Want to get an aggregated view of your computers' history in HP Asset Manager?

Asset Manager has a rich relational database that allows manage all information of your assets, which enable ITAM processes tha Asset Manager supports (Assets life cycle  management, contract management, Software Asset Management, financial management...).

This is done through a powerful database schema that captures all dimensions of your assets. For instance, a computer will have information related to its status, and link to user and location in the amPortfolio table, information related to its costs and links to contracts in the amAsset table and all technical information related to its configuration (CPU type, RAM, IP address…) in amComputer.

This can result into a challenge, when trying to understand what events occurred related to the computer. The historization feature of Asset Manager allows to capture any change for any field or link, table by table. As a result, the history information for a unique computer is dispersed in several history pages (the Asset History, Portfolio history and Computer history).

Getting a unique view on the history of an asset would make the audit activities easier.


Create the following action


Name: View all history records

Context: amPortfolio

Domain: /Asset lifecycle/Infrastructure management/

Type: Script


RetVal = amOpenScreen("amHistory", "", "(lHistObjId = " & [lPortfolioItemId] & " AND HistObjTable = 'amPortfolio') OR (lHistObjId = " & [Computer.lComputerId] & " AND HistObjTable = 'amComputer') OR (lHistObjId = " & [lAstId] & " AND HistObjTable = 'amAsset')", 0, "")


As a result, you can launch the action from the Portfolio items screen


Lauch All Histroy Records from PFI list


... and get the list of changes that occured on your computer... on the different tables


All Histroy Records


| ‎11-04-2011 12:51 AM

That's brilliant, it's a long standing bugbear of ours.

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