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rx8640 & parstatus -w -u Admin:Admin -h

Hello there!


I have some problem with the partition configuration on rx8640:



[mp-rx8640-1] MP:CM> sa

This command displays and allows modification of access parameters.

    T - Telnet access          : Enabled.
    H - SSH access             : Enabled.
    W - Web Console            : Enabled (SSL active).
    N - Network Diagnostics    : Disabled.
    D - DIAG Menu              : Disabled.
    I - IPMI Lan access        : Enabled.
    G - Windows Debug          : Disabled.
    S - SNMP                   : Disabled.





    Select access mode to change (q to quit) :





[mp-rx8640-1] MP:CM> so

    1. MP wide parameters
    2. User parameters
    3. IPMI password
    4. OS initiated firmware update permissions
    5. Regenerate the ssh server's public key
       Which do you wish to modify? ([1]/2/3/4/5) 3

       Enter new IPMI password (between 5 and 15 characters):
       Enter new IPMI password again (for verification):
       New IPMI password being saved (please wait)...
       IPMI password saved successfully.
 [mp-rx8640-1] MP:CM>




c:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\nParCommands>parstatus -w -u Admin:sharmanka135 -h
Error: Unable to connect to the nPar Provider on
1. Verify that the HP nPar Provider (WMINParProvider on Windows) is installed and running on
2. Verify that you are logged-in to the correct account (or have provided the correct username & password) to access the provider on
3. Verify that you have copied the server's SSL certificate from to the trusted certificate store on the local machine (
see man/help/readme).
Cannot connect to Connection failed.



WireShark  show me that rx8640 answer with the RST on the first TCP's SYN.



Is there what I'm need to check ?



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Re: rx8640 & parstatus -w -u Admin:Admin -h

Have you tried asking your hardware engineer?  This is the kind of thing that I would expect them to configure.

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