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HP Service Manager 9.30 -- coming July 2011!

HP Service Manager (SM) 9.30 marks another milestone in the evolution of integrated, automated and cloud-powered IT service management for the Instant-on Enterprise.  SM 9.30 is being presented at HP Discover in Las Vegas this week, and an early release version will be demonstrated on the show floor. Shipments of SM 9.30 will begin in July.


Values and benefits of the 9.30 release include productivity, ease-of-use, end-user satisfaction, and easier updates:



  • Mobility Client:  A new mobility client answers the growing demand of many IT users for more productive access to SM. It supports browsers on Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android devices, HP WebOS devices and RIM Blackberry.  Initially we support two use cases (a field support engineer dealing with an incident and a change approver who needs “anytime access” to SM) but more will follow.
  • Customizable mySM dashboardThe mySM dashboard can now be tailored to include additional SM data or data from other external sources, without the need of an administrator.
  • Enhanced knowledge management:  A new and improved KM offering yields fast, effective searches using cutting-edge search engine technology and new search forms that have been designed from the ground up.

Ease of use

  • Graphical “Process Designer”:  Implementations will be significantly faster with a new GUI-based workflow designer and rules editor that simplify configuration and customization.  The Process Designer will initially support the knowledge management process, but other processes will be supported over time (to be released through HP Live Network).
  • Easier (and better) reporting:  Service Manager’s new partner extension solution for reporting, Westbury’s Service Management Intelligence (SMI) Suite, removes the complexity out of reporting and at the same time provides better operational data.  Even a non-technical user can create meaningful, accurate reports that can be used to objectively analyze IT service delivery performance.  IT can distill and demonstrate its value to the business and also identify areas for service improvement.
  • User interface modernization:  The user interface modernization and simplification has been continued across additional processes since SM 9.20. Request management, configuration management and knowledge management now also come with a fresh look-and-feel and improved ease-of-use.

End-user satisfaction

  • End-user Support Self-services:  End-users can already request IT services through the service catalog portal – now they can also use the same interface to access self support help or place a new support request. Faster access to support means better end-user satisfaction.
  • Portal to cloud-based applications: The service catalog portal also provides an interface to cloud environments, providing a myriad of options, sources, and methods for provisioning requests.   
  • New survey capabilityA new survey instrument from MarketTools captures end-user feedback so IT can tune its services to better serve its customers.

Easier updates

  • New migration utilities: A new migration tool and an assessment tool for better HP ServiceCenter migration planning result in faster migrations and reduced risk.
  • Upgrade enhancements: A new streamlined, utility-driven upgrade is now possible, reducing the number of manual steps, thereby minimizing errors while speeding up the upgrade process.


A “What’s New” webinar, demonstrating the new features of HP Service Manager 9.30 for existing customers, is being scheduled for end of June.  Another webinar, for companies considering HP Service Manager software, is being scheduled for mid-July.  Watch for a subsequent blog article that contains exact details of these two new webinars.  


For more information about the new release of HP Service Manager, go to the HP Service Manager web page.

Honored Contributor | ‎06-06-2011 11:28 PM

Hello Yvonne,

As always I am joining in conversation with questions:smileyhappy:

1. When is planned Russian language pack? 3-6 month after release as always?

2. Is this simple RTE upgrade or there will be some system tools to make upgrade from previous versions to 9.30?


Maybe this questions should be addressed not to you but I just predict our customers first questions and want to have some answers for them.

Honored Contributor | ‎06-06-2011 11:38 PM

One more follow up question:

Westbury’s Service Management Intelligence will be a free tool or it will require separate license?


Vadim Gordadze

HP Expert | ‎06-10-2011 04:13 PM

Hi Vadim,


1. Language packs will be delivered 90 days after the availability of the English version

2. It is a full upgrade, with a lot added to make the upgrade from previous SM and SC versions smoother. We also continue to support the binary update and the hybrid configuration of 9.30 RTE with 9.2x or 7.11 apps.

3.  Westbury will provide the SMI Light Edition (SMILE), which covers both Interaction and Incident Management processes, for free.  The full SMI product requires separate licenses.




| ‎06-11-2011 11:08 AM

Hi Yvonne,


3rd point mentioned in Vadm's response is interesting from my point of view. Would you provide more details about licence model for Westbury report manager as addon to HP-Westbury free SMI Light Edition.


Thanks in advance for quick response.


BR, Rado

HP Expert | ‎06-16-2011 05:30 PM

Hi Rado,


Are you referring to Westbury Report Manager, a module of Westbury Service Desk Intelligence, which is used in conjunction with HP Service Desk users?


There is no upgrade path, and no way to get Report Manager as an add-on to SMI Light Edition, which is used in conjunction with HP Service Manager.


If I am not answering the right question please come back to me with more details.


| ‎06-20-2011 01:01 PM

Hi Yvonne,


No, I wasn't referring to WRM for HPSD 4.5. I was asking information about SMILE reporting tool for HPSM.

Now, I have enough info (features,licencing model, ...) about licencing and restrictions (unfortunately) which will come with SMILE edition of great  Westbury reporting tool. I spoke with Westbury guy, so now I pray for the fulfillment of HPSM date of release :-)


BR, Rado


| ‎06-21-2011 12:44 AM
Hi Yvonne Bentley, I am not the expert. I would to add when you say: "HP Service Manager (SM) 9.30 marks another milestone in the evolution of integrated, automated ". My concern is regarding word "automated". HPSM is far away from other tools where word "automated" is concerned. HPSM do not have any assignment rules defined in HPSM in order to categorize incidents tickets.Like in other tool HPSM do not have Round and Robin , Number of incidents tickets count per assignee etc. In some cases we need to automate interaction module as client is not having any help desk or front line support.There is no option for that. Only tickets coming from monitering tools like NNM or others do not make HPSM "automated" .There has to be options in order to automate processes like incident or others. Thanks and regards, Abhijit
afulop | ‎11-28-2011 02:29 AM

Hello Yvonne,


I'd like to ask if there is a ready Hungarian Language pack for SM9.30, because the 90 days you wrote is already over. We can't help waiting! :)

Please, if you have some information, share with me!


Thank you in advance!


Leadership Development Course | ‎01-18-2012 02:59 AM

Congrats on the launch! Amazing.

Harun Rashid | ‎06-19-2012 09:50 PM

I will preserve your web page and have my kids analyze up here consistently. I’m very certain they will comprehend many new factors  online groupware here than anybody else.

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