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ipaq 6915 got totally blank


I have purchased iPaq 6915 from Dubai and Im now using it in Pakistan.

Question is when i was trying to update ROM from internet my iPAQ got totally blank nothing is showing except HP logo and vG.39,.

I can install windows of any kind on any desktop/laptop computer so pleaseeee guide me how to install new windows on iPAQ.

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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

Did you vista or xp for host computer. If you use vista was a no no. Try again with xp computer. If doesnt work call Hp technical support and tell them the Rom update has a bug. If you dont get satifiscation from technical support ask for the number for customer support and complain. Because most likely you will have to send it to hp, to get it fix. Most all Hp roms have a bug in them and they are not fixing them on line.
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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

The HP-Logo is the bootloader, which is essential to load the Windows-OS. If the bootloader is still intact, you have a good chance to the fix the decvice just by trying another update. Make shure:

1) Using Windows XP
2) The correct ROM-Update (language/device)
3) No USB-Hubs
4) Stable USB 2.0 connection
5) Fresh boot-up of the host

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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

Thanks for replying , But no help yet ........ I am using VISTA .... and I tried to update ROM which was not an official release by hp, it was some third party released.

Anyways I tried Hard/Clean reset but still HP logo there.... Please let me know from where to find right ROM and can you post me step by step process. because this is my first time to install mobile windows.
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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

you should not use a Vista PC for ROM updates. Use one with XP.
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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

It is so risky installing unsupported ROMs to a device (installing supported ROMs is risky too, but you have some recourse if the ROM fails).

Your best bet is to attempt running the ROM again from an XP machine, making sure you follow the excellent recommendations already provided in this thread.

As far as I can tell, HP has not released a legitimate ROM for this device, so unless you can get the ROM you were trying to install to install properly, you've bricked your device with little probability of recovery.
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Re: ipaq 6915 got totally blank

Finally people i manage to load ROM correctly thanks for the google search i found this web site which help me out.

In our Urdu language there is a saying ( Keep on searching cos searching can even find GOD).

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