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HP Software Universe Unites CMS Community, Converges Market Requirements, Solves World Hunger

Moderating the round tables sessions, as well as our weekly Practitioner's forum, is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have at HP.  Getting to speak on a regular basis with customers and our field people is key to truly understanding how well we're doing.    It was great meeting all my old friends as well as getting to know a lot of new faces and putting faces to names.  "Oh, YOU'RE _______________!" was an oft-uttered phrase at Universe.


It's a fine line a software company walks, paradoxical, really.  It's a much-folded, chaotic, and infinitely self-similar boundary between knowing what a market wants and having enough presence in that market one's prospects want to be told what they should do.  So experience and market understanding comes iteratively, recursively even.  One must understand a market without a product, then create a product, and then (and only then) see how well they did, and improve.  This experience-generation cycle is what new customers are really asking for - and what many customers asked us for at Universe.  I feel like we had most of the answers.  Not all though.  My point:  I love feedback.  it's the only way to know!  And what feedback we got.


Customers from all parts of the world, in all stages of implementation, at all levels of organization capabilities, met in a series of roundtable and SIG sessions.  R&D and Product were there to listen and help.    Thanks to everyone who attended and participated - we heard you.  Some of the topics of  interest:


  • Cloud computing - what're we doing?  What're we supporting?  When're we gonna release something?  And what's a cloud, anyway?


  • Virtualization - what're we doing?  What're we supporting?  When're we gonna release something? (We released additional DDM content AT Universe)


  • CMDB and DDM - we launched new releases just prior to Universe.  What's new?  What's changed?  (Thomas and Olivier delivered sessions dedicated to answering this topic.  New content.  Event-driven discovery (Wow!)  Simplified, faster UI (YES!)  An IDE to create new federation adapters.  Woohoo!  Yes, quite a lot of progress with the 9.0 release.  Check it out.


  • CMS - What's the value?  How do you justify the investment?  How does a CMS provide ROI?  These questions were the subject of my presentation "The CMS Value Chain", session 1887.  Can I get a copy of the presentation?  (Yes, download it if you went to Universe, message me if you didn't)


  • BDM - what're we doing?  What're we supporting?  Can you post the BDM doc on the Community?   Yes we will.


  • Best Practices - Where are they?  (  Can I use the strategy guide for actual strategizing? (Yes.)  Can you talk to us later to help us architect the right CMS?  (Yes.)  Can I get an invite to your weekly best practices call?  (Yes if you're an HP UCMDB or DDM customer.)


The conference party was at the Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism.  I was a but wary at first, but once we got there, it was great.  Many exhibits were very moving, including all the Pulitzer prize-winning photographs, a big section of the Berlin wall and one of its guard towers(!), the Unabomber's cabin, a 9/11 exhibit, and a great "sports section.  Gavin DeGraw and his band played there too, they are a good band with really good gear - loved the chest-thump factor of their PA.


Now is a time when we support the leads that came out of the conference, evaluate the results, reflect and plan for the coming year, and when many of us manage to find some time to take off work. 


I look forward to working and talking with all of you in the coming year.  Sip a lovely beverage and stay cool folks, we're just getting warmed up!


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