Timely comments on the new Gartner ITSSM MQ

First, we can provide more commentary on the MQ on demand. HP is totally committed to the ITSM and Service Desk marketplace. We would rather talk about our strategy, vision, what we can provide today, and what is coming soon to help IT organizations do their jobs more simply while serving their organization better. As we do a great job at this, analyst rankings will take care of themselves. I like the Missouri nickname “the show me state”. So please stay tuned. You will be seeing a lot more and soon about our ITSM programs.


Second and essential to this ITSSM MQ, this is a new definition and there are no leaders or visionaries. There are interesting questions and commentary that can be pursued regarding both of these. As an HP employee posting on an HP blog, I need to take care about what I say on this topic. Luckily, there are some good posts out on various forums that play off of both dimensions.


I would start with:



I like the leading comment about is this (ITSSM) a typo. This article also pulls out a maturity aspect that is worth noting. Gartner runs an ITSM/Service Desk self-assessment and has written a number of papers specifically on the service desk market maturity. I support a lot of these frankly pragmatic findings of where the ITSM and service desk industry is and think it is better reflection of the marketplace reality.


Gartner has a lot of analysts and cover individual areas in considerable depth, but many of our customers oversee more than just the service desk itself. Their IT organizations definitely do. They are combining the service desk with monitoring and event management, potentially some aspects of automation/provisioning and configuration management, and often more (even much more) to create an integrated ITSM or Operations Management solution. As you read the ITSSM definition, you’ll see a robust definition for the specific service desk platform but little else. As such, I have to question if this is an accurate reflection of 90+% of the market’s needs.


Here is another review that makes some important points worth considering:



What I really like about this article is the reference to Ries and Trout’s 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. I kept this book by my side for years and will have to go back and read it. Anyhow, I digress. There are some specific points made here related to the new definition. I don’t agree with is the writer’s comments on “Only Behemoths May Apply” as HP has thousands of people worldwide that breathe and eat ITSM – noting the writer isn’t picking on any company in particular. But, this isn’t an accurate statement regardless. There are some other points that make for good drama (Rudderless Industry?) and would be interesting to discuss over drinks.


Ability to execute or is ability to deliver the key?



Makes important points regardless of what tool/platform you’re using, if you’re doing this in-house, or with the help of a professional services group. What measures a vendor’s ability to execute? Just a week ago, I was on a conference call with another top analyst firm and the new ITSSM MQ came up. To paraphrase, there are some things in this MQ that just can’t be explained with respect to ability to execute. If ability to deliver is key, then HP would submit that no-one else can do this better when considering our world-wide technical and professional services, outsourcing, education, and support capabilities.


To any current customer, partner, or perspective customer that would like more information on our ITSM strategy, capabilities, and plans, just reach out to your HP representative or partner. You can always reply to me. And again, please stay tuned.


Chuck Darst


P.S. There is something else about the particular clock in the teaser which relates to this post. A coffee or beer to the first person who solves this.

chuck_darst | ‎09-24-2012 12:12 PM

As a follow-up, Rob England (aka the IT Skeptic) has an interesting take on the MQ


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