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Data reconciliation, the key of the success is in... the key!




Reconciliation key is worth a full white paper by itself… but 20 lines on the topic are really worth...

 A nightmare of IT Asset Management is that you manage and reconcile two worlds.


The Managed world: typically, a server gets created from a Purchase Order that is received... this server links to important Asset Management records (what user requested it, who is the provider, what catalog the item was ordered on, the price, the cost center allocation...)


The actual world: That gets discovered by your inventory tool (typically HP Universal Discovery) and gets stored in your CMDB (typically HP UCMDB). This world contains a lot of information that will be useful for various processes: Asset Tracking (understand what is deployed), Software Asset Management (understand what oracle instance links to what server and use the server's attributes (CPU types, number of cores...) to compute the license liability induced by the deployments...)


This article briefly provides best practice in choosing the reconciliation keys for a successful import and reconciliation of the data and avoid records duplications.

“Leverage Your Asset Data for Maximum Benefit”, a webinar on Wed. June 5th

HP Software partner Configure Consulting Inc. will present “Leverage Your Asset Data for Maximum Benefit”, a webinar on Wed. June 5th at 1pm EDT.  The webinar will present the benefits of leveraging existing investment in HP Asset Manager to help streamline lifecycle asset management processes and will highlight how using Asset Manager modules can enhance an existing implementation of ITAM.  HP AM modules to be discussed include Procurement, Portfolio, Financials, Software Assets, and Contracts.  The webinar will be presented by La Ron K. Jenkins, Senior Consultant - IT Asset Management, Configure Consulting Inc.  La Ron is an HP ExpertOne certified specialist and has successfully implemented Asset Management solutions in banking, pharmaceutical and financial, and has developed a deep understanding across the HP ITPS Suite including HP Asset Manager, Connect-It, DDMi and UCMDB/Discover. 

6 sessions and 2 booths that you won’t want to miss at HP Discover

HP Discover in Las Vegas June 11-13 promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for the “cream of the crop” IT Asset Management sessions, I have a few suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered.

HP rated ‘Positive’ in Gartner MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository 2013


According to Gartner, never before have new device types, with smaller, mobile form factors, or new styles of computing emerged so rapidly. This necessitates a proactive stance toward ITAM — ITAM managers need to know more about technology than they did in the past. Furthermore, understanding the business's needs will accelerate the need to take a proactive stance.


Keep reading to find out how to download Gartner report.

Learn how to control your IT costs with Asset Management

Do you want to understand the HP Asset Manager solution better?  Now you have the opportunity to learn more about it at an upcoming webinar. We will discuss:

  • Software asset management (SAM) and how it helps you stay license compliant and optimize your license costs
  • HP solution for Oracle license compliance based on Oracle-verified inventory from Universal Discovery
  • Service chargeback and why you need it now more than ever and where to start

Register now:





IT asset management for the cloud era

Have you heard about our new HP Cloud  Automation offerings?  I am excited about the new HP Asset Manager chargeback solution.


Keep reading to find out how Chargeback  can help you get the most out of your private cloud.

Software license compliance—get your organization in order before an audit!

As an IT Service Manager, I know about the thoughts that wake you in the middle of the night—software license compliance.


You wake up wondering if a knock on the door tomorrow is going to be a surprise audit. If there is an audit, are you ready? Are you compliant? Have you checked all your retired machines? Did you leave the oven on? cubes


Keep reading to find out how you can wake from this nightmare and sleep soundly in the future.

Asset Manager's statistics & dashboards: Show the value you deliver to your execs and save your job!

As an IT Asset Manager, am I relevant?

This question can be stressful, but if you know what your team delivers for your organization, understand the substantial savings that you allow through optimized license investments, the avoided software audit fees, the good procurement policy choices that you vendor performance management and TCO (total Cost of Ownership) analysis drive... you can be in peace.


My ITAM team delivers value to my organization, but who knows it?

This one is even more stressful, because whatever you may do, an exec may switch off your projects.


Asset Manager provides an easy way to translate the quality of your data and the automation of your processes into tangible reports: the statistics... so easy and quick implement... so rarely used today! Discover in 5 minutes in this technical and illustrated post how statistics translate your efforts into celebrity and executive sponsorship!


Subscription.png   PandLOfServices.png

Ineffective SAM? - Another company fails Oracle audit - was it intentional?

I read an article this week that AGL energy failed an Oracle audit and had to pay $800k fine.  I believe this is something that was not intentional, but rather an example of an organization where software compliance is not yet part of daily decision making.


I describe a few ways companies can become non-compliant and talk about HP solution for Oracle DB compliance.

Navigate Software Asset Management for your organization’s benefits

Software assets are one of the most important assets an enterprise can have. Without proper protection and guidelines, your software downloads can run amuck.


Today I am talking about the importance of internal policies and guidelines related to Software Asset Management. Keep reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

Software Asset Management and inventory with ISO 19770-2 SWID tags – maximizing benefits

ISO 19770-2 software identification tags have been approved and are available with some software today, but vendor adoption is still relatively low.  This does not mean you can't benefit from using them - in fact, you should be adopting them now, so that you can save time and improve quality of data you work with.  In this post, I am describing a couple of ideas that will allow you to benefit from the standard without waiting for all vendors to adopt them.

Software Asset Management and inventory with ISO 19770-2 SWID tags

If you are struggling with software asset management because you are having a hard time finding a good inventory tool…you are not alone.  Accurate and complete inventory of software in a typical enterprise is virtually impossible.  There are no established standards to make this task easier, there is not a lot of executive visibility to make it a priority, but there may be a “light at the end of the tunnel” in the form of ISO 19770-2 software identification tags (I sometimes like to say it’s either daylight or an oncoming train, LOL!!!).

May I see your license (for asset management) please?

License management answers the questions about what the company owns, what applications can be used and their contractual conditions. Why do licenses matter? When we say license, what do we mean? Unfortunately, “license” may mean several things, depending on the context.

Learn how to automate your software license compliance and maximize your investments

Do you want to understand the HP Software Asset Management (SAM) solution better?  Now you have the opportunity to learn more about it at an upcoming webinar. The HP SAM solution automates software license compliance for worry-free vendor audits and optimizes existing investments to avoid overspending on software.

During the event, we’ll present HP’s two-step gradual approach to successfully adopt SAM. You will hear how a leading European telecommunications organization achieved substantial savings through successfully implementing the SAM program. Continue reading to find out how to participate in the webinar.

Inventory Management: get a complete picture of your enterprise

Inventory management is probably one of the oldest processes in IT. It is responsible for gathering and tracking detailed hardware inventory information (some of it has been ingrained in IT since the first data centers). It is vital for every aspect of the enterprise. Let’s take a closer look at inventory management, but first we should look at where we have been.

Find money in your software licenses

When you get software licenses for your organization, do you buy extras as a precaution? How many extra do you buy?


Are you costing yourself more money to ensure compliance by being “over compliant”.  Continue reading to find out how to check if you are guilty of “over compliance”.

Are you succeeding with your New Year’s resolution to take firm control of your software assets?

If you are an asset manager, internal auditor, director, or vice president of an IT operations department, I likely already know  some of  your New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  I wanted to check how successful you have been so far. Have you completed your internal software audit yet this January? If not, do you have a firm plan to do an audit soon? Do you have an actual scheduled date and time?

Understand the full value of Asset Manager on Software Asset Management!

Asset Manager brings tremendous values in Software Asset Management… That helps HP customers optimize their license investments while minimize their legal risk on software compliance.

Please join Nicolas Rousseau, Sr. Product Manager of Asset Manager, in a 90 minutes webinar where he goes through the value that Asset Manager provides in SAM.


If you want to get a quick overview of SAM through meaningful screen shots, have a look to:


“Automated License Management” - partner webinar on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST

Configure Consulting, Inc. is presenting a live webinar titled “30 days to Automated License Management”.  This is an introduction to a turn-key solution they’re offering to help companies achieve quick ROI on software license management.  Configure Consulting will describe the automated discovery, tracking, and reporting features and relate their benefits to license governance, compliance, and simplified management.  They’ll also describe the quick-start service that enables the 30-day success.  A focused demonstration using HP’s Software Asset Management module will tie it all together.

Register at:

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Asset Manager 9.32 just released!

Asset Manager 9.32 has just been released. This is minor minor version that includes the cumulated available fixes… it also brings the following enhancements versus 9.31:

  • Ability to customize system scripts and wizards. A re-direction mechanism allow the set a customized wizard or action that will be launched when clicking on the Out Of The Box wizards (see screen shot below)
  • Extended rights for the guest user: the guest user is an occasional user who can review and modify his own assets, create request and validate workflow tasks.
  • Extensions of the database to support the functionalities brought by the Cloud Billing package (extension of subscriptions).


As a reminder, you don’t need to upgrade Asset Manager to get additional business value for Asset Manager. Please access HP Asset Manager live Network on to download the latest SAM Best practice, Cloud Billing or Web Usability package. You need to be an Asset Manager customer to access this content material.

HP Asset Manager goes mobile

Respond to asset requests from anywhere and at anytime


How do people react in your IT organization when they are asked to provide updates for their assets? Many are not delighted, I suppose, partially because they have to report changes through tools they do not often use. The HP Asset Manager’s first mobile application, Asset Lookup, means that this task should never be ‘overlooked’ again. Asset Lookup allows all IT users to view their assets and report any changes from their smart phone or tablet. If the asset is lost or stolen, has changed location, or has some other inaccurate information, IT users can easily submit a ticket and quickly respond to audit requests.

Cloud Billing: Asset Manager 9.30 to CSA3.0 integration released!

HP just released the new integration between CSA3.0 (HP Cloud Service Automation) and Asset Manager 9.30.

This provides a simple, cost effective and extensible HP solution for managing the billing of the services deployed by CSA… The integration propagates catalogs, service subscriptions and deployed services from CSA to Asset Manager that generates bills for the consumers of the services.

Discover the value and the details with a guided visit!



Everything you dream to know about the HP Asset Manager web client...

How to build a welcome page that will include dashboards, links and buttons adapted to the profile of the user that logs on?

How to use meaningful urls to launch external applications (View the incidents in Service Manager for the detail of a computer in AM) or access any list, dashboard or detail in Asset manager?

How can you launch Asset manager on a detail from the context of another application (view asset detail in SM from the context on an incident) ?

How to tune the web client for better performance?

What does the web usability package bring?


Everything you dream to know about the Asset Manager Web Client is in the attached presentation.


New Asset Manager Web Usability package: get additional web usability features for free!

For several years now, Asset Manager has been providing value to its customers out of the release cycles through content packages: SAM Best Practice package, Cloud Billing package... and now: Web Usability package.

Discover the exciting features (QBEs, advanced filters, multi record edition, welcome wizards...) and see a quick tour with screen shots of what you can get for free with a 30 second import into Asset Manager 9.3X or 5.2X.

New SAM Best Practice package! SAP, extended license sku library, implementation console...

Asset Manager stays on top in Software Asset Management with the release of this new cumulative package that adds to the Out Of The Box best practices released under the SAM content package:

- More coverage with not less than 50 new applications and titles covered by the out of the box counters

- Streamlined implementation with the SAM BP implementation console

- More processes (merge discovered computers with procured ones, renew maintenance contract...)

- Better integrations: extension of the SKU license library for license data import, integration with SAP License analysis Workbench (LAW) to integrate SAP users accounts reconciled with procured licenses by OOB counters

- An Asset Manager SAM presentation and fast tour was added to the package that gives the big picture, before drilling down into details.


Asset Manager keeps providing more value without implementation effort.


Manage your software compliance for your configurations provisioned through External Cloud Services.

What are the licensing rules for platforms provided by external cloud services providers? How to ensure your license compliance in the Hybrid IT world? Find in this post simple and practical answers to a question that seems complex in a first look.

Asset Manager and DDMI offer a simple and efficient solution.


AM for Cloud.jpg 

Discover Asset Manager in a 20 minute video with live demo

A new video introducing Asset Manager has just been updated in the Asset Manager Public web site.

It covers the value of all modules and drills down on SAM and Management of Cloud services (Service costing, subscriptions management, cloud billing). This is a live demo. This video is public, posted on the HP Asset Manager Public web site: / in the  section demo / trial section: view the video

Asset Manager 9.31 has been released!

Discover the content of this new maintenance release the brings a scalable and unicode version the web client on Linux platforms...

Do you want to have a quick tour of Asset Manager SAM?

10 screen shots with comments give a better understanding than a 40 slides presentation on the value that HP Asset Manager brings to its customers in Software Asset Management... have a look and enjoy!

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