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ISO 19770-3 tags

First of all, sorry for being away for so long.  It has been a long few weeks - long enough for me to go from zero to Star Alliance Silver status and travel through many different time zones.

Then, there was the move of the blog platform and lots of other activities that I hope to be writing about in the next few days/weeks.

BTW, what do you think about the new site (and don't worry, my old posts are supposed to come over to the new site soon)?  I am a creature of habit, so it took me a while, but eventually I figured out how to post. :smileywink:


But, back to the subject at hand.


As it turns out, one of my past blog entries may not have been quite correct - maybe 19770-3 will provide all the data needed for Software License Compliance.  My original understanding was that the ISO 19770-3 tags would only provide license entitlement information.  This may have been a little short of what these tags will be able to do.  Thanks to John Tomeny, convener of the ISO/IEC 19770-3 committee, I know know that these tags will in fact provide the information about how to calculate license consumption.


John and I have a little exchange about this subject in the LinkedIn ITAM Review Networking Group.  I also got up to speed with some other members of the committee and now have a much better understanding.


But, again, I want to warn everyone - while I now the standard will be well thought out, the tags will only be able to help so much.  Have to seen some of the licensing terms out there?!?!  I am not going to point fingers, but if your licensing terms are based on the model of the machine you are using AND the type of virtual platform you are running AND number of CPUs and Cores AND...AND...AND...the size of your shoes...well, that will be hard to account for, even for a very big tag.  And then you will have to buy some massive hardware to compute license compliance (unless of course you are living in a "cloud" by then) :smileywink:


OK, I think I'd better stop - I am about to get off on another rant...


Till next time.








Honored Contributor | ‎07-05-2010 11:00 PM

Hello Daniel,

Can you input link to the description of this standart. Could not find it on the

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