New Asset Manager Web Usability package: get additional web usability features for free!

For several years now, Asset Manager has been providing value to its customers out of the release cycles through content packages: SAM Best Practice package, Cloud Billing package... and now: Web Usability package.


The web usability package has recently been released.


With a simple import, you will get the ability

  • To access all your screens through quick search filters (QBE)
  • To create advanced filters in an easy and intuitive way
  • To do selection and multi edition of records
  • To get an aggregated view of your history across tables

The documentation explains the approach and how to extend easily these best practices. You will also get hint on how to tune the interface through personalized welcome wizards, intelligent business home pages and simplified filters.


The Web Usability package is a zip file with documentation and import files. It can be downloaded on HP Live Network Asset Manager Business content section


Run the import, it takes 5 seconds!




1) The package installs QBEs on Portfolio, Assets, Contracts, Employee tables.

Quick way of filter what you want to work on before you open the screen




You can also decide to use the intuitive "advanced filter" option


Advanced Filter Choose Filed1.jpg*


Choose the attribute you want to filter on


Advanced Filter Choose Filed2.jpg


Choose operator and value




Build your filter query choosing other attributes, values and AND / OR conditions


Build your query.jpg


2) The package imports a multi selection / multi edition wizard

Select the records you want to modify with the native QBE




You can at any time view the items you will modify with the "Show selected items" button




After making multiple filters / selections, click on "next" to modify the records


Multi edit.jpg


Once the modifications are done, clicking on "Finish", the wizard will open the Portfolio items screen showing the modified records.




3) The Web Usability package provides a "view cross table history" contextual action

Select the record you want to see all history on (computer for instance) and launch the action


View all history.jpg


Asset Manager will show history across the tables for this record


Consolidated history.jpg


4) The Web Usability package documentation also provides good hints on tuning the user interface.

In particular, the "welcome action" can launch a wizard, specific to the user's profile, or even specific to the user himself.

This page can provide hyper links that point to any Asset Manager screen, dashboard or homepage... It buttons that will link to screens or launch other wizards...




The wizard can also expose dashboards.








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