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Understanding Linked Reports and other essential capabilities for Asset Management

How many reports does your team review? Don’t you wish there was an easy way to compile related reports into a single view?


With the recent HP Asset Manager (AM) 9.41 release, we introduced “In-tool Reports” to enable designers to create reports for the AM web client. Keep reading to find out how they work and what they mean for your team’s sanity.

Changing user experience with Asset Manager 9.41

ITAM Figure 1.PNGHP Asset Manager is a well-respected, mature IT asset management product.  Customers love its capabilities and appreciate the depth of asset lifecycle process support. 


However, until 9.41, customers were left wanting when it came to usability.  The latest release builds on the web UI foundation and delivers high impact features to the web UI.

Align your data with HP and BDNA

HP and BDNA.jpgAre you struggling with data alignment complexities with your Software Asset Management Implementation? 


HP and BDNA Software have partnered together to eliminate these complexities.


HP Asset Manager SAM and BDNA want to make solving the problem easier for you by taking out the guess work, especially as it relates to license and data complexities.


Keep reading to learn more on how to make SAM simple!


Guest post by Mike Grainge

Sr. Product Manager

Are you ready for an Oracle audit? Must-read advice from Gartner

how to survive an oracle software audit.pngLike many major vendors, Oracle has been stepping up its reviews of customer accounts. Here are some important recommendations from Gartner for how software asset managers can ensure their processes comply with Oracle’s unique license terms and policies — and avoid costly penalty fees.

Dimensions of Software Asset Management/License Optimization—What size is right for you?

Rightsize licenses.pngThere is a great deal of focus on software asset management and software license optimization in the marketplace today.  Vendors continue to make amazing claims about their capabilities and IT asset managers continue to struggle to gain control over their SAM programs.


As with many things, success of SAM/SLO programs depends on your approach.  The “dimensions” series of blogs attempts to provide my view of how to optimize the SAM/SLO program and maximize benefits from it. Keep reading to find out how to achieve these benefits for yourself.

Bring out the benefits of Web Client Record Search of IT Asset Manager

Finding the information you are looking for has just gotten easier. With Record Search within the Web Client of HP Asset Manager 9.40, it is easy to find the asset, portfolio item, contract or request line you are looking for.


Keep reading to find out how you can install Record Search and how it can help you.

3 steps to easier Asset Manager Web Server Installation

Do you sometimes just want the condensed version of what you are looking for? This is especially true with software installation instructions.  In other words, just cut to the chase…


Well, we hear you loud and clear and know that there is the long version and the short version when it comes to providing technology tips and tricks. We know you want the quick sheet to install, and we are more than happy to deliver.


This technical blogging post is intentionally thinned down to the essentials for what you should look out for with the installation of HP with Asset Manager Web Server.


Keep reading to learn more on making HP AM Web Server installation as smooth and simple as possible!

Cloud asset management - Resource management

One of the focus areas in managing cloud environments is resource management.  We often consider operational considerations like CPU, storage, memory, etc. as resource management.   What about money?  Money is also a resource and by controlling who spends it and how much they spend, we can ensure that the IT resources are consumed in an efficient manner.


IT Asset Management plays an important role in converting money into IT resources and translating IT resources back into money (chargeback) for the rest of the business. This responsibility  ensures that all corporate resources are used in the most optimum way.

Cloud asset management - IT Service Chargeback

One of the key components of cloud environments is chargeback.  So why are not companies adopting chargeback.  What benefits are they missing?


In this article I discuss the role chargeback plays in organizations where IT has become a service broker.  I discuss how chargeback can control "hoarding" behaviours and help ensure efficient consumption of IT resources on ongoing basis.

HP Discover 2014 - Calling all HP ITAM & SAM success stories

discover13_banner_295x101.jpgAre you an HP customer or partner who is an industry leader with an IT Asset Management (ITAM) or Software Asset Management (SAM) implementation?


We invite you to share your ITAM or SAM success story at this year’s HP Discover event in Las Vegas June 10-12.   


Keep reading to find out how you can share your success story!

Join us at the International Strategic Software Asset & License Management event in Berlin

You do not have to CHOOSE to lose money anymore because of ineffective software asset management. You can stop the spending and instead develop a comprehensive system.


Keep reading to find out where we will be during the International Strategic Software Asset & Licenses Management Event in Berlin. This is your opportunity to get the answers you have been looking for. 



Is ITAM impacted by adoption of cloud services?

The transition to cloud services can be disruptive.  I will discuss how IT Asset Management is impacted by cloud service adoption.  In my opinion, ITAM becomes even more important than ever as IT focuses more on managing costs and comparing their offerings to public alternatives, not simply management of the IT infrastructure.

Many talents of SAM: see what all it can do!


Some people think that Software Asset Management (SAM) is difficult to deal with.  I hate to argue, but I tend to disagree. When handled correctly, SAM is capable of handling many of your critical business needs.


Keep reading to learn how SAM can help you. 


SAP talks about their Software Asset Management processes

The best knowledge comes from first-hand experience. The opportunity to hear from someone who has been on the path ahead of you is invaluable.


Join us for an upcoming webinar and hear how SAP has learned to optimize their licenses and maintain compliance.  Keep reading to find out how you can attend.

Leverage the IBM License Metric Tool to know your compliance status with a free download!

Do you currently use IBM License Metric Tool (IBMLT)? We have an announcement for you! HP Asset Manager now integrates with IBMLT and uses it as an inventory source.





Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from this integration and how you can download it for free.

Join us at the HP Software Asset Management Showcase 2014

Join us for a complimentary HP event held in partnership with SAP and Equifax, on January 21, 2014. This is your opportunity to discuss SAM best practices, tips and tricks with SAP and Equifax. You can attend in person in Frankfurt Germany or in some of the European HP offices.


Keep reading to find out how you can register and attend. 

With proper software asset management, you can avoid “paying it again”

SAM.jpgThere are two different types of organizations when it comes to software asset management—the “over licensures” and the “under licensures”. Which side do you identify with?


Keep reading to find out what steps you can take to avoid “paying for it again” SAM.


Guest post by Rafael Brugnini,  President and General Manager for HP Software in EMEA

SAP on Software Asset Management at HP Discover Barcelona


HP Discover in Barcelona promises to be an exciting week. If you are attending and looking for  Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices from some of the best companies in the world I have some suggestions for you.


Discover is also where you will have the opportunity to experience our latest software firsthand and meet with our experts to get any questions you may have answered. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your time in Barcelona. 



IAITAM asset management conference in sunny St. Petersburg Florida – It’s a wrap!

st-pete-beach.jpgThe three days I recently spent at the IAITAM conference in St. Petersburg were amazing. I spent time talking with customers and attendees and I enjoyed hearing what they think about our products.


Keep reading to find out what people stay they are struggling with and if they found answers to these pain points.


Guest post by Derek Iverson, HP Presales Solutions Architect

How dynamic should software asset management be? 4 IT drivers for your SAM system

rory canahan.jpegImagine your software asset management system as a living breathing animal. If you don’t monitor and care for it properly, it will easily get out of hand.


Keep reading to learn how to maintain and control SAM by taking a step back and evaluating its true purpose.


Guest post by

Rory Canavan – CEO, SAM Charter

Talking asset management in sunny Florida

2013FALLHEADER.jpgWhile some parts of the US are looking at feet of snow and a looming difficult winter, I am escaping next week to St. Petersburg Florida to the International Association of IT Asset Managers conference.


Keep reading to find out where you can meet HP ITAM experts and what sessions you can’t miss.

3 Predictions for asset management in 2014

I recently returned from Gartner’s IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit. It was an engaging conference and was filled with thoughts and predictions about asset management, mobility and BYOD.


Keep reading to find out what the crystal ball had to say about these vital IT topics and what they suggested to do to stay ahead of them. 




HP booth crew (from links): Vesna, Mark Bradley, Addy Wang and Richard Hawes

Webinar on September 25, 2013: Chargeback and showback for successful cloud

Cloud computing has changed the business of IT, offering new choices for the Line of Business (LOB). In some cases your LOB customers will choose between IT or public services. Even if they do not go to the public cloud for security reasons, your IT organization will still be compared to public cloud service costs. IT needs to be prepared to respond to this through the cost management of cloud environments.


Continue reading to find out how to participate in the webinar where you will learn how to make cloud costs visible.  

Keep customers smiling with service asset management

Don’t worry. We all used to have them… stacks of catalogs that we would thumb through to find what we needed. Unfortunately not every catalog contained what we are looking for, so we would spend more time searching between them all.


There is a more effective way for IT to offer services and manage them. Continue reading to find out how you can keep customers smiling with a service offer catalog.

Keep demanding customers happy with the power of service asset management

Point, Click, Ship. That is how we all shop now days, right? What are the implications for IT when users are accustomed to instantaneous delivery and complete control?


Continue reading to find out what IT can do to keep users content while still maintaining control.  I have to say, this sure is an interesting time to work in IT!


Webinar: Steamlining the Procurement Process with IT Asset Mgmt - July 23rd

Did you know that 4% of asset cost is tied up in your Procurement process and procedures? Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce that percentage as much as possible? Attend Configure Consulting’s webinar to learn how to do just that!


Date and time: July 23, 2013 1:00 PM (EDT)

Registration is available until July 22, 2013 5:00 PM (EDT). Register Now


Click here to review the detailed webinar program



HP Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback – Get your cloud services costs under control

How can you show the value of IT if you can’t provide supporting figures? How do you know how your service is truly being received if you can’t measure it?


These are tough questions to answer if you don’t have the proper metering capability set up on your systems.  Keep reading to find out how you can really find out how to meet your customer’s needs by monitoring what they currently use.



HP Asset Manager 9.40 and CloudSystem Chargeback (CSC) have been released!

We are proud to announce the release of Asset Manager 9.40 and CloudSystem Chargeback that bring HP's customers additional value for managing their ITAM processes: Asset Tracking, Procurement, Contract Management, Software Asset Management and Financial Management. Asset Manager provides an enhanced platform to support these processes. Discover the web platform enhancements, and the plug and play Cloud Billing value delivered by CSC in this post.






Software Asset Management: Challenges and Opportunities - Webinar

What does Software Asset Management (SAM) mean to an enterprise organization? Let’s take a look at the challenges and opportunities, what processes are involved in a successful control of the license purchases vs. software deployments and what benefits can result from applying best practices supported by efficient tools.


 During the webinar, Nicolas Rousseau will present how to efficiently track the hardware and software inventory and reconcile in an intelligent way the deployments to the licenses entitlements, applying out of the box best practices for hundreds of titles and versions.


Register here:



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