service Anywhere and HP Propel—and I promise you will not want to miss them.

Do you need a Cloud Service Broker to address the devil in the details?

Devil in detail mag glass.jpgThere’s a lot of talk lately about the emerging role of the Cloud Services Broker [CSB]. Companies are employing this function, whether internally or externally, to help manage their ever-expanding cloud services.


Continue reading to find out how your organization can benefit from having a Cloud Services Broker and what role it plays with the IT services catalog.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM marketing consultant


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