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Vegas in my rearview mirror

I’ll leave my personal comments about the city itself out of this post other than to say that I am always glad to be home.


Here are some of my random observations


  • Show floor demos: luckily the main ITSM demos were on a major isle and we had lots of activity with a great demo team. There was good feedback on the new 9.30 demos including Process Designer, the extended Service Request Catalog (SRC) portal, new mobile clients (for incident and change), and the upgrade utilities. Note - I get almost daily inquires/comments about Service Manager’s UI, and one of the first things I’ll say is “have you seen version 9”?

  • SM 9.30: For people that missed seeing SM 9.30, we have a couple of webinars coming up. Yvonne's recent post in this ITSM blog has details about the first of these. We also have an on-demand demo (currently SM 9.20 is featured, but we’ll be updating this for 9.30 with the release) and monthly tech talks where we run through a live demo and can respond to your questions and requests.

  • Service Manager and Asset Manager Sessions: the content of the sessions that I went to was all very good. You can still access the keynotes and some of the individual sessions on-line via the Discover website. Some SM/AM sessions on-line include

    • A G-r-r-e-a-t! transformation: Kellogg Company's global service desk consolidation using HP Service Manager improves and reduces costs
    • How Independence Blue Cross (IBC) implemented an Operational Control Center using HP Business Service Management and Service Manager
  • Sessions in general: congratulations to everyone who made it to their desired sessions – especially if you tried to stick to a specific sub-track such as Service Manager related topics. We’ve provided a lot of feedback about the ease (or lack thereof) of navigating the schedule and then the venue. BTW, when I looked at the sessions available on-demand, I sure do see a lot of cloud.

  • Software news and the IT Performance Suite (ITPS): ITPS was the main push from the software side. I am still learning about the rollout of this myself. I do know that we’ll have a VP of Operations version to complement the CIO edition that initially released. At the demo stations, we had a “laminate” available to talk off of. Take a look at the attached and see all of the Service Manager related metrics.

  • Customer Roundtables: I’ve hosted or co-hosted most of these for the past three years and have always enjoyed the interaction. Alas, it took me 20 minutes and asking 3 different support staff to find out where these physically were – along with bouncing around multiple floors. I had these in my schedule but without the location. So, also congratulations to everyone who made it to one of these. No two of these have ever been the same depending on the participants and their interests along with who is there from the HP side. We had more resources from the HP side this year which was good. Anyhow, I encourage people to make these a part of your plans.

  • Executive Briefings: customers and partners can request 1:1 or 1:many meetings with product management, R&D, and marketing via their sales teams. I participated in a number of these sessions also. Again, there is lots of variation, but these are an excellent way to make sure your unique questions get addressed.

  •  There was a lot more things - such as customer advisory board sessions. I went to a couple of partner socials – one for AdvancedMarketplace and the other for Linium. Both were great opportunities to talk over drinks. Vivit had a couple of events. We’ll do more from a Service Manager content side in the upcoming year.

  • Other hot topics: managing information and data across Service Manager, Asset Manager, and the UCMDB. We would likely frame this up as a SACM (Service Asset and Configuration Management) discussion. It was mentioned that there are some good articles on Live Network. Knowledge Management which is part of the whole move towards self-service for end-users and the on-going focus on first call resolution rates. This goes along nicely with new SM 9.30 capabilities also. Cloud was much discussed, but I personally think that the marketing is out infront of the adoption - what a surprise - like that has never happened before!

  • Bigger isn’t necessarily better: on the positive side having the scale of a cross HP Enterprise event enabled a private performance by Sir Paul (most excellent indeed) and better food (thank you sponsors), but this year’s event wasn’t as cozy from a software solution perspective. I had a number of comments about the keynotes their relevancy. It is easy to fill in the blanks.



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