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Dimensions of Software Asset Management/License Optimization—What size is right for you?

Rightsize licenses.pngThere is a great deal of focus on software asset management and software license optimization in the marketplace today.  Vendors continue to make amazing claims about their capabilities and IT asset managers continue to struggle to gain control over their SAM programs.


As with many things, success of SAM/SLO programs depends on your approach.  The “dimensions” series of blogs attempts to provide my view of how to optimize the SAM/SLO program and maximize benefits from it. Keep reading to find out how to achieve these benefits for yourself.

Is ITAM impacted by adoption of cloud services?

The transition to cloud services can be disruptive.  I will discuss how IT Asset Management is impacted by cloud service adoption.  In my opinion, ITAM becomes even more important than ever as IT focuses more on managing costs and comparing their offerings to public alternatives, not simply management of the IT infrastructure.

SAP on Software Asset Management at HP Discover Barcelona


HP Discover in Barcelona promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for  Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices from some of the best companies in the world I have some suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your time in Barcelona. 



Keep customers smiling with service asset management

Don’t worry. We all used to have them… stacks of catalogs that we would thumb through to find what we needed. Unfortunately not every catalog contained what we are looking for, so we would spend more time searching between them all.


There is a more effective way for IT to offer services and manage them. Continue reading to find out how you can keep customers smiling with a service offer catalog.

Keep demanding customers happy with the power of service asset management

Point, Click, Ship. That is how we all shop now days, right? What are the implications for IT when users are accustomed to instantaneous delivery and complete control?


Continue reading to find out what IT can do to keep users content while still maintaining control.  I have to say, this sure is an interesting time to work in IT!


“Leverage Your Asset Data for Maximum Benefit”, a webinar on Wed. June 5th

HP Software partner Configure Consulting Inc. will present “Leverage Your Asset Data for Maximum Benefit”, a webinar on Wed. June 5th at 1pm EDT.  The webinar will present the benefits of leveraging existing investment in HP Asset Manager to help streamline lifecycle asset management processes and will highlight how using Asset Manager modules can enhance an existing implementation of ITAM.  HP AM modules to be discussed include Procurement, Portfolio, Financials, Software Assets, and Contracts.  The webinar will be presented by La Ron K. Jenkins, Senior Consultant - IT Asset Management, Configure Consulting Inc.  La Ron is an HP ExpertOne certified specialist and has successfully implemented Asset Management solutions in banking, pharmaceutical and financial, and has developed a deep understanding across the HP ITPS Suite including HP Asset Manager, Connect-It, DDMi and UCMDB/Discover. 

6 sessions and 2 booths that you won’t want to miss at HP Discover

HP Discover in Las Vegas June 11-13 promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for the “cream of the crop” IT Asset Management sessions, I have a few suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered.

HP rated ‘Positive’ in Gartner MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository 2013


According to Gartner, never before have new device types, with smaller, mobile form factors, or new styles of computing emerged so rapidly. This necessitates a proactive stance toward ITAM — ITAM managers need to know more about technology than they did in the past. Furthermore, understanding the business's needs will accelerate the need to take a proactive stance.


Keep reading to find out how to download Gartner report.

Asset Manager 9.32 just released!

Asset Manager 9.32 has just been released. This is minor minor version that includes the cumulated available fixes… it also brings the following enhancements versus 9.31:

  • Ability to customize system scripts and wizards. A re-direction mechanism allow the set a customized wizard or action that will be launched when clicking on the Out Of The Box wizards (see screen shot below)
  • Extended rights for the guest user: the guest user is an occasional user who can review and modify his own assets, create request and validate workflow tasks.
  • Extensions of the database to support the functionalities brought by the Cloud Billing package (extension of subscriptions).


As a reminder, you don’t need to upgrade Asset Manager to get additional business value for Asset Manager. Please access HP Asset Manager live Network on to download the latest SAM Best practice, Cloud Billing or Web Usability package. You need to be an Asset Manager customer to access this content material.

Cloud Billing: Asset Manager 9.30 to CSA3.0 integration released!

HP just released the new integration between CSA3.0 (HP Cloud Service Automation) and Asset Manager 9.30.

This provides a simple, cost effective and extensible HP solution for managing the billing of the services deployed by CSA… The integration propagates catalogs, service subscriptions and deployed services from CSA to Asset Manager that generates bills for the consumers of the services.

Discover the value and the details with a guided visit!



Everything you dream to know about the HP Asset Manager web client...

How to build a welcome page that will include dashboards, links and buttons adapted to the profile of the user that logs on?

How to use meaningful urls to launch external applications (View the incidents in Service Manager for the detail of a computer in AM) or access any list, dashboard or detail in Asset manager?

How can you launch Asset manager on a detail from the context of another application (view asset detail in SM from the context on an incident) ?

How to tune the web client for better performance?

What does the web usability package bring?


Everything you dream to know about the Asset Manager Web Client is in the attached presentation.


New Asset Manager Web Usability package: get additional web usability features for free!

For several years now, Asset Manager has been providing value to its customers out of the release cycles through content packages: SAM Best Practice package, Cloud Billing package... and now: Web Usability package.

Discover the exciting features (QBEs, advanced filters, multi record edition, welcome wizards...) and see a quick tour with screen shots of what you can get for free with a 30 second import into Asset Manager 9.3X or 5.2X.

New SAM Best Practice package! SAP, extended license sku library, implementation console...

Asset Manager stays on top in Software Asset Management with the release of this new cumulative package that adds to the Out Of The Box best practices released under the SAM content package:

- More coverage with not less than 50 new applications and titles covered by the out of the box counters

- Streamlined implementation with the SAM BP implementation console

- More processes (merge discovered computers with procured ones, renew maintenance contract...)

- Better integrations: extension of the SKU license library for license data import, integration with SAP License analysis Workbench (LAW) to integrate SAP users accounts reconciled with procured licenses by OOB counters

- An Asset Manager SAM presentation and fast tour was added to the package that gives the big picture, before drilling down into details.


Asset Manager keeps providing more value without implementation effort.


With the Cloud Billing Package V1, HP Asset Manager drives IT out of the fog into the Cloud!

Here is the age of Hybrid IT. The IT organization delivers services to its end users... using an infrastructure that can be owned by the IT, or fulfilled over the cloud. Managing IT as a P&L is the best way to prove its value to the other businesses while optimizing the costs for delivering the services.


Discover the New Cloud Billing Package that extends Asset Manager capabilities to support the IT providing internal and external services and manage users' subscriptions and related billing.

HP Asset Manager consistently ranked #1 by analysts on ITAM and SAM!

HP Asset Manager is regularly ranked leader for its value to customers and wide and deep functional coverage in IT Asset Management. Learn more on how Gartner, EMA and Info-Tech Research Group evaluated recently Asset Manager and its competitors

Asset Manager 9.30 @ Home – Manage your home like your business

Tired of having a home in chaos? IT Asset Management processes and technology are now available to bring discipline and transparency to the household management market.

Is IT compliance getting harder or are audits just happening more often?

I was talking with a sales rep the other day about a couple HP Asset Manager sales.  It made me think, “What took his customers, or more precisely, his customer’s auditors so long to raise a concern about how IT was managing their assets?”  “Why was the way IT had done it in the past, no longer good enough?” ...and "Is he seeing a trend or is it just a coincidence that several of his accounts are issuing RFPs for ITAM compliance support?"


It made me think: "Are seeing a “material” increase in IT Asset Management investments under the rubric of compliance?"  This led me to five ideas about what might be driving this...

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