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WiFi does not connect on HP iPAQ RX3715

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I have an HP iPAQ RX3715 (runs Windows Mobile 2003 4.21.1088), which used to connect to WiFi, however, since I changed internet service provider, this device does not connect to my WiFi router.  The wizard searches the SSID, and, prompts me  for a password which is incorrectly rejected.  I am sure because the same password worked smoothly with my sister's smartphone which runs on Android.  Other laptops running Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows Vista have no issues automatically connecting to this WiFi connection.

I have no way of updating the operating system on the HP iPAQ RX3715, if updates are available, except by temporarily downloading the files on another computer, and, trying to find a way to push the updates on the device, if updates are available.  
When checking within the options available for wireless within the device the following (incompatible) options are available:
Authentication: Open, Shared, WPA, WPA-PaSK
Data encryption: WEP, TKIP  
The Internet Service Provider ( technical said that the WiFi modem provided by them supports WPA-PSK/TKIP - and I have manually configured the device the accordingly, however, within the Configure Wireless Networks

 the SSID remains as connecting.  The ISP do not have connection logs, unfortunately i.e. no record of iPAD connecting.



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Re: WiFi does not connect on HP iPAQ RX3715

Your ipaq does only support WPE security.

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Re: WiFi does not connect on HP iPAQ RX3715

Hi there,  I have the same device and the same problem !!!

So, what to do now ?

Can we receive some useful help from the brilliant staff and developers of HP ???

WE are your customers !  And we need HELP ! 

Is there any possible to develop a new program that will teach my HP iPAQ rx3715 to work with all protocols ????? 

Why not , any ideas ?  

Thanks a mill !

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Re: WiFi does not connect on HP iPAQ RX3715

As Kaj already said , this version of PPC does not support WPA security.

It is an outdated version of the OS and HP will not be able to help you here.

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