Unanticipated software updates on iPAQ 211 (573 Views)
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Unanticipated software updates on iPAQ 211

Two days ago, a surprising message popped up on my iPAQ 211: There were updates available – did I want to install them now?  I said, “Yes.”  Here’s a list of the programs it installed:


Microsoft LCD Vendor

Marvell SDIO 8686 Driver 38.p41

Microsoft CFIO Fix

Marvell battery Driver


The installation process made duplicate icons of many programs, including Windows Media Player.*  I used the iPAQ’s File Explorer to access Windows, then Start Menu, then Programs, to delete the older of each duplicate icon.  Unfortunately, I deleted the wrong one (the newer icon) in the case of Windows Media Player. Does anyone know whether my deleting the wrong duplicate icon will result in my using an outdated Windows Media Player? 


It was interesting that I’ve been unable to find any mention of this update on either the Microsoft website, or the HP website.  I’m grateful for the updates, I guess.  I simply wish somehow I could have been warned that updates would automatically be downloaded to my iPAQ.  It seems a logical place would be under Windows Update application under Settings.  Perhaps a short “About Windows Update” addition to the menu would have been in order.


I’m not really whining, just informing everyone, that in my case, the update produced an equivalent to a hard reset.  I had to re-enter activation codes for my third-party software, reinstall and reactivate Microsoft Reader, start a new partnership through Windows Mobile Device Center, etc. with a lengthy synch session.  In my case, it took about 2 ½ hours from the time I consented to the update to the time when my iPAQ was fully functional again.


* The others I can recall right now included Help, and HP Help and Support.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Unanticipated software updates on iPAQ 211

Very strange indeed!  Do you remember the sequence of events that you performed on the IPAQ that lead to that message? (i.e., connecting via wifi, opening up the browser...something like that).  I've never heard of any IPAQ receiving an unexpected update like that.  Do you notice any performance improvements since you've installed them?


If you deleted the wrong shortcut for WMP, then you may wind up using whatever older version is on the device.  You can recreate the shortcut for the newer version - see this article for step-by-step information about how to do this:  Taking Shortcuts.

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Re: Unanticipated software updates on iPAQ 211

Actually, I was trying to perform a routine backup my my iPAQ using Sprite Backup.  As one of the steps in the process, Sprite performs a reset (soft).  It was immediately after that soft reset (and in the middle of my Backup!) that I was intrusively asked if I wanted to update.  Needless to say, this interruption made the Sprite Backup process fail.  Later, after the dust settled, Sprite was able to perform the backup.  This update simply came at a very vulnerable time, in my opinion.

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