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Acronym Soup

The definition of Acronym is: An abbreviation formed by (usually initial) letters taken from a word or series of words, and which is itself pronounced as a word. There are a set of acronyms just about everybody uses such as CEO, USA, MAC, RAM, radar, scuba. NASA, IT, ETA…  And now there are a whole new world of acronym like words for texting such as BRB, UT, LOL, IDK and OTP just to name a few!.   


This Acronym soup began years before I became an employee of HP (acronym for Hewlett Packard) and has only gotten more complicated.   A few years ago I joined one of HP’s software groups called BTO (acronym for Business Technology Optimization) and had to learn a new set of acronyms.  It was really tough when I first started to participate in meetings.  People would talk about SM and AM, CMS and UCMDB, ITFM and PPM, SPM, OO, SA, NA, BSM, BAC and DC (not the District of Columbia)…My head would spin but I didn’t want to let on that I had no idea what they were talking about.  I just tried to look engaged, act as through I knew exactly what they were talking about, and made sure my eyes weren’t glazing over.


I found out recently that I am not the only person in high-tech that feels like they are swimming in acronym soup!   A few months ago I participated in a customer round table event. This is where a few HP ‘experts’ get together with selected end-user customers and share useful information about specific products.  We started by asking how their migration of AC to AM was going, if they were considering implementing SAM, did they want to federate data using SACM, were they using  DDMI or DDMA, and how their CMS implementation was progressing.   Some of them outwardly knew the translation to the product name, but others had the same look I had when I first joined BTO.  I recognized it immediately!!   It’s the “what in the world is AM, SACM, SAM, DDMI, DDMA, PPM, ITFM” look! 


Where is the “acronym to product name” cross reference documentation?  Shouldn’t there be something like that to help out with all the acronyms?   Wouldn’t that make it much easier to follow presentations on HP software?  I created my own acronym cheat sheet.  Here are just a few:

AM – Asset Manager

SM – Service Manager

RC – Release Control

SAM – Software Asset Management

SACM – Service Asset and Configuration Management

CMS – Configuration Management System

DDMI – Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory

DC – Decision Center

AC – Asset Center

SC – Service Center

SD – Service Desk

DCIM – Data Center Information Management


Is there anybody out there who wants me to share the whole acronym translation document?

Jody Roberts | ‎08-30-2010 07:45 PM

That is just TFC, Ann.  Brilliant AFAIC.  BTW I'm afraid I might have been one of those who assumed that everyone else around me just learned in  two seconds what it took me years to learn.  When I first started, I was like OMG, seriously, YGTBKM!  Even so, you've done a great job with RC and CCRM integration with UCMDB.  You never let on that you weren't getting THNY.  LOL - even my name is an TLA.



Honored Contributor | ‎08-30-2010 10:40 PM

Nice job :smileyhappy: Here are some more:

NNM - Network Node Manager

PPM - Project and Portfolio Management

OMW - Operation Manager

UCMDB - Universal Configuration Management Database

RAMS - Route Analytics Management System

ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library

ITSM - IT Service Management

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