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Get the latest and greatest on ITSM! Attend the EMEA HP Software Customer Forums 2015

ITSM HP Software Customer ForumSpring is here again, and that means it is time to come together and to share the latest and greatest on IT Service Management (ITSM) at the EMEA HP Software Customer Forums 2015. This year the customer forums take place in Prague, June 9-12, 2015.


IT Service Management (ITSM) is the focus on June 9-10. Keep reading to figure out what you can expect from two days packed with ITSM information.

Your Top Tips #7, #8, and #9 – More Best Practices for reaching new heights with ITSM

reaching new heights 2.PNGWe are continuing on our journey of voyaging through the new eBook ‘Reaching new heights with ITSM’.


Keep reading to find out what the experts have to say.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Uncover the link between ideation, IT and the service desk

Ideation1.pngAs IT groups evolve away from being considered utilitarian cost centers to business-aligned brokers of services, their role in driving innovation has also been maturing.

The act of managing technology has also gone through waves of major innovation. This has led to major shifts. Keep reading to find out how we can apply technology to the process of ideation to help drive collaboration.


Guest post by Richard Hawes, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing - Executive Reporting and PPM products


Service Anywhere: Fixing real Service Desk functionality problems with innovation

serviceBased.gifAlakazam! I have worked for over twenty years with ticketing solutions and I wish I had a magic wand to solve some of the problems I have seen.


Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work with magic wands and service desk changes have to be sent up an extensive chain of command and follow a precise regiment before they can be released.


There has to be a better way. And while it may not be a magic wand, we have turned conventional thinking about the service desk on its head. Keep reading to find out how one simple change can improve your service desk.


Guest post by Pete Budic, Functional Architect for Service Anywhere

6 Tips for a successful hybrid ITSM strategy

Hybrid ITSM Strategy.pngMany companies use a variety of cloud solutions or they are thinking about using cloud solutions as part of their strategy. This is true especially in the area of IT Service Management (ITSM) because they see a huge potential to deploy a cloud-based service desk.

But aspects like compliance, privacy policies, ISO standards or legal provisions prohibit innovation, quality intensification and IT cost reduction. They feel restricted from accomplishing the promises of cloud.

But there is a solution in sight. Keep reading to see what it is.


Guest post by Axel Himmelreich, Senior Consultant & Sales for IT Service Management and product expert for HP Software applications at SYSback AG 





Discover the power of the Big Data service desk

The big data service desk.PNGBig Data is so much more than a buzz word. Within IT Service Management, Big Data gives admins the power to quickly and easily understand what is happening in their environment—and act accordingly.


Customers are tired of hearing the “noise” around Big Data and they want to see some proof points of its benefits. At our upcoming webinar, we will have the opportunity for you to hear directly from a customer who has experienced the benefits first hand. Keep reading to see how you can join us.


Guest post by Kevin Leslie,

Director and business development manager for SPM in EMEA

Increase your situational brilliance with HP Configuration Management

Identifying IT dependencies has grown increasingly complex over the past few years. Thankfully, HP Configuration Management System is here to help you understand the complexities within your environment and ease the strain that they cause.


Keep reading to find out how to utilize it for yourself.

Does IT still need IT service catalogs? Part 2: Standalone service catalogs


Consumerization is impacting how IT systems need to deliver services to users. Users increasingly expect to easily and conveniently engage with corporate IT deprtments to order and consume IT services when they are at work - just like they do in their personal lives.


How should users order IT services?


Your Top Tips #4, #5, and #6 – More Best Practices for reaching new heights with ITSM

HP Insiders E-book.PNGWhen it comes to providing world-class IT Service Management, it helps to look for advice from others who have taken the journey.


We have compiled a new e-book with advice from our ITSM Insiders to help guide you on your journey. Keep reading to find out what these experts think you should keep in mind during this process.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

We know what you did last winter… And we have every intention to use it

A new version of HP Service Anywhere is now out. Yes, we know, you almost didnt have time to digest all the goodies you got in the last version and here we are pushing another one down your throat. Poor you...

So, we wanted to let you in on a little secret.  We are watching you. we are learning from what you do. We are learning even from what you are not doing. And we make the best effort to improve our software so it better match your needs. We are launching a brand new beautiful than ever Self-Service portal which we are very proud of. Hope you will to once you customize it to the benefit and delight of your users.


Reinventing the Service Desk with Big Data

The IT service desk has historically relied on traditional structured data, which lead to modest gains in terms of productivity—even as technology progresses. Is this really the best way to get to the valuable information your team needs?


Keep reading to find out how lessons from medical research can be applied to the service desk and how big data may be the key to uncovering this vital information.

How to Automate Problem Management Tasks in Service Manager

problem task.pngAs a user of HP Service Manager, I often have people come to me to see if I have any tricks that I have used with the service desk software. Today I want to discuss our processes when one of our users requests a customization.


Keep reading to see what I suggest to them.


Guest post by Denis Papens, BNP Paribas Fortis

Your Top Tips #1, #2, and #3 - Best Practices for reaching new heights with ITSM

reaching new heights.PNGWe just released a new eBook titled “Reaching New Heights with ITSM”. It was written by our community of HP ITSM Insiders and is chalk full of best practices and solid advice from the industry’s most forward thinking ITSM leaders.

Each week for the next month we’ll highlight the Top 3 Tips of the week. These are the best tips from these seasoned ITSM experts providing world class IT Service Management today.


Keep reading to get these valuable tips!


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Does IT still need service catalogs?

When it comes to IT, users demand excellent service in both the IT service they receive and how they receive it. Most users are looking for an easy-to-use experience that quickly delivers the services they requested.


Does IT really still need services catalogs?


Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

       Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Spring forward with the HP Service Anywhere March release

survey analytics.pngIn the spirit of a new spring, I am excited to announce that HP Service Anywhere March is now live!

And, you can experience it by registering for a free 30 day trial.


Service Anywhere helps increase your IT customer satisfaction, mature your ITSM process, and optimize control. Spring your IT service desk forward with the March release. Some of the biggest enhancements include Big Data powered surveys, release management, ideation and proposals, immersive IT asset management.


Continue reading to find out how you can take advantage of them.



Should you have a Service Management Office?

ServiceManagementOffice.jpgIt’s not news that the IT department has traditionally been viewed as a cost center—one that is mired in tactical operations— but is doing a great job keeping the lights on. They haven’t traditionally been seen as a driver of value delivering strategic value.


But today, forward-thinking and proactive CIOs are changing this perception by executing on a new vision. Keep reading to find out what this vision is and how you can enable it within your organization.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Capture the Magic of ITSM in Orlando

orlando1.jpgUsing or actively evaluating a HP IT Service Management (ITSM) solution? Need some magic? Maybe some Big Data or service brokerage would help!


Register and attend the first HP ITSM Summit in Orlando on April 20-22. Get insights from peers and HP executive management. Connect intelligence, become more agile, broker IT services, leverage the power of Big Data, network with peers and HP executive management.





Learn how Big Data Changes IT Service Management at HDI

HDI Conference.jpgWho says what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?  HP will be at the HDI 2015 Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, March 24-27 at the Mandalay Bay.


We will be demonstrating how big data can improve end-user self-sufficiency, increase IT staff efficiency, and enable ITSM process improvements. Keep reading to find out how this all contributes to increased customer satisfaction, reduced number of tickets, and optimal IT quality.


This will be great in Vegas and even better back in the office!

Hillary brings a spotlight to Shadow IT – The time for change is now

Hillary Clinton has been in the news this week, and not for her plans for a 2016 presidential bid. It was recently announced that she used her personal email and server for government business.


Keep reading to find out how this news shines a light on the shadows of IT.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Reaching new heights with ITSM

reaching new heights.PNGAre you looking to take IT Service Management to the next level in your organization? Would you like to see recommendations from IT experts on how to accomplish this, based on their own real-world experience?


We recently reached out to the HP ITSM Insiders to get their tips and tricks on providing world class IT Service Management. Keep reading to find out what they had to say about this, and take your IT organization to new heights. 


Guest post by Elaine Korn, HP ITSM Influitive Program

HP Service Manager 9.40: The power of a beautiful service desk user interface

Have you ever sat and looked at something that was so simple, yet elegant, and wondered if it was as functional as it was beautiful? When I think of this experience I often think of a particular Swedish furniture designer (who may or may not be famous for their meatballs). But, do you get the same feeling from your software?


Beauty and art were the inspiration for our new user interface for Service Manager 9.34. Thankfully, we kept rolling on this release theme. Keep reading to find out where we gleaned our inspiration and how we improved the way users interact with the software to create a much more powerful UI in SM 9.40.

5 Things Not to Miss When Building an IT Service Catalog

IT Service Tools.jpgI recently read an article that details the 5 things you shouldn’t miss when building a service catalog. I found the article engaging and summarize it for you here.


Keep reading to find out what these 5 steps you won’t want to miss.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

Tunisie Electronique adopts HP Service Anywhere to meet the challenges of cloud and mobile


Tunisie Electronique logo.gifTunisian IT services provider Tunisie Electronique is committed to great customer service – anytime, anywhere.   The company faces challenges from mobile, cloud and consumerization

and knew they needed to adopt an ITSM solution to help them meet those challenges head on.



Keep reading to learn more about Tunisie Electroninique and their experience with HP Service Anywhere.

Find out what your users think about your services with SM Survey in HP Service Manager 9.40

sentimental reports of customer satisfaction survey.PNGDon’t you want to know what your users think about your services? Now you have the capability to survey your users within HP Service Manager 9.40, and add input to your continual service improvement process for IT services.


Post written by Yvonne Bentley and Gao, Xiao-Pin, Service Manager  R&D Apps

An in-depth look at developing content for HP Service Exchange

HP Propel Service Exchange.PNGAre you looking at developing or customizing content for HP Service Exchange? Join me as I examine this process and walk you through how to successfully orchestrate applications to support use cases.


Guest post by Stephane Maes, CTO and Chief Architect, Cloud Product Unit, HP Software

How to work with Multi-lingual options within Service Manager 9.40

language options.jpgHow many languages do your users speak? Shouldn’t the service desk speak their language as well?

HP Service Manager can support multiple languages—16 so far.


Keep reading to find out how you can easily change the language of your Service Manager 9.40 service desk.


Post written by Byron Zhang, Service Manager R&D manager and Yvonne Bentley


Who is knocking on your door? How to secure the login process with Service Manager

knock knock.PNG“Knock, knock!”

“Who’s there?”

“Umm, I am not sure yet… what is your log-in?”


Attackers are relentless in their attempts to gain access to your systems and they often try to access them through the login process.


Keep reading to find out what HP Service Manager 9.40 is doing inside and outside the wall of the log-in process to protect you.


Post written by Byron Zhang, Service Manager R&D manager and Yvonne Bentley

What’s New in HP Propel? Hangout with the Team that Created HP Propel!

Vivit logo.jpgSince HP Propel on-premise IT service catalog launched in the summer of 2014, new features and capabilities have been released at an amazing pace. Customers are implementing HP Propel easily with a rapid time to value without disruption to their existing environments.


Keep reading to find out how you can join us to learn about the new capabilities of HP Propel.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

What does 2-speed or Bimodal IT mean to the Service Desk?

Enabling Agility with IT Service Management



Time is money. With the rise of agile development and DevOps valid questions are being raised about IT controls and release oriented processes. Is IT going to diverge down two different paths? 2-speed or bimodal IT? That question really isn’t the focus of this post. We will, however, explore what ITSM and the service desk organization can do to enable more agility and accelerate key processes.

Going to PINK15? Don’t miss these must-attend highlights!

Pink 15.PNGThe hottest event in the ITSM realm is next week in Las Vegas and you won’t want to miss it. If you are still debating whether or not to attend PINK15, it is time to simply stop thinking and instead pack your bags for the Bellagio Hotel, Feb. 15-18 in Las Vegas.


Keep reading to find out how you can connect with the HP ITSM team at the event.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

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