The new HP ITSM Deployment Manager will shorten your on premise software deployment

The System Administrators of today are a hardy bunch, accepting the challenging routine of periodically deploying HP ITSM on premise products across a variety of different environments for development, test or production including physical and virtual machines. It’s not so much that HP Software on premise products exact a deployment toll as it is the rising complexity of today’s average corporate computing landscape. Every new deployment requires the execution of a precise series of software installation, configuration, patching and even integration tasks, all while browsing the necessary documentation. Additionally, the expertise required to handle any potential issue that can occur during software deployment is very important.  Surely one would prefer to focus on more added value tasks.


Who cares about the cost and effort involved to completely address the above concerns?  We do and that’s why we are introducing HP ITSM Deployment Manager, a new offering aimed to shorten time to value (TTV) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). This tool is FREE and ready to change the way you conduct HP ITSM on premise software deployments!


First, some background on the genesis of HP ITSM Deployment Manager.

HP has always taken a flexible approach to ITSM solution implementation by offering a modularized application suite that enables customers to deploy what they need, where they need it.  No more and, certainly, no less.  With that strategy, though, it's been important to establish effective application integrations through proper implementation and configuration. Therefore, there was an opportunity to accelerate time to value by enabling our customers to install, configure, integrate and deploy many separate HP ITSM on-premise products at the same time using automation. This was the primary driver behind the creation of HP ITSM Deployment Manager


What is HP ITSM Deployment Manager?

It is a lightweight system administration tool built from simple and proven technologies. With its elegant web-based user interface and powerful built-in sizing parameters (based on HP Software best practices), HP ITSM Deployment Manager allows a system administrator to quickly install, configure, deploy, and maintain HP ITSM on premise products across multiple environments, while hiding typical implementation complexities such as manually launching installers, hand-editing configuration files, and referencing product documentation including support matrices. The “magic” behind HP ITSM Deployment Manager is a series of easy-to-use wizards that, behind the scenes, create standardized deployment schemes of supported HP ITSM on premise products. In addition, to fit the business need of various customers, we offer a flexible tailoring capability that is available on top of out of the box deployment schemes.

What is the look of HP ITSM Deployment Manager?

Let’s take a quick tour of the tool with a series of screen shots, starting with the first “Dashboard” sub-heading:




  • An intuitive dashboard shows you statistics and ROI indications of deployment time


The next sub-heading, “Environments”, allows you to explore various aspects of the deployment using “wizards” to do the majority of the work.



  • A single user interface to manage and maintain all environments, across both physical and virtual machines.


The next sub-heading, “Packages”, guides you through the process of executing various  tasks for installation, configuration, patching and integration.




  • Automated installation, deployment and sizing for HP ITSM on premise products in a standard method aligned with HPSW best practices
  • Ready-to-use out of the box integration with Service Manager, Universal CMDB, Release Control and Asset Manager


The next sub-heading, “Analysis”, consolidates all monitoring tasks in one place.





  • Basic monitoring and log analysis for all managed environments


The next sub-heading, “Downloads”, is the center for all online software download tasks to stay current with the latest product versions.



  • Download HP product patches from HP Software Support Online (SSO)
  • Download 3rd party open source software from the official websites



The last sub-heading, “Administration”, contains profile information, settings and preferences for this instance of HP ITSM Deployment Manager.



What do our customers and partners have to say?

Beta customers of HP ITSM Deployment Manager have been enthusiastic about its capabilities:


“The working concept of Deployment Manager would be beneficial to engineers allowing us to go through a centralized interface that helps to maintain and control the current HP suite through a streamlined and detailed process of keeping up to date with current versions and also giving us a detailed view of the environment without having to drill through configuration files or system records to determine baseline information regarding the application(s).”  – A large consulting company


“There is tremendous value in Deployment Manager because it automates the tedious, repeatable aspects of the Service Manager installations while retaining all of the necessary control over the architecture of the deployment. In my experience, manual installation of a small ITSM deployment including Service Manager, Universal CMDB, Universal Discovery, Configuration Manager and Release Control by a highly qualified SME takes about 42 hours.  In my first time with Deployment Manager it only took 6 hours to complete the same deployment plus 4 hours for environment preparation.” – HPSW demo team


Can’t wait any longer?

You can download HP ITSM Deployment Manager from HP Live Network now.  HP ITSM Deployment Manager is currently localized in the languages of English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.


HP ITSM Deployment Manager has been designed to make new deployments easier, aiming to proactively eliminate deployment complexities and gain the benefits of the latest versions of HP ITSM on premise products faster and more reliably. HP ITSM Deployment Manager can even benefit System Administrators of existing deployments (the topic of an upcoming blog post, in which I will provide guidance on how to quickly enable HP ITSM Deployment Manager for your existing deployments).


Look to the future and download the HP ITSM Deployment Manager!




Thanks to content contributors Li Chen (Leonardo) -- HP Service Manager Product Manager, Remi Temmos -- HP Service Manager R&D engineer, and Michael Pott -- HP ITSM Product Marketing.

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