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HP slimline s7520n slow to boot

Hi All,
Working on a friends s7520n and she claimed that right after ripping a CD to her hard drive, that she got some error message.

She doesn't remember what it was and then after restarting her computer, it started and ran real slow.

It has a Sata HD in it and i did check to see if somehow it may have been set to PIO mode and its set to UDMA 5 in the BIOS and Sata mode is set to SATA 2.

Booting in safe mode seems a little better, but not much.

I disconnected the IDE CDROM drive and the media card readers as i have seen them cause similar issues in the past. Still no help.

Ran seatools diagnostic on the HD and all looks ok. Changed out SATA cable just and no change.

Checked CPU temps in the BIOS and it looks fine.

I dont see any newer BIOS, chipset or SATA driver upgrades on HP's support page.

Just analyzed the disk for fragmentation and it was 35% fragmented. Its taking its sweet time defragmenting and hopefully things will improve when its done. It still wouldn't make sense if what she is saying was true. That it seemed fine before she ripped the CD and ran slow after.

I am seeing during this defrag, that its moving a lot of various MP3 and WMA files. I suppose its possible they were being stored in such a way that it caused the excessive fragmentation, but to make the whole machine run slow? Im not so sure.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated
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Re: HP slimline s7520n slow to boot

Ripping a CD to the HDD should not slow the PC down nor would I blame any hardware if it was running fine prior to this problem. The only time it would slow it down, is if she maxed the hard drive out and 1/3 or less of free space is all that is left.

A pc runs its best if at least 1/3 is free.

Also you need to view the task list in the task manager to see what processes are running.

for XP:


The next is to see what those processes are.

You can look them up here in alphabetical order.


The other place to check is in your startup folder.


look in the startup tab.

Copy the this list before changing anything. You can aways come back and recheck any of these boxes at a latter date.

You can also look up those processes on the above link.

Remove all adobe, quicktime, MS OFFICE, Real player, IM processes.

They DO NOT need to preload to be used by the PC. The manufacturers like you to think they have the fastest software, so they preload part of it at startup. But it will work without the prelaod... just not as fast.

Leave all OS functions that you find.

Along with DEFRAG, SCANDISK and this, you should have a faster PC.


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Re: HP slimline s7520n slow to boot

While i appreciate your reply, i think you pretty much stated the obvious and didn't give me enough credit for what i had already checked. If the PC is running slow in safe mode, then unchecking everything in MSConfig isnt going to do a bit of good.

Defrag didn't help much. After working with this a little more, i found out the USB ports aren't working.
I tried restoring the system from the restore partition and no help.
Found some chipset drivers from ATI's website and installed those to no avail.
I even tried hooking up a brand new SATA drive and tried reinstalling windows XP to it. The whole process slowed to a crawl and i had to shut the power off after waiting 8+ hrs for it to complete.
I suspect a bad motherboard at this point.
Heres a link to the MB: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&objectID=c00647131

I havnet been able to find any SATA drivers specifically and would think if i was able to start the installation of Windows XP onto the Sata HD, then it wouldnt have needed any special drivers in order to recognize the HD.

ATI Chipset Link: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=mce/integrated-mce

Im thinking that with both the USB issue and slow running problem, that the Motherboard is to blame.
Anyone else with any suggestions?
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