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Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability Detection – Using HP Universal Discovery & UCMDB

Heartbleed figure 4.pngOn April 7, 2014, a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library went viral across multiple media outlets and news organizations.


This vulnerability allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications and steal data directly from services and users, including the ability to impersonate services and users.


Sounds pretty bad, right? Read on further if you want to know how HP Universal Discovery is already ahead of the curve to handle this issue.


With assistance from Wei, Wei (Xeric, HPSW-R&D-SH) & Yue, Song (Ben, CMS R&D)

and Brian T. Miller (Sr. Product Marketing Manager)

CMS Pitfalls – 4 to navigate around (or through)

Let’s face it, implementing a Configuration Management System (CMS) or a

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a Pitfall.pngdaunting challenge—even for the most experienced IT professional.


The problem is that they can become too large in scope too fast. Obtaining access to the right data is challenging at times—to say the least. Executive ownership and sponsoring can be complicated. And, creating the right Configuration Management team takes tenacity.


There are four major areas of potential disaster to navigate if you want your initiative to be successful: Scope Creep, Security, Politics and Organization Structure.


Read further if you can relate to these issues and want to know what you can do about them.

Have you seen the HP CMS integration for HP Service Anywhere?

CMS.jpgIf you look under the tree today, I have an early present for you to open! This present brings together the best of two worlds and will help you increase efficiency in your configuration management system.


To find out what it is, continue reading and learn how HP CMS has just gotten better.

Dear Santa: Making a list and checking it twice is EASY with CMS

Santa-list.jpgDo you want to learn how to reduce the discovery and integration challenges for service delivery in your organization?


From a CMS vantage point, it’s important to understand that service delivery can “consume” data in a variety of ways. Discovery and integration play a key role in this.


Keep reading to learn how the SACM integration of HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery with HP’s Service Anywhere can make your life easier.

What’s new for HP CMS v10.10

Do you want to learn what is new and exciting for the latest version of the HP CMS software portfolio?


Well, there are on of new features and functionality for this latest release of HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery that I want to tell you about today!


There are lots of great things like: support for IPv6 and PostgreSQL, the latest HP UCMDB Browser 3.0, and most notably, we now support up to 60 million Configuration Items within the UCMDB.


Keep reading to learn more about this latest release from HP Software.

HP Discover Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Help shape the future

We want you to help shape the future with us! Read on for more information on all of the Special Interest Groups we'll be hosting at HP Discover. Don't miss the opportunity to be our design partner for a day or join us on the Customer Support Journey to Excellence....

What's the value for a CMDB or CMS?

CMSThere are companies out there who have made second, third, and even fourth-time implementation efforts to achieve value out of a CMDB or CMS. They know there is inherent value, but getting to the value seems to be a bigger challenge than they realize.


In this blog post, I will share some common use cases  where many customers achieve focused value. However,  I recomend remembering the golden rules for managing your scope creep-- keep security teams close, and always, always strive to overcome the political dance where ownership or other boundary issues arise.


CMDB and CMS are worth it, you just have to know where to look for the value.

Junk Food also Causes Obesity in CMDBs, Studies Say

For a long time I've been looking for the better analogies for the concept of having standards of data quality around your CMDB.  One day during lunch, it hit me.  You have to think about populating your CMDB like you think about eating.  And it turns out, there are MANY equivalencies here.   For example, if you overeat, you're going to gain weight, so you can't move as fast, or do as much work.  When that happens, you lose value.  Ow. 




Improving Service Quality by the Numbers - 11, 10, and 9

Over the past month (dating back to the itSMF FUSION event in Dallas), a pair of conversations have been rattling around in my mind. The first one starts off with a set of numbers 11, 10, and 9. 11 is the number of major incidents experienced by a Fortune 500 company in the past year.

HP Configuration Management System (CMS) wins CRN’s 2012 Tech Innovator Award

HP Configuration Management System (CMS) version 10 was just named a winner of CRN Test Center’s 2012 Tech Innovator Award.  For the last nine years, this prestigious award has honored products that:

  • Solve old problems using new methods of technology
  • Push the envelope of what we thought was capable
  • Make an impact on life or business are innovations 

HP has been identified and selected as a tech innovator with continued steps in technology advancement and go-to-market.

What’s New In HP Universal CMDB...

Version 10.0 of HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) enables enterprises and service providers to manage their IT, enabling ease of management of resources and their security, and delivers high value to end users and integrated applications, as part of the CMS system.

What’s New In HP Universal CMDB Configuration Manager...

HP is proud to announce the latest edition of HP Universal CMDB Configuration Manager.  Version 10.00 delivers key functionality to improve your business continuity planning and help you gain value faster from your configuration management system.  New enhancements allow you greater consumption of your UCMDB data and a quicker return on investment.

Introducing HP Universal Discovery 10...

Today HP is proud to introduce a new product, HP Universal Discovery (UD) 10.00, as part of HP Configuration Management System 10.  HP Universal Discovery, combining the best of two products and an innovative new capability; HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA), HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI) and Just-In-Time (JIT) Discovery.

ITSM Architecture Missing a Fourth Dimension?

Yep, I found the problem.  There seems to be an intrinsic temporal dimension to ITSM implementations that I think needs to be called out.  A reference implementation of even a rudimentary ITSM "out of the box" will be different depending on what you start with and the order in which you implement your use cases. Meaning, if you implement Asset  then Change then Configuration Management, your resulting CMS will work differently than if you changed the order of just these three around!  ITSM math is apparently non-commutative!  I personally find this hilarious.

My impressions from the HP EMEA ITSM Customer Forum in Berlin this week

In my previous blog post you have probably read about this customer forum, and some of you have been there I guess. Last Tuesday was the first of three customer forum days packed with excellent presentations and discussions. I had the pleasure to moderate the Tuesday, solely focused on ITSM. Here are my observations and summary of this day.

Discovery: There is no "Getting Started"

One of my favorite South Park episodes is Kenny the Virtuoso.  Kenny decides to take singing lessons.  The lessons go something like this:  "Ok, repeat after me.  La la la la".  Kenny goes "Hmmm hmm hmm hmm".  The instructions continue:  "good.  Now, sing along."  And starts in on Con Ti Partiro.  Amazingly, Kenny actually keeps up and sings it perfectly and on key.


We can't all be Discovery Kennys.  But we can certainly get a little help.  Ok, repeat after me...

Consumers drive Providers, Providers are Transparent to Consumers: NOT a paradox!

Someone reading the COP model recently asked me that.  How can Consumers drive providers if providers are transparent to consumers?!  Dude, relax, it's ok.  it's about process, not opacity.

UCMDB and Service Manager Comnmunities Unite!

I had the privilege of meeting wtih almost forty customers face to face last week, during a series of Vivit user group meetings in Houston, Dallas, and Minneapolis.  It was fulfilling to me to listen to the customers and participate in the discussions.  I learned a lot, and I tried to pass on some helpful information.  Everybody brought it.  It was kind of like opening up a fresh can of the Practitioner's Forum. 

Even if you're going off the rails, you're still a Train: Leverage your Transformation's Momentum.

A data center transformation is essentially a train wreck in which the  train runs full speed into a transparent wall of time, pieces fly in all directions, and everyone on the Transformation team pick all the pieces out of the air, starting with those that will hit the ground soonest,  take them back to the track, reassemble them back into the running train, and once set off down the track, wonder if any stray pieces hit the ground and hope the occupants didn't notice.  The small miracle aside that it is actually possible to transform a live data center, is it possible to do it with little or no bloodshed to the business?  Do you want to find out?

It's Troux, CMDB and Enterprise Architecture Play Nice! Part 2, EA as a CMS Consumer

ITSM, CMDB, PPM, EA, CMS.  Not just SEO, but ITIL!  DCT!  Clooouuuuud……..

What does it all mean for the Enterprise Architect who spends a third of their time  gathering business context data?  A provider of even a small fraction of that amount would be, like, some kind of EA whisperer.  Really, what does business context mean to an enterprise architect?   What would be the value of CMS data to an EA?  What?

It's Troux, CMDB and Enterprise Architecture Play Nice! Part 1, EA as a CMS Provider

I see all kinds of IT environments, ranging from normal, to dungeonesque (full of tortured but alive people) to Taj-Mahalesque (pretty on the outside but full of death on the inside),  to, let's just say, the lights are on but nobody's home.  And every now and then, you find a data center who knows what Enterprise Architecture is.  It's Troux.    Which one are you?

IT takes a Community to build best practices. Really.

Before one can have "best" practices, one must have "good" practices, or at least "good enough" practices.  This is not merely a trusism - you'd be amazed (or maybe not)  how best practices are expected to be generated, like code, on a timeframe.  I like to take Pragmantic Marketing's take on this:  NIHITO.  Nothing interesting happens in the office.  You have to get out sometimes.  Or you can make some stuff up.

Improve IT visibility - say goodbye to change failures

New white paper explores various business critical IT functions that require detailed, up-to-date resource and dependency maps to be performed successfully, describes the HP approach to automated discovery and dependency mapping, presents an overview of the complete IT change management solution, describes the HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping software ( DDMA ) , and explains how its features and functionality can improve visibility into the data center and contribute to the success of key IT/ business initiatives.

Avoid CMDB, Discovery, and CMS Provider Conflict. Just Do It.

Are you suffering from provider conflict?  Is it painful for your IT professionals to resolve ownership issues?  Do all your Systems Architects dump the painful bits of that process on to Operations?  Does your vendor encourage this?  Most importantly, can you trust the data in your CMS right this minute?  I thought so.

Using CMS and Discovery in Data Center Transformations: Weird but True Stories

Stay with me for a minute.  I'm not talking about transforming your CMDB/CMS/Discovery/ITSM, I'm talking about USING a CMS or something like it to actually be The Tool for Data Center Transformations.  No way Jody!  What was all that talk last month about using the right tool for the right job?  Stay with me for a minute.

CMS Practitioner's Forum Passes Milestone 200th Session

The what? The who? You mean you've never heard of the UCMDB/DDM/CMS Practitioner's Forum? It's the best kept secret among CMDB practitioners. It's a round table. It's a knowledge-sharing, networking, idea-generating forum. It's a fast track to solving your problems, sometimes. We just did 200 of them. We may be doing something right.
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