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IT Service Management – have good looks and enterprise strength?

Looking at the IT service management solution market I see a trend towards simplicity - good enough is just good enough. In this context I heard someone say, that you just need a neat look-and-feel, promising efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). While increased operator efficiency by means of a good user experience is one ingredient towards a lower TCO, there are other important elements.


An ITSM solution that claims simplicity and ease of use must not forget about the goal: Managing the business of IT, managing services. For this purpose an ITSM solution needs to meet some key requirements. Let me name a few here:


  • Accurate, up-to-date and reliable configuration data
    All IT operations stakeholders need to work in the same context of services and exactly get the information they need - any time and specific to their role, ranging from the service desk to IT financial management. A federated Configuration Management System (CMS) provides exactly this. You need a powerful, flexible data model, a reliable reconciliation mechanism, federation and visualization capabilities. Without these, duplicate CIs, inaccurate data and integrations quickly become a pain in the neck. Look at HP's CMS 9.0 to avoid this.
  • Discovery and application dependency mapping
    Where does the core data for the CMS come from? Some comes from integration with processes or tasks like procurement (asset management), other data needs to be discovered automatically because of the complexity of the IT world. Besides maintaining an accurate core CMDB for a configuration management system, discovery is also key for detecting unplanned changes and thereby minimizing the risk of service outages. Application dependency mapping - means the discovery of the application topology and its mapping to business services - is mandatory for automated incident remediation and automated change impact analysis.
  • Asset management
    Asset management is versatile. As an example, let me look at client software license management: it needs to go beyond providing a couple of entry fields in a data form. What is needed is the capability to help you figuring out about software usage relative to available licenses. A simple list comparing software license contracts with software installations does not cut it.  HP's Asset Manager solution together with deep and broad discovery detects and maintains a software inventory of thousands of different software pieces in the physical and virtual environment. It collects more than 900 different data elements and can discover thousands of software elements.
  • Automation
    This is one of my favorite subjects, which I already covered in previous blog posts. A key point I want to make here is that you need an automation solution like HP Operation Orchestration (HP OO) with a graphical user interface to create and maintain run books. Plain Java scripting of whatever programming language does not really help in lowering the total cost of ownership for an ITSM solution.

So, what is the point with all of the above?


With ITSM solutions from HP you get it all, comprehensive, enterprise strength IT Service Management, a pragmatic approach to meet your IT service management goals and evolution needs, AND a nice look and feel - look at the latest releases of HP Service Manager 9.2 for example. You get a fresh state-of-the-art web 2.0 user interface for superior operator efficiency, and new integrations for enhanced automated change execution and for automated incident triage & remediation.


Are you curious about this? Do you want to see this in action?


Join the Live Web Event on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET to see how the latest release of HP Service Manager gives you an enterprise strength service desk proven to handle the volume, scale, performance, and globalization requirements of your business through an ITILv3 service-oriented solution. For more information visit


You can also take an on-demand tour of HP Service Manager. Watch a 25 minute demo to see unique features that allow you to manage all facets of your ITSM environment with emphasis on ITIL v3 service oriented approach. For more information visit


Michael Pott

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