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5 steps to winning in the “age of the customer” when disruption is upon you

Forrester webcast screen shot.pngToday it takes a lot more to satisfy and keep your customers happy. CEOs believe technology is the number one priority in achieving this goal. In fact, they rate technology as the most important external force shaping the future of their enterprise.

This is the topic of an upcoming webinar, “Self-Service strategies that put service relationship management into hyperdrive”. Keep reading to find out how you can join us and learn how to jump to warp speed.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing consultant

4 IT self-service benefits made possible by a well-designed search architecture

Self Service Benefits.PNGThe IT self-service portal is the employee window into IT services and support. The effectiveness of the self-service portal is directly affected by the variety of self-service solutions it enables and the ability to easily find the right solution to a given problem.  

Organizations heavily invest in best of breed solutions such as knowledge platforms, internal social web-sites, service catalogs, portals and helpdesks. But the painful truth is that this kind of separation of responsibilities results in a reduction of usability and user satisfaction and lowers the chances of finding a solution for a given problem.

Having a sister two brothers and a wife, all employed by big corporates with large IT spend I hear many stories. Here is one…

The most innovative 6 minutes you will experience today!

End user self service.PNGHP Service Anywhere is revolutionizing the ITSM market. This SaaS-based platform offers new features and new capabilities that were previously unheard of in this space.


I want to share a new Service Anywhere video with you. It highlights my five favorite advancements within Service Anywhere. Keep reading to find out what they are and to watch the video for yourself.


Guest Post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go To Market

HP Service Manager – 10 (plus 1) of my favorites to look forward to at HP Discover

discover-zone.jpgHP Discover 2014 will begin in two weeks, (June 10 -12) and I couldn't be more excited.  Now is the time to begin planning your HP Discover week.

You have a lot to choose from, because there are more than 500 sessions you can attend. The session catalog and session scheduler on the HP Discover website enable you to register for the sessions of your choice.

Do you already know what sessions you plan to attend? Keep reading if you are interested in seeing what my top picks related to HP Service Manager are.

The IT charter: Staying relevant by maintaining a good reputation

“You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do. “Henry Ford


the dept of no.JPGIt is vital that your IT department has a solid reputation.  If it is believed that the only word your department knows is “no” then users will be less willing to work with you.


I recently found a great article that supports this point. Keep reading to find out how you can maintain your good reputation or improve it if your users have a negative view.


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing consultant

PointClickCare discovered Service Anywhere- Now you can discover it too!

pointclickcare.JPGWhen PointClickCare was looking to improve their processes and add more automation, they decided to look for a new ITSM solution. As they searched for a SaaS-based solution, they found HP Service Anywhere. IT provided just what they were looking. With the Standard Change Management feature, PointClickCare automatically is allowed to triage 80 percent of the cases they receive. 


Service Anywhere is launching PointClickCare into the future of IT Service Management – can it do the same for you?  Join us at Discover Las Vegas where PointClickCare will share their story. Keep reading for more details as well as links to a related video and podcast.

Use the heat of “Hot Topic Analytics” to melt the snow bank you might be stuck in

Service Anywhere hot topic analytics.PNGThere are moments in my day, where I struggle to focus. The world is moving at a mile and minute and I am just struggling to hold on.


Then there are those moments when I am able to silence all the noise and truly focus. It is during this time that magic truly happens. This is exactly what happened during the creation of the newest version of Service Anywhere.  We created a service desk platform that is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to administer


Guest Post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go To Market

Why are you waiting to see the future when you can get started with only 5 users today?

5 is all you need.pngMost new technology or solutions go through a predictable adoption path regardless of how game changing they are.  You know the story, out of the gate earlier adopters stick their toe in the water and play with the solution.  It is often a very slow grind to get to a critical mass where clients line up for the opportunity to use the new solution.


Keep reading to find out what makes Service Anywhere different and why you can begin your journey with only 5 users.


Guest Post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go To Market

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: How to Troubleshoot JGroups-related Issues

JGroups plays a very important role in HP Service Manager (SM). SM relies on JGroups to build a software cluster. With the software cluster in place, SM Server is able to evenly forward requests it receives from the SM load balancer (SMLB) in order to keep the load on each connected node in balance.  In this article, we will review steps you can take to keep your JGroups implementation healthy and productive.  Specifically, you will learn how to:  implement JGroups in a way that minimizes potential issues; interpret symptoms so you know if you have a JGroup issue; understand common causes of trouble; and perform troubleshooting steps.  Read on to get more details on all of these topics.

CIOs and Cloud Services – Reinventing the value of IT

ReinventingIT2.jpgOne of the hot topics of the day is how CIOs and their teams must take on a new role of forming partnerships with their business users to source the cloud applications they need to do their jobs. 


It is not feasible for CIOs to dictate and make demands to their business users. They need to find a way to maintain control while still meeting user demands. Keep reading to find out how this can be achieved.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

HP Propel World Cup ready to kick-off at HP Discover



The HP Propel World Cup is kicking off at HP Discover. If you are struggling with multi-supplier management, IT as a service broker or meeting increasing UX demands, I encourage you to take part.


Keep reading to find out when the events are and how you can take part. 


Great user experience is (everything but) magic. What does it take to create an outstanding UX?

magic.jpgI recently had a wonderful dream. It involved the creation of an exciting user experience that was both simple and friendly. It was created quickly and without problems—truly a dream situation.


When I woke, I realized that it was truly just that—a dream. In reality it is quite stressful to be a UX designer.  Keep reading to find out what goes into creating a magical UX and what it means for users.


Guest post by Noa Danon, HP Software IT Operations Management

A new star is born - winners of the HP Software Shining Star Award

I just returned from the HP Software Customer Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, May 6-8. It was three days packed with customer presentations, panel discussions, a lot of networking and information sharing - it was a great customer experience.


The first customer forum day ended with an award ceremony. HP customers, who have demonstrated exemplary use of HP Service and Portfolio Management solutions and are delivering significant value and impact to their business, received the HP Software Shining Star Award.


Read on and see who these customers are, and to learn about their achievements.

3 ways IT process automation bridges the Service Management and Operations gap!

The Service Desk and Operations teams might never end up being BFFs, but with automation can help them work much more effectively together. Here’s how IT Process Automation can enable end-to-end change and configuration management, and the critical role that HP Operations Orchestration can play.


By Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management

The art of making IT Service Modeling simple – part 2

IT Services as trees.pngService modeling is vital for your organization to understand how to model services and concentrate on the “what” rather than the “how”.


Now the next question is to decide what modeling style to choose.  Today we are looking at how easy it is to understand service modeling in a tree format. Services modeled as trees are easier to read, create and understand by us mere mortals), because the human brain can easily detect and understand the UI tree. 


Using a ‘well-defined tree model’ modeling approach saves time on modeling, viewing and integrating with other products. Once we start modeling the services in our organization, using the well-defined model, and trying (as much as possible) to model these services in a tree concept, we start running into a few questions. Keep reading to find out what these common questions are and how to answer them.

HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: How Attachment Handling in Service Manager 9.33 Adds to Ease of Use

HP Service Manager 9.33 has introduced a redesigned Attachment Handling feature that increases ease of use.  Improvements made to the attachment widget include viewing important attachment-related information at the record level, handling multiple files and dealing with files in a batch mode.  Other improvements include tracking progress of the attachment upload, validation and control of the attachment size prior to upload, and performance improvements.  Read on to understand exactly what has been improved and how. 

Self-service strategies that put service relationship management into hyperdrive

Forrester webcast screen shot.pngBusiness is facing demands to consume and obtain business and technology services in new ways over the next decade. At the fore-front of these changes is the “self-service revolution”.


Keep reading to find out how you put relationship management into hyperdrive with the proper self-service strategies.

Confessions of a [former] shadow IT violator

Girl out of shadow.jpgI have a confession to make, I have contributed to the Shadow IT problem. I didn’t mean to, but it was so tempting to simply buy what I wanted and not think about the repercussions. But now there’s a better way…  


I recently found out how wide-spread the Shadow IT issue is and what department tends to have the most offenses. Keep reading to find out if you are a culprit and IT can easily shift to diffuse the problem.


Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant

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  • David has led a career in Enterprise Software for over 20 years and has brought to market numerous successful IT management products and innovations.
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  • Jody Roberts is a researcher, author, and customer advocate in the Product Foundation Services (PFS) group in HP Software. Jody has worked with the UCMDB product line since 2004, and currently takes care of the top 100 HP Software customers, the CMS Best Practices library, and has hosted a weekly CMDB Practitioner's Forum since 2006.
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  • Ming is Product Manager for HP ITSM Solutions
  • Having about 15 years of experience, practical and academic, throughout these years, I’ve been always focusing on both strategic directions side by side with achieving critical business goals Mainly focused on IT operations management, strategy and control, my preferred vendor is usually HP, as I believe HP has one of the best Enterprise portfolios among the current trending technologies
  • Nimish Shelat is currently focused on Datacenter Automation and IT Process Automation solutions. Shelat strives to help customers, traditional IT and Cloud based IT, transform to Service Centric model. The scope of these solutions spans across server, database and middleware infrastructure. The solutions are optimized for tasks like provisioning, patching, compliance, remediation and processes like Self-healing Incidence Remediation and Rapid Service Fulfilment, Change Management and Disaster Recovery. Shelat has 21 years of experience in IT, 18 of these have been at HP spanning across networking, printing , storage and enterprise software businesses. Prior to his current role as a World-Wide Product Marketing Manager, Shelat has held positions as Software Sales Specialist, Product Manager, Business Strategist, Project Manager and Programmer Analyst. Shelat has a B.S in Computer Science. He has earned his MBA from University of California, Davis with a focus on Marketing and Finance.
  • Oded is the Chief Functional Architect for the HP Service and Portfolio Management products, which include Service Manager, Service Anywhere, Universal CMDB & Discovery, Asset Manager, Project and Portfolio Manager.
  • I am Senior Product Manager for Service Manager. I have been manning the post for 10 years and working in various technical roles with the product since 1996. I love SM, our ecosystem, and our customers and I am committed to do my best to keep you appraised of what is going on. I will even try to keep you entertained as I do so. Oh and BTW... I not only express my creativity in writing but I am a fairly accomplished oil painter.
  • WW Sr Product Marketing Manager for HP ITPS VP of Apps & HP Load Runner
  • Vesna is the senior product marketing manager at HP Software. She has been with HP for 13 years in R&D, product management and product marketing. At HP she is responsible for go to market and enablement of the HP IT Performance Suite products.
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