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Dimensions of Software Asset Management/License Optimization—What size is right for you?

Rightsize licenses.pngThere is a great deal of focus on software asset management and software license optimization in the marketplace today.  Vendors continue to make amazing claims about their capabilities and IT asset managers continue to struggle to gain control over their SAM programs.


As with many things, success of SAM/SLO programs depends on your approach.  The “dimensions” series of blogs attempts to provide my view of how to optimize the SAM/SLO program and maximize benefits from it. Keep reading to find out how to achieve these benefits for yourself.

Understand the full value of Asset Manager on Software Asset Management!

Asset Manager brings tremendous values in Software Asset Management… That helps HP customers optimize their license investments while minimize their legal risk on software compliance.

Please join Nicolas Rousseau, Sr. Product Manager of Asset Manager, in a 90 minutes webinar where he goes through the value that Asset Manager provides in SAM.


If you want to get a quick overview of SAM through meaningful screen shots, have a look to:


“Automated License Management” - partner webinar on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST

Configure Consulting, Inc. is presenting a live webinar titled “30 days to Automated License Management”.  This is an introduction to a turn-key solution they’re offering to help companies achieve quick ROI on software license management.  Configure Consulting will describe the automated discovery, tracking, and reporting features and relate their benefits to license governance, compliance, and simplified management.  They’ll also describe the quick-start service that enables the 30-day success.  A focused demonstration using HP’s Software Asset Management module will tie it all together.

Register at:

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Asset Manager 9.32 just released!

Asset Manager 9.32 has just been released. This is minor minor version that includes the cumulated available fixes… it also brings the following enhancements versus 9.31:

  • Ability to customize system scripts and wizards. A re-direction mechanism allow the set a customized wizard or action that will be launched when clicking on the Out Of The Box wizards (see screen shot below)
  • Extended rights for the guest user: the guest user is an occasional user who can review and modify his own assets, create request and validate workflow tasks.
  • Extensions of the database to support the functionalities brought by the Cloud Billing package (extension of subscriptions).


As a reminder, you don’t need to upgrade Asset Manager to get additional business value for Asset Manager. Please access HP Asset Manager live Network on to download the latest SAM Best practice, Cloud Billing or Web Usability package. You need to be an Asset Manager customer to access this content material.

Everything you dream to know about the HP Asset Manager web client...

How to build a welcome page that will include dashboards, links and buttons adapted to the profile of the user that logs on?

How to use meaningful urls to launch external applications (View the incidents in Service Manager for the detail of a computer in AM) or access any list, dashboard or detail in Asset manager?

How can you launch Asset manager on a detail from the context of another application (view asset detail in SM from the context on an incident) ?

How to tune the web client for better performance?

What does the web usability package bring?


Everything you dream to know about the Asset Manager Web Client is in the attached presentation.


New Asset Manager Web Usability package: get additional web usability features for free!

For several years now, Asset Manager has been providing value to its customers out of the release cycles through content packages: SAM Best Practice package, Cloud Billing package... and now: Web Usability package.

Discover the exciting features (QBEs, advanced filters, multi record edition, welcome wizards...) and see a quick tour with screen shots of what you can get for free with a 30 second import into Asset Manager 9.3X or 5.2X.

New SAM Best Practice package! SAP, extended license sku library, implementation console...

Asset Manager stays on top in Software Asset Management with the release of this new cumulative package that adds to the Out Of The Box best practices released under the SAM content package:

- More coverage with not less than 50 new applications and titles covered by the out of the box counters

- Streamlined implementation with the SAM BP implementation console

- More processes (merge discovered computers with procured ones, renew maintenance contract...)

- Better integrations: extension of the SKU license library for license data import, integration with SAP License analysis Workbench (LAW) to integrate SAP users accounts reconciled with procured licenses by OOB counters

- An Asset Manager SAM presentation and fast tour was added to the package that gives the big picture, before drilling down into details.


Asset Manager keeps providing more value without implementation effort.


Asset Manager 9.31 has been released!

Discover the content of this new maintenance release the brings a scalable and unicode version the web client on Linux platforms...

Asset Manager Web Client: create your filters to access screens (QBE) in 20 minutes!

Asset Manager Windows client offers a flexible way to define filters that will pop up when you want to access any screen (QBE filters, Query By Example). Just listing the fields in the screen definition, Asset Manager will generate the multi criteria filter.


The Web client exposes the QBE filter in the "filters" drop down list when you are on a screen. Note that a "simplified filters" option introduced in 9.30 now allows screen by screen, a better control of what will be displayed.


This very short technical document shows how ta create very easily the same user experience in the Web client and in the Windows client:

The user clickes on the screen name he wants to access, a list of filters pops up, the user fills the criteria and the filtered screen is launched.


- No need to load all the records before filtering (performance)

- Less clicks, better user experience.  

Struggling with Oracle compliance? Fearing an audit? HP Asset Manager is the plug and play solution!

Oracle is one of the top 3 publishers where enterprise companies invest their money today. The official price list for one Oracle Enterprise Edition processor license is today $47 500 (!

… and Oracle license compliance is one of the most challenging to maintain

An Oracle compliance audit can quickly turn into a very expensive exercise. HP Asset Manager, with the Oracle SAM Best Practice package, gives you the tools and best practices to help avoid cold sweat.

This series of 3 weekly posts will give you a practical understanding of Oracle Licensing, as well as HP Asset Manager’s answers and ready to use solutions for being successful in Oracle compliance management.  The series will finish with an Oracle SAM tour in Asset Manager across the interface. With Asset Manager, you can achieve huge savings savings through license use optimization and decreased legal risk through crystal clear visibility on compliance.

Asset Manager 9.30 @ Home – Manage your home like your business

Tired of having a home in chaos? IT Asset Management processes and technology are now available to bring discipline and transparency to the household management market.

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