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Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

I can't seem to find the audio driver for the integrated sound card on my Pavilion 513c. I've reformatted the harddisk and i've installed xp pro. THe only driver windows didn't detect is the integrated audio driver. if anyone can help me find this driver i'd be very greatful. this is my last hope :S (i might have to just go buy a new sound card)
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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

If you have a look at the motherboard can you see the sound chip, if so what is the make and model.


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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

Go to Intel's site and dl the chipset drivers for the 845 chipset. This will correct your audio problems.
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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

no luck, i looked at the mother board and i couldn't figure out the make or model of the soundcard, because i really don't know where to look and its built into the board anyway.

I also downloaded the intel chipset but that didn't work either. (i downloaded the audio drivers for my board there, but xp doesn't detect them as correct drivers, if i force them to install they don't work) hp can't just give me the link to the audio drivers? i don't understand why they have to bother with those recovery cds, who uses them? they install so much junk. any other suggestions?
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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

I'm hoping you do see INTEL chips all around that Integrated Sound chip.If it's too hard to see,go to Intel's site for the chip ID download.It's quick,fast and accurate.In an instant you will see what chips HP and Intel have put on that mobo.

If you do find they're Intel, the Integrated audio drivers are easy to locate,one may called Crystal Sound..You will also need the codec AC97.

The downside is that there may be many other drivers for motherboard resources that were not installed or are drivers that do not work with your Intel chipset.

It would be prudent to look in Device Manager,
and see if there are exclamation points in any section of system devices.For instance if there is an exclamation point in the PCI bridges,there is probably no communication between the PCI bus(es) and the rest of the peripherals.Installing a new sound card with this condition unresolved will mean it will not work either.

Remember that Windows does not detect drivers-it reads the ID embedded in the chip and attempts to install a driver from the CD.If there is any mistakes made by Windows during the install such as a missing driver for any of the I/O chips on the mobo,Windows will not install the rest of them,because it did not find them or the embedded ID.
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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

HEY DAVID, i read your problem, try this link, try the alc650 driver first-alc250 second, this has worked for me and a few others, you have nothing to loose at this point right, if it doesn't work, no harm done !!
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Re: Need Pavilion 513c Integrated Audio Driver

JOHN! woo! it worked, lol. i gave up a long time ago and bought a pci soundcard, but i recently had to take it out for another pc, so i thought i'd try and find those drivers again, my post was the first item that popped up on google, and low and behold someone replied with the fix 2 days later. if i just had more patience. Although it's a few months late, the alc650 drivers worked like a charm my man. thx!
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