Asset Manager 9.30 @ Home – Manage your home like your business

What do you get when you take the best of the HP’s “Instant on” and HP’s “Everybody on” campaigns?  You get a whole new offering for the home that is based on HP’s leading enterprise software!  We are thrilled to announce a truly innovative capability that will revolutionize how you manage your personal assets and govern your home.  While HP Asset Manager has focused on enterprise IT, AM @Home will provide a version of Asset Manager configured specifically for the needs and challenges of the modern family.  You will now be able to apply the same asset management practices at home that you have come to rely on for compliance, accountability, and business insight at work.


Says Dewey Cheatem, a Chief Information Security Officer in the San Francisco bay area, “I am so glad HP has made the decision to make IT asset management accessible to the home consumer.  I have three teenagers. They are good kids, and, like most kids they really enjoy music.  But, I really worried that the RIAA might start suing its customers again.  In fact, my worries were getting the better of me.  I started having trouble sleeping.  Every time my kids would sing along with a song on the radio, I would panic and wonder if they knew the words because they had been listening to an illegal copy of the song.  Whenever I saw them listening to their MP3, I would worry if it meant they were on the road to being professional pirates. I would spend all my time at work so I could relax, because at least there I knew we were nowhere near the slippery slope of piracy and if anyone needed proof I could just show them how HP Asset Manager was being used to ensure compliance. Getting AM@Home was also good for my wallet because in a surprising twist I am actually spending less now on downloads since we found our we were over-licensing our music.  Imagine that!”


Consumer focused, AM@Home also helps family members better manage their consumption of services.  Says, S. Ken Flint, an accountant from a major Swiss financial services firm in Geneva, “for years I have tried to get my children to turn off the lights when they left a room or to shut the door behind them when they come in the house, but to no avail.  Now with AM@home I can provide them with a weekly chargeback report that shows each child in our home how much of the electricity, water, and gas bills are tied to their individual behavior.  I use this chargeback report to deduct the right amount from their weekly allowances.  Now, even my four year old can tell you things he is doing to lower our overall costs."  Note: This capability requires the additional purchase of HP DCIM@Home.


In addition to releasing AM@Home at the same time our PPM colleagues are releasing PPM@Home, we are also releasing them with a shared out of the box integration.  Now for PPM@Home projects, the material and equipment for the project can be priced early and ordered from approved vendor catalogs.  This not only makes budgeting more accurate, but because AM@Home supports Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,, and many other vendors, family members can see quickly if another of their favorite vendors has a better price, how likely their order is to arrive on time, and how likely they are to return it because it did not meet their quality requirements.


Because at HP we understand the most important assets in any home are our loved ones.  We are excited to offer RFID support for pets and children.  Abby C. Minded, another beta customer of AM@Home, says, “I was forever misplacing my most important assets and when it came to setting dentist and doctor appointments, I was terrible.  But now, because AM@Home automatically notifies me when certain maintenance activities need to be done and tells me where those assets are, I can make appointments with the right specialists at the right time and ensure the right child is at the appointment.  This year, because my children were able to get their vaccinations on time, they were finally allowed to attend the first week of school.”


Personally, one of the capabilities that I am most excited about is the service costing available in AM@Home.  Knowing the TCO of your assets is important when it comes to managing them well.  For example, before acquiring another pet, you can bet I am going to understand how much Fido is costing me currently.  Before adding another child to my family I will understand what capacity investments will be needed  and what the total costs will be over the life of the child.  After all, everyone knows, the acquisition cost of an asset is only a small fraction of the total costs incurred over the lifetime of the asset.


Speaking of family, I’m reminded of what one of our beta customers said when he was talking about the impact AM@Home was having on his family.  Harry Justice, a law enforcement officer in Texas, told me, “When one of my children complains about how I love another child more, I am able to pull up a report and show the complaining child that I am spending money on each child exactly in proportion to the value that child is bringing to the family.  I then explain that if any child of mine wants more investment, then they merely need to bring more value.”  He went on to say, "Chores are finally getting done on time and to standard."


As with our PPM@Home colleagues, we hope you enjoyed our April 1st announcement.  If you did, please visit them @


Oh before I forget, because of its consumer focus, AM@Home runs on WebOS, Android, Tablet PCs, WindowsMobile, ipads, and iphones.

db4assets | ‎04-01-2011 07:55 AM

I just downloaded the iAM@Home app for my iPhone - it's awesome!

HP Expert | ‎04-06-2011 12:48 AM

yes, it's free for now, with limited time!

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