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Are you ready for an Oracle audit? Must-read advice from Gartner

how to survive an oracle software audit.pngLike many major vendors, Oracle has been stepping up its reviews of customer accounts. Here are some important recommendations from Gartner for how software asset managers can ensure their processes comply with Oracle’s unique license terms and policies — and avoid costly penalty fees.

HP Discover 2014 - Calling all HP ITAM & SAM success stories

discover13_banner_295x101.jpgAre you an HP customer or partner who is an industry leader with an IT Asset Management (ITAM) or Software Asset Management (SAM) implementation?


We invite you to share your ITAM or SAM success story at this year’s HP Discover event in Las Vegas June 10-12.   


Keep reading to find out how you can share your success story!

Many talents of SAM: see what all it can do!


Some people think that Software Asset Management (SAM) is difficult to deal with.  I hate to argue, but I tend to disagree. When handled correctly, SAM is capable of handling many of your critical business needs.


Keep reading to learn how SAM can help you. 


SAP talks about their Software Asset Management processes

The best knowledge comes from first-hand experience. The opportunity to hear from someone who has been on the path ahead of you is invaluable.


Join us for an upcoming webinar and hear how SAP has learned to optimize their licenses and maintain compliance.  Keep reading to find out how you can attend.

Leverage the IBM License Metric Tool to know your compliance status with a free download!

Do you currently use IBM License Metric Tool (IBMLT)? We have an announcement for you! HP Asset Manager now integrates with IBMLT and uses it as an inventory source.





Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from this integration and how you can download it for free.

With proper software asset management, you can avoid “paying it again”

SAM.jpgThere are two different types of organizations when it comes to software asset management—the “over licensures” and the “under licensures”. Which side do you identify with?


Keep reading to find out what steps you can take to avoid “paying for it again” SAM.


Guest post by Rafael Brugnini,  President and General Manager for HP Software in EMEA

SAP on Software Asset Management at HP Discover Barcelona


HP Discover in Barcelona promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for  Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices from some of the best companies in the world I have some suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your time in Barcelona. 



How dynamic should software asset management be? 4 IT drivers for your SAM system

rory canahan.jpegImagine your software asset management system as a living breathing animal. If you don’t monitor and care for it properly, it will easily get out of hand.


Keep reading to learn how to maintain and control SAM by taking a step back and evaluating its true purpose.


Guest post by

Rory Canavan – CEO, SAM Charter

6 sessions and 2 booths that you won’t want to miss at HP Discover

HP Discover in Las Vegas June 11-13 promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for the “cream of the crop” IT Asset Management sessions, I have a few suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered.

Software license compliance—get your organization in order before an audit!

As an IT Service Manager, I know about the thoughts that wake you in the middle of the night—software license compliance.


You wake up wondering if a knock on the door tomorrow is going to be a surprise audit. If there is an audit, are you ready? Are you compliant? Have you checked all your retired machines? Did you leave the oven on? cubes


Keep reading to find out how you can wake from this nightmare and sleep soundly in the future.

Navigate Software Asset Management for your organization’s benefits

Software assets are one of the most important assets an enterprise can have. Without proper protection and guidelines, your software downloads can run amuck.


Today I am talking about the importance of internal policies and guidelines related to Software Asset Management. Keep reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

May I see your license (for asset management) please?

License management answers the questions about what the company owns, what applications can be used and their contractual conditions. Why do licenses matter? When we say license, what do we mean? Unfortunately, “license” may mean several things, depending on the context.

Are you succeeding with your New Year’s resolution to take firm control of your software assets?

If you are an asset manager, internal auditor, director, or vice president of an IT operations department, I likely already know  some of  your New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  I wanted to check how successful you have been so far. Have you completed your internal software audit yet this January? If not, do you have a firm plan to do an audit soon? Do you have an actual scheduled date and time?

“Automated License Management” - partner webinar on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST

Configure Consulting, Inc. is presenting a live webinar titled “30 days to Automated License Management”.  This is an introduction to a turn-key solution they’re offering to help companies achieve quick ROI on software license management.  Configure Consulting will describe the automated discovery, tracking, and reporting features and relate their benefits to license governance, compliance, and simplified management.  They’ll also describe the quick-start service that enables the 30-day success.  A focused demonstration using HP’s Software Asset Management module will tie it all together.

Register at:

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A new HP SAM Best Practice package released!

Asset Manager provides for free to its SAM customers every other month updated SAM Best Practice content package that contains software compliance counters, dashboards and reports and allows a straight forward implementation of Software Asset Management on a list of publishers and titles that is constantly expending. More than 130 titles and versions, Microsoft, Adobe,Oracle (core factors), IBM (PVU), VMWare and now Symantec, Autocad and... HP Asset Manager and HP DDMI. Here are the details of this new package. 

HP Asset Manager, the solution for your Oracle Compliance (full white paper)

Oracle is one of the top 3 publishers where enterprise companies invest their money today. The official price list for one Oracle Enterprise Edition processor license is today $47 500 (!

… and Oracle license compliance is one of the most challenging to maintain

An Oracle compliance audit can quickly turn into a very expensive exercise. HP Asset Manager, with the Oracle SAM Best Practice package, gives you the tools and best practices to help avoid cold sweat.

This white paper gives you a practical understanding of Oracle Licensing, as well as HP Asset Manager’s answers and ready to use solutions for being successful in Oracle compliance management.  It finishes with an Oracle SAM tour in Asset Manager across the interface. With Asset Manager, you can achieve huge savings savings through license use optimization and decreased legal risk through crystal clear visibility on compliance.

HP Asset Manager, the solution for your Oracle Compliance (2)

Second post of the series of 3,  this article explains in details how Asset Manager provides quick and easy solution to the tricky challenges of managing Oracle database compliance.

New HP SAM Best Practice Package released

Learn more about the HP SAM Best Practice Package that bring the content for a press button Software Asset Management on Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle.

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