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HP DVD Play Application update doesn't install


I'm having a problem installing the update titled: HP DVD Play Application. My PC is an HP Pavilion a1730n Desktop with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32 installed. I pretty much have all updates installed for Vista including SP1 and all HP updates.

The HP DVD Play Application update adds support for new Blu-ray and HD-DVD. The description is: "HP DVD Play and DVD Play BD/HD-DVD application update adds support for new BD/HD DVD titles. This update removes the old version of DVD Play and then installs DVD Play version 2.42, build 4818." I downloaded the update but when I try to install it I get the message: "Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for this update. Update has been cancelled.(9993)".

The only requirements shown on HP's update webpage is the MS Vista OS which I have. Does anyone know what are the minium system requirements that are not listed on HP's website that prevent this update from installing on my PC?

The only drive I have installed in my PC is the CD/DVD drive (DVD-RW 16X HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L Drive) that came with it. I do not have a Blu-ray (BD) or HD-DVD drive nor do I have a graphic card that can support these formats but this is suppose to be a software update to the HP DVD Play version already installed. I'm assuming that the upgrade will work with my DVD drive and integrated graphics and I can add a Blu-ray or HD-DVD drive and graphics card later.

My dial-up internet connection did dropout during the night while downloading the update and in the morning when I reconnected and clicked on the HP download box it should have automatically restarted but it did not. I had to go to the directory where the temporary file and restart application was located and restart it from there. It then finished downloading and is the correct size. Is it possible the file is corrupt even though it starts out correctly when executed by opening the InstallShield Wizard? When I click "Next>" the License Agreement comes up fine. I click on the accept option and then the "Next>" button. It then extracts files and attempts to proceed with the update but after a few seconds a box pops-up with the error message I listed above. Because it takes 12 hours I really hate to try downloading it again if that's not the problem.

Any ideas?
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Re: HP DVD Play Application update doesn't install

Hi MDavis,

That message seems to show up for different reasons in these threads. What I've been seeing lately is that the error occurs because you already have the latest version on your system...not sure why you are being prompted to install something you already have though.

You might take a look at the version number you have installed and see if it matches the version on the download.

Hope that helps.
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Re: HP DVD Play Application update doesn't install

Hi KG,

Thanks for your response. I tried that but I can't find the HP DVD Play Application anywhere on my computer to check the version. I don't know where it is! I did searches, looked in the programs folder, the HP folders and even the uninstall list.

BTW, I wasn't prompted to update the HP DVD Play Application through HP Update. I saw the update on HP's Drivers and Software Updates webpage for my PC and since it was about a year newer than my PC I downloaded it to update the application. I also considered that maybe the update did install but, for some reason, I still get the error message anyway so I ask HP Technical Support how to see what updates have been installed on my PC (a list like MS provides). First I was told there was no way to check then after another email exchange I was directed to the Event Viewer Application that logs events that occur on my PC but it was no help.
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Re: HP DVD Play Application update doesn't install

I am having the same problem but I have an a1612n. The HP download process keeps trying to update my machine with the HP DVD Play Application. It always completes the download but then bombs out on the install. I get real helpful messages like "an error occurred while launching the setup 0x80040707". I have yet to find a solution but keep searching
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Re: HP DVD Play Application update doesn't install

Hi Steve,

My HP auto update software wasn't trying to update it on my PC, I did it from the Software & Drivers Download page for my a1730n. I found out what the problem was about a week later and should have posted it here but I forgot.

I had talked to a couple of HP customer service reps (through email) before posting my problem here but unfortunately they almost always don't seem to know anymore than I do and just give me a bunch of generic (as in useless) things to try. I finally got a customer support person that actually figured out the problem. A lot of PCs came with the HP DVD Play Software preinstalled but mine did not. I guess I should have figured that out when I could not find any reference to it anywhere on my PC. I also could have looked at the Product Specifications on HP's website to see what software came preinstalled with my Pavilion a1730n. For DVD applications mine came with Windows Movie Maker & Windows DVD Maker and Roxio Creator 9 Basic.

The support guy said that he sent the error to HP so that they would remove the update from the Software & Drivers Download page for my a1730n but no surprise it's still there!

For your a1612n I don't see it on the XP OS update page. I see, under the Software - Multimedia section, an update called "Sonic Digital Media Plus/Deluxe Application Update" and one called "muvee autoProducer unPlugged Application Update" but no HP DVD Play Application Update. Also, looking at the Product Specifications page for your PC I see the follow preinstalled software but also no HP DVD Play Application software preinstalled:

CyberLink DVD Play
Sonic DigitalMedia Plus 7.04
Sonic MyDVD Plus 6.2
Roxio DigitalMedia Archive 2

I think you have the same problem as I did but at least the wrong update is not showing up on your Software & Drivers Download page.
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