China Merchants Bank’s Upgrade to HP Service Manager (SM) 9.31 for ITIL Process Automation

Our tale begins in 1987 in Shenzhen, China with the establishment of the country’s first joint-stock commercial bank, China Merchants Bank (CMB). In the past 26 years, the bank has grown exponentially. During China’s banking reform, China Merchants Bank became the first share-holding commercial bank wholly owned by corporate legal entities.  Let’s fast forward to today.  CMB is a Fortune 500 company, and with over 500 branches, they are positioned to become China’s leading, internationally competitive bank.


With rapid growth comes an increasing demand for additional and better quality IT services. To answer that demand and growing business needs, China Merchants Bank turned to HP.  CMB joined forces with HP Service Manager (SM) to build 17 ITIL processes and sub-processes, and 10 non-ITIL processes, into their unique HP IT service management solution.


As a result of building these new automated processes, CMB was able to significantly reduce service call resolution time by nearly 90 percent and reduce incident resolution times by 52 percent.   


In addition to improvements to the resolution times, the change success rate, and planned change rates, other key performance indicators also showed a vast improvement. Bolstered by their success, China Merchants Bank is currently building another 10 processes into HP Service Manager.


Looking for additional improvements

CMB was so impressed by these improvements; the bank decided to upgrade from HP Service Manager (SM) 7 to HP Service Manager 9.31 in January of this year.  


With the upgrade complete and HP Service Manager 9.31 up and running in less than four man months, CMB’s ITSM growth is right in line with the company goals. As a result of the upgrade, CMB now enjoys an enhanced user experience, a more stable system and access to new, innovative features. These new features include:  social collaboration and the Knowledge Management (KM) module, which improved the bank’s Chinese searches. The bank has