Maximizing surveys for service desk managers

We are asked to fill out surveys all the time in both personal and business services that we receive every day.  Are you happy with our service?  Did you get what you requested in timely manner?   So, it’s not surprising to find that many IT organizations use surveys to gather input on IT services and support delivered to business users.  Service desk managers often take on the responsibilities of gathering and analyzing survey results.   


I spoke to a number of service desk managers and here is a quick list of what they are looking for in a survey solution:


  • Ability to send out surveys to business users that just completed receiving services from service desk agents
  • Run survey reports that can be analyzed and filtered based on business units, regions, service desk agents, services, etc.   
  • Receive alerts on surveys that fall below a satisfactory threshold


As a business user, you want to fill out a survey after immediately receiving requested service or support before you move on to your next to-do list.  You are less likely to fill out a survey if the request comes few days later, and by that time you don’t fully recall the details or feedback that you wanted to provide.  Also, ability to define business rules to select survey participants would be important since you may not want to request users to fill out surveys every single time.  Service desk manager may want to send out a survey on every 10th service support provided, and not to send out survey to same users more than 4 times per year. 


In these days, there are so many tools and solutions that provide survey features.   The key differentiations among various vendor solutions are in the flexibility, capabilities, and usability of reporting after you capture the survey data.  The capturing survey data via email notification then users filling out a web form is relatively easy part.  It’s what you can do after capturing data is where the real value of powerful survey solution comes into the picture.  As a service desk manager, can I see the performance of each service desk agents based on survey feedback over 6 months?  What IT support service areas are we trending down within last 12 months?  Can I filter survey data based on regions?  There numerous ways to analyze and filter data for service desk managers once you capture the data.


Lastly, many service desk managers wish to be alerted if a survey comes in below satisfactory threshold.  For example, a business user is not happy with service or support received and he filled out overall survey score of 1 out of 10.  Now, a service desk manager wants to be notified of this so that she can pro-actively reach out to the business user or find out what is really behind the user dissatisfaction. 


HP Service Manager team is currently working with market leading survey vendors that can meet above requirements and more.  The survey solution is a matured market with many vendors providing and specialized features, so we want to provide the best of breed solution that customers can easily adopt.  We look forward to sharing more information with you.  


What do you think of the above survey needs for service desk managers?  What would you add?

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